Space Battleship Yamato 2 10

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 Episode 10
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2 Ep. 10 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Admiral Goland, who’s real job has been to watch former Gamilus ruler Desler, is weary of things and to relieve some stress, he heads to a dinosaur planet. There, he lands a shuttle and when some dinosaur creatures attack, he kills them all and then some. After his hunt, Goland decides on the ultimate stress reliever — he orders several ships in his missile fleet to fire their large, long-range missiles at the planet. This destroys the planet and with that, Goland decides it is time to remove Yamato as a threat.

On Yamato, they receive another broken message from Teresa, which brings Daisuke running. Daisuke attempts to get the exact location of Planet Teresart but the jamming prevents it. This jamming is reported to Desler, who orders his people to counter the Comet Empire jamming from Admiral Goland. That order does not sit well with Mil, a liason to Desler’s fleet from the Comet Empire. Desler tells Mil to report him to the Emperor though his plan to destroy Yamato won’t be so easily thwarted.

Back on Yamato, Desler’s clearing of the jamming results in their restored communications with Teresa. Daisuke gets carried away and starts talking to Teresa about how he thinks she must be hot and the like, which annoys some Aihara for wasting communication time. They do manage to learn that a large enemy fleet is waiting for them though. It is then that Yamato enters a debris field, where Yamato begins losing power. Sanada determines the debris is the cause of the power loss.

As the power continues to drain, Yamato detects Goland’s fleet, which attacks from a long range. Sanada suggests they use the asteroid defence, so Yamato’s guns fire the special shells that causes asteroids to form a shield. This results in a good defense to the incoming missiles, but the power loss to Yamato now increases. Sanada states that they need to release the asteroid ring, which is done as Yamato leaves the debris field. Their exit is seen by Goland’s fleet, who prepare to attack.

Seeing the enemy fleet, Susumu orders the Wave Motion Gun to be brought online to fire but is reminded by Daisuke of their power loss. Sanada reminds the acting captain that if he’s made an order, he sould be resolute in it. Susumu afirms his order and to the Daisuke’s surprise, Yamato’s energy levels begin to rise. They soon have full power as Goland’s fleet launches an assult. The Wave Motion Gun fires, taking out not only all inbound missiles, but Goland’s entire fleet as well. This is observed by Desler, who sends Yamato a text message to inform them he’s waiting for them.


Well, this episode shows that at least Sanada learned something from the first series’ trip to Iscandar. However, the wacky explaination of the asteroid shield being able to generate energy for Yamato as it is being drained came off as unbelievable. Granted, the whole asteroid shield is pretty unbelievable in and of itself. Maybe that’s where Japanese video game makers got the idea of similar type defenses in their video games of the late 80’s and 90’s.

Yuki is now a technical briefer, for those keeping score of all the jobs she does on ship.

Saito had only a few cameos — looking dumbstruck as the asteroid shield was activated, looking dumbstruck as the Wave Motion Gun took out Goland’s fleet, and then trying to flirt with Yuki as she gave her briefing. For the latter, I’m thinking, “Why aren’t you and Susumu getting cozy, Yuki?”

Speaking of romance, I KNEW Daisuke was a little too eager to speak with Teresa. Sure enough, he’s blabbing on like some teenager when Teresa calls rather than get all the important information.

I guess next episode marks the confrontation between Desler and the remaining Gamilus forces vs. Yamato.

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