Fate/stay night – 10

フェイト/ステイナイト Ep 10
Fate/stay night episode 10

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Fate/stay night - 10Shirou decides to skip school and train with Saber in the dojo. After two hours of training with shinai, Shirou has yet to land a blow on Saber. Despite this, Saber is impressed with Shirou’s efforts. As it is almost lunch time, Shirou takes off to pick up some groceries, taking time to grab some taiyaki. As he goes to leave, Ilya is there to greet “oniichan.” He’s afraid since Ilya is the master of Berserker, but she assures him that Berserker was left behind as he left Saber behind. She merely wishes to talk and spend time with Shirou, which he eventually agrees to.

Fate/stay night - 10Shirou learns that Illya is from Germany and she doesn’t like the cold. He offers her some taiyaki, which she happily accepts. However, she’s unable to finish as she senses Berserker waking up and so she returns to her secluded mansion.

Shirou returns home to make a late lunch and when school is out Rin returns to report that Shinji attempted to make an Fate/stay night - 10alliance with her. She turned him down and when Shinji wouldn’t take no for an answer, she punched him. After a mishap where Shirou accidentally walks in on Saber before she takes a bath, Rin decides to turn Shirou’s magic switch on by having him consume one of her jewels. With this, she hopes that Shirou will be better able to master his reinforcement technique. After their session is done, Shirou takes a break and is interrupted by Archer, who offers some words of advice. Before leaving, Archer is amused with himself for giving advice to an enemy.


Fate/stay night - 10Hmmmm, and interesting interlude to say the least. Saber schooling Shirou in the art of fencing was no surprise, nor was her admiration for his progress. I am surprised at Ilya’s interest in Shirou though (which I realize some of you have hinted at their special relationship). She went out of her way to warn Shirou about getting a Servant; she didn’t kill Shirou when she had the opportunity, and she seeks him out without Berserker to spend some time with him, almost like a younger sister. She does refer to Shirou as “oniichan” (or did until he told her to call him “Shirou”) but that doesn’t mean a great deal in terms of their relationship. ‘Twill be interesting to see what happens there.

Fate/stay night - 10Next is Rin. It makes sense that she’d reject Shinji’s attempt at an alliance since she’d already rejected his advances on the romantic front earlier. However, I’m always suspicious of the old flashback sequence when it comes to someone like Rin so there’s a part of me that wonders if things went down quite as Rin described. Still, Rin does appear to be helping Shirou by turning his magic switch on. I’m guessing that this will help channel what little magic he has into Saber as well as doing other things.

Fate/stay night - 10Archer finally made a return, as I figured he would. Granted it was no big leap to guess this since he’s been MIA for quite some time and thus was overdue for an appearance. I find it interesting that despite his apparent distaste for Shirou, he is also giving Shirou advice (assuming Shirou decides to listen).

In the end though, Shirou is no better off in fighting prowess than before (or not much better) as I see it. Like it or not, he’s going to have to depend on Saber.

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6 Responses to “Fate/stay night – 10”

  1. Hugh Roe says:

    And with episode 11, the games begin.

    Twists and turns…

  2. Garik says:

    Many insights are granted this episode. The long opening and set up is coming to a close.

    The complex relationship between Ilya and Shirou begins to really emerge. She started off just wanting to be the one who killed him, but her interest was peaked by his actions on the night Berserker almost killed him. After this episode, she’s really not sure how to feel.

    The conversation between Shirou and Archer is interesting. The two of them can’t possibly get along; they just naturally repel each other. But still, Shirou had best listen to what Archer has to say, even if he can’t stand him– and vice versa.

    Rin has also done a great service for Shirou. The method he was using– the creation of a new magic circuit each time– is seriously dangerous. If he messes up even a little, it could kill him. Rin’s method is much safer and reliable (Shirou could almost never succeed before the War started). Now, Shirou’s true powers can begin to emerge.

    Keep it up. We’re coming up to where the real action is.

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It is frustrating to not be able to watch quite as much as I’d like — darned other distractions. *lol*

  4. Ultimaniac says:


    Shirou becomes much much stronger in the unlimited blade works scenario of the eroge. strong enough to match two powerful servants (seperate fights) without saber’s help! I won’t name the servants, that would definately be a spoiler ^_^

  5. Garik says:

    @ Ultimaniac- Although you’re right about Shirou being stronger in UBW (he seems to get stronger the less he has to rely on Saber), you’re making him sound stronger than he really gets.

    Of the two Servants he fights, he really only wins against the first because that Servant gives up in addition to being nearly out of prana.

    Emiya Shirou cannot win against a Servant (without some kind of “upgrade”). Except for one case, which is whom he fights at the end of UBW. Still, to be able to defeat that particular Servant is incredibly impressive.

    Shirou is just a man, while the Servants are heroes from legends (well, one isn’t really “legendary” but is still a hero none the less).

  6. Ultimaniac says:

    @ Garik – yeah, thinking back now, you are right. Though something else popped into my mind. Shirou is even stronger in Heaven’s Feel thanks to a certain someone’s leftover appendage (lol) He even manages to single-handedly defeat an extremely powerful servant who had an even bigger power boost because of the circumstances, though he almost got killed in the process too.

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