UQ Holder Chapter 127 Manga Review (More Negima love.)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 127

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 127 Seeing the panicked Karin, Kuroumaru asks whom the four people are who joined Cutlass, presuming the one in the center is Negi. Karin introduces them as the legendary class heroes whom were supposed to have died in the last war — the Magical Detective, Yue the All-Knowing; the Mind Reader, Nodoka the All-Perceiving; the Librarian of a Thousand Faces, Gravity Mage Albireo Imma (Ku:Nel Sanders); and the Man of a Thousand Blades and unstoppable mercenary swordsman, Jack Rakan. Karin can’t believe these heroes would join the enemy and knows that they could easily defeat Yukihime.

Yukihime orders Touta to take the girls and flee since the six might be too powerful for her. Negi-MotB shifts back to Negi, where he embraces her, telling her he’s missed her, but telling her he can’t stop it any longer. As he explains that the cries of grief and other negativity follow him all over, MotB takes back over, telling “Evangeline-san” that she should come with them since she once wanted the same thing MotB does.

One of the Touta’s pushes Negi-MotB back, warning him off Touta’s woman. Negi-MotB seems to recognize Touta, so he introduces himself, saying he won’t allow Negi to take Yukihime. This amuses Negi-MotB as two of the Touta’s attack while one goes for Kirie. However, Nodoka, using wings and her artifact book, blocks Touta from kissing Kirie and stopping time while Jack uses his fist to block the attack from the two Touta’s, after which he then butchers them.

Using her artifact, Yue obtains information about Touta, revealing that he was created as part of research on cloning Negi, and he was the only one of 72 experiments who inherited the powers of Negi and (his former partner) KAGURAZAKA Asuna, the Imperial Princess of Twilight, the White of Mars. Since Asuna is no longer around, Touta is the only one who can help them reform the world.


Funny how the UQ Holder stories that return to the Negima plot threads are the best UQ Holder stories.

To get things started, I found it interesting that Yue, Nodoka, Jack, and Al were supposed to have been killed in the war that happened. While it doesn’t actually prove anything for sure, the fact that Yue and Nodoka (as well as Jack and Al, or so it appeared to me) have their original artifacts strongly suggests they are the real deal. Considering how MotB made Eva immortal, it is very possible that she made the girls immortal as well. Al and Jack, being creations of the Magic World, would be simple enough to keep alive and well over the years.

Still, I loved seeing Nodoka and Yue back, even if they are dark versions of themselves. This is where I wish that Mana, Ayaka, Chachamaru, and Zazie would show up and be horrified as well.

And where’d Nodoka get those wings? Never mind ’cause her lip blocking maneuver just had me laughing.

I didn’t think there would be any action, but it is interesting that Negi-MotB, nor his crew, actually initiated combat. It was all started because of Touta. If he hadn’t have attacked, there would have been no fight.

Jack may have brutally taken out two of the Touta’s, but this appears to be the method that Akamatsu-sensei is using to combine the three. If you notice, there’s a swirl that forms after Jack slaughters them, then there’s a swirl over the remaining Touta’s head, implying he’s been combined and is now at full strength. I had thought that Honoka and Isana might have eventually come back into play to combine the three. I had also wondered if we might get the story following the three Touta’s, but that’s out now.

As to Negi, I’m unwilling to say that he’s been completely taken over. It is possible that Negi hugging Eva there was him saying goodbye, but I just have a hard time believing that Negi is consumed. Otherwise, Touta’s goal of saving Negi for Eva is over right now. If that’s the case, then the manga is ending this year, and I don’t believe that. (I did kid about that, but I don’t believe it.)

The look on Eva’s face when she’s being held by Negi should be all anyone needs to know about whom Eva loves as a woman. That made MotB’s resuming control of Negi even more heartbreaking. The moment is designed to have Eva fall into a pit of despair. Since MotB has to know Eva is her creation in addition to knowing Eva’s past, I think this was a way to get Eva to fall.

UQ Holder Chapter 127

Touta does love Eva as a man, at least in the limited way his young mind works. So it was amusing to see him overcome his fear to challenge Negi, and to see his three selves work together try to defeat Negi.

With Touta being the key in Fate’s plan and the key in MotB’s plan (in lieu of Asuna), remind me again who was targeting Touta for destruction when UQ Holder started (three plus years ago in story time) and why he was being targeted for destruction? Ditto Cutlass — why was she targeting Touta for destruction back when she was first introduced to the story (one year ago in story time)?

In the end, UQ Holder chapter 127 was a good one, thanks to its strong Negima roots. I’m really looking forward to seeing where things go.

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  1. Yue Ayase says:

    One thing I noticed ANB is that whenever Negi’s eyes are dark, it’s Negi. Whenever they’re light, it’s the MotB. Whether or not the MotB has fully taken over Negi is still unclear…. As to Yue and Nodoka, it seems unlikely that they’d still be alive unless they’re immortal. I’ve thought in the past that perhaps the MotB made them immortal like s/he did Eva (and imagine how furious Eva would be if they had to share her curse), but perhaps they were just immortal from the get-go. What’s REALLY interesting here is how Karin considers the formerly meek girls to be extreme threats. Since this is Karin, it only adds to the tension. I’m hoping we get a display of their powers before too long, although since UQ initiated the fight I won’t be surprised if Negi and crew retreat to allow Touta to think about what Yue told him.

    Still this is a fantastic chapter which of course is held up by its Negima roots, but that’s not a bad thing. It answers a few questions and brings up others. I guess if I had a complaint its how the rest of UQ is still standing there. While it’s plausible they can’t move and probably shouldn’t, Karin is clearly frightened of the sight before her so you’d think she’d order a retreat.

    Also that expression on Eva’s face is truly heartbreaking. Eva’s goal is to kill the MotB and Negi by extension but it’s clear that she wouldn’t be able to do it without some serious regret and self-loathing. All in all a very good chapter with a bit of humour, some awesome, and even some heartbreak. Keep it up Akamatsu. You’re slowly winning the fans back with chapters like these.

    • Yue Ayase says:

      Forgot to mention something. Seems like Yue can fly on her own now. In the Negiverse that’s a pretty huge deal. She must be a seriously powerful mage. Especially given how flying was something she had a lot of trouble doing when she initially started training.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Ah. You are correct, and she’s levitating without a broom. Nodoka needed wings to accomplish this. Fate, Eva, and I think Al are the only mages I’m aware of with that level of power to be able to effortlessly levitate (that we’ve seen so far). That makes Yue an even more impressive character.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Your remarks made me think of something else regarding Yue and Nodoka possibly being immortal now. If anyone could figure a way to safely become immortal, those two could. After all, Nodoka could read any mind on the subject and Yue could read any published that might possibly exist on the subject.

      Still this is a fantastic chapter which of course is held up by its Negima roots, but that’s not a bad thing.

      You’re right, it is not a bad thing. 🙂

      Keep it up Akamatsu. You’re slowly winning the fans back with chapters like these.

      Ha!ha! That’s true. 😀

      • Yue Ayase says:

        The chapter seems to indicate that they all perished in the last war. But Alberio is more or less immortal anyway and Rakan…. well, he’s Rakan. Nodoka and Yue have access to unlimited information and knowledge. It’s not entirely unthinkable that they have their own forms of immortality. And that’s the theme of this series. Given Karin’s assessment of both of them, they’re major threats so it’s not unthinkable that they have some immortality to back that up. Alberio was also quite the illusionist himself so it’s possible that Yue and Nodoka are illusions, but not MotB’s. Also interesting is that Karin recognized Yue and Nodoka on sight. Assuming the “last war” was 20 years ago (as alluded to earlier in the series), they still look rather young for what should be aging girls. No remarks are made about how they should look a lot older than they are. There’s any number of scenarios. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they were just plain immortal throughout all of Negima, with Akamatsu dropping hints of information or somesuch.

        I’m hoping the next chapter throws a little more action into the mix. It was nice seeing Rakan decimate Touta but I’m hoping for some kinda brawl. I’m dying to know what Nodoka and Yue are capable of. We’ve gotten various glimpses of Yue’s power in the previous series and the one flashback video of her kicking ass at the tournament (perhaps some sneaky foreshadowing by Akamatsu). Also the wings Nodoka has. I suspect they’re part of the suit she was wearing but it’s still another question.

        It’s almost painful to think of that boring race that preceded this onslaught of Negima fun. While it’s important for UQ to have its own identity, injecting Negima into it always brings in the fans. Hopefully there can be a nice peaceful marriage of the two series.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          The chapter seems to indicate that they all perished in the last war. But Alberio is more or less immortal anyway and Rakan…. well, he’s Rakan.

          Officially, Zect was killed in the war that Ala Rubra took part in, but as we’ve discovered, it appears that it was Zect that “killed” MotB and became possessed by her. With Al and Jack, history is repeating itself somewhat.

          Alberio was also quite the illusionist himself so it’s possible that Yue and Nodoka are illusions, but not MotB’s.

          I saw a theory about this, stating that the images of Yue and Nodoka (and possibly Jack and Al too) are actually some of MotB’s old cronies, using the illusionary magics they’ve always used through the ages. They only thing against that theory is that Yue and Nodoka do appear to be using their artifacts, where as when Shiori used that illusionary magic to “become” Asuna, her artifact was simply for show and had none of the abilities. Yue’s and Nodoka’s artifacts do appear to be working, indicating they are the real thing.

          Regarding Yue and Nodoka possibly being immortal, I don’t think they were immortal in Negima. I wouldn’t be surprised if they became immortal, whether on their on or whether as part of a deal with MotB to help their beloved Sensei.

          It’s almost painful to think of that boring race that preceded this onslaught of Negima fun.

          Since Akamatsu-sensei has never done a race story before, I think he wanted to try it. Conversely, I think we’ve seen all of the tournament stuff we are going to see since he’s done that more than once, and tournaments are boring.

  2. nt122 says:

    You know, they have to be the real ones. And there must be something else going on that we have no clue about either.

    Where the hell is fate anyway? UQHolder! is done, I think Neo Ala Alba will take the stage this time.

    • sanchi says:

      Karin is determining the strength of Negi’s group. Eva confirms her conclusion. Tota/Eva/UQ members present are underpowered and no way able to fight and win Negi’s group, so then why start the fight. Eva’s emotions has neutralized her, and Eva facing all of them won’t defeat them. Negi’s group with Yue and Nodaka will know of any attack before it happens and how strong that force will be. A tactical key choice of ability to have. Cutlass to negate time stops of others, and use time stop to attack too. Jack as a supreme fighting force, and Al to negate magic, including Eva or probably even Fate’s magic ability.

      Yue’s earlier comment/observation is excellent, and its easier to see if its Negi or MotB that is talking. Also notice the lines of his face is less when its Negi, and much more when its the MotB too – with cracking noises too.

      Immortality is the answer of why they didn’t die in a earlier war. The MotB probably gave those that needed immortality, and others what they want as to control Negi’s team the same way she controlled Eva when she made Eva. It could have included twisting the facts to fit the way the MotB wanted.

      They keep dancing around why they are there… as in getting rid of the voices of grief and resentment (which would be to kill all living people on earth) and some sort of reform, of which Tota is the only key that Fate also needs. Being the kind of manga, we know Tota was gonna be the key MC no matter what the reasons reveal it to be.

      I’m still guessing that its Fate they came to battle – and I can’t think of any other equivalent power to do this. Possibly because Fate is jealous, and/or wants the power of the MotB and maybe is in love with the female MotB true person – ‘her’ as a female, or wants to take Negi’s place to meld and control the MotB or if anything obtain the life maker keys and all of the MotB’s power. Which is how we last saw Fate. He could very well be the one behind the cloning too. Remember his spooky face when he talked to Tota?

      I still think Ayaka has Mizore for a reason, and maybe another source of Asuna’ power – possibly another daughter/clone of Asuna and Ayaka with the ‘white’ of mars power, and with magic cancel able to hide from Yue and Nodaka’s power to reveal her. Ayaka has the resources and money, and could have used her pactio and gotten into that cloning lab to find out what was going on too. It kinda makes sense, where Mizore wants to be with and married to Tota, behaves similar in a few ways like Asuna, has ribbons in her hair like Asuna. She did go to Senkyokan to see and find out who her future husband is like.

      Is this the final battle? It can be, but can be drawn out like how Bleach is doing its final arc. OR Akamatsu-sensei has other curveball story ideas that hasn’t be revealed.

      • sanchi says:

        The lines on Negi’s face, could it be the ‘resonance’ effect? For its more pronounced when its the MotB and alot less when its Negi.

        If there is some sort of magic controlling Yue, Nodaka, Jack, and Al like resonance – could Tota’s magic cancel break that magic control and the resonance? A thought, if Tota can capture magic attacking him, can he use the same MotB magic power against the MotB too? Up to this point it’s been a all physical fight. Also Yue and Nodaka may also figure Tota’s power too and prevent it from happening. It would be interesting if Tota can also steal the magic from Yue and Nodaka so he knows what they will do, or use magic cancel so they cannot know what he does too. Tota has potential.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          The lines on Negi’s face, could it be the ‘resonance’ effect? For its more pronounced when its the MotB and alot less when its Negi.

          That was my impression.

          could Tota’s magic cancel break that magic control and the resonance?

          It had zero affect on Jack, who blocked the double Touta magic cancel attack with his fist. 😛

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Eva’s emotions has neutralized her

        Do you mean her being unable to move? I don’t think that was it. Remember in Negima when Nagi-MotB showed up. Eva couldn’t move (nor could Jack, if I recall correctly). I presumed it was because Eva as a faux shinso vampire is a creation of MotB, thus MotB has the ability to control her, or at the very least, stop her.

        Is this the final battle? It can be, but can be drawn out like how Bleach is doing its final arc. OR Akamatsu-sensei has other curveball story ideas that hasn’t be revealed.

        You know, I can see this going either way. If the current storyline excites fans (as it has us), then Akamatsu-sensei might decide to carry on for a while. If fans were kinda “meh” on the idea, then he could wrap things up in another volume or so, if he chose to do so.

        • sanchi says:

          ahh — yes I see where you are coming from ANB. I was thinking Eva is just overwhelmed with emotions for Negi causing her to just stand there. Its seeing him again, as a puppet to the MotB, and at the same time, see the true Negi, causing her to hesitate and freeze, esp Negi’s action on hugging her. Nothing on being controlled by MotB, just sheer extreme feelings, and totally not expecting to be hugged.

          Its a very emotional re-union for Eva, more so if Eva needs to fulfill Negi’s original wish and kill him, and by what we see killing the person she truly loves.

          I was glad what Tota did – and in a way of saving Eva too, and breaking that line of thought and emotions, and being a very brave man, telling a super powerful Negi-MotB to make like the wind and blow away, knowing he stands no chance to beating Negi. But that’s Tota. Reacting and emotional, acting on instinct before thinking it through, very much part of Tota’s character.

          • sanchi says:

            Heh, would have been cool to if Eva did materialize a sword and stabbed Negi-MotB when Negi hugger her, saying that “This is from the Negi I know and love! Sorry Negi, but this is for your own good!” Negi-MotB is shocked, and Eva’s actions have taken everyone by surprise.

            Tota steps in and delivers a crippling M.E. chest attack before anyone can do anything. The MotB leaves Negi and goes after Tota. Suddenly a weakened Nagi appears. Honoka protected by Isana seals the MotB, the weakened Nagi, and then Negi to keep him alive. Zazie appears and fights Al, Karin and Kuromaru fights Cutlass, the other UQ numbers arrive and with Santa, Ikkyuu, with Mizore keep Jack, Yue, and Nodaka busy.

            Tota and Kirie kiss and able to stop time before Cutlass and Nodaka can react so Cutlass is frozen, then taking Negi’s, and Nagi’s hand, Kirie killing herself does a time reset to bring Negi and Nagi safely away from the MotB. When time repeats to when it all happens again, right after Kirie leaves with the injured Nagi the healed Negi and Nagi together steps in to stop the fighting.

            Then Fate appears with C.E. demanding the now sealed MotB ….

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Heh, would have been cool to if Eva did materialize a sword and stabbed Negi-MotB when Negi hugger her, saying that “This is from the Negi I know and love! Sorry Negi, but this is for your own good!” Negi-MotB is shocked, and Eva’s actions have taken everyone by surprise.

            Heh! And then the double twist is that Negi-MotB returns the favor to her. 👿

            Update: Looks like the old “evil” emoticon has changed quite a lot from before. 🙁

          • sanchi says:

            Why doesn’t Kirie do a time-reset? Seems Negi’s appearence wasn’t expected, and our heros look out powered and un-prepared. Doing a time reset would help them and get them out of where they are now.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Kirie needs to die first. She’s probably still in shock. Not that this would fool Nodoka. But if we time reset (which Kirie has already been doing), then how far back does Kirie go? Also, Akamatsu-sensei seemed to try to close off the reset move by making Touta ask Kirie not to use it.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Reacting and emotional, acting on instinct before thinking it through, very much part of Tota’s character.

            True, but at least here, it was something that didn’t annoy me. Early in the series when Touta did this acting on instinct, it became quite irritating.

        • Seimei says:

          .Ah! It is one of our old disagreements Astro (and probably one of the only who remain, since that you become to be hyped and happy, as much about this manga than me ^^). I have already said, but I think that contrary to what you think, UQ is better built than Negima, at the narrative point of view.

          Each arcs fit together with each other. Akamatsu certainly has a vision “chapter by chapter” instead of “arc by arc”, but the result connects to the end very well when one reads tomes. Especially as the overall vision appears to us more and more with the latest revelations.

          And I think on the contrary that is NOW, that all the true story begins. I know you did not necessarily say the opposite, that you simply envisaged that these chapters could also be the beginning of serious things, like they be the beginning of the last three volumes.

          Me everything I’m saying is that I think Akamatsu thinks ABSOLUTELY NOT to finish his story here or now. Or to at least, the possibility is VERY unprobable (but not virtualy impossible, it’s true), in my opinion.

          In addition,it would appear from his interviews, his appearances in conventions and tweets, that he really takes fun to work on UQ, perhaps even more than Negima, despite what some might believe. His only complaints come from his work rate. But what mangaka never have to complain about that?

          Besides, even if I have not seen the results of the latest top Oricon (if anyone could provide me the numbers of sales of the last volumes (9, 10 and 11, if it was already released) the first week, I ‘d be grateful for him.^^), I think UQ always maintained at 60 k the first week of the release of a new tomes. If akamatsu get is satisfied of that so far, it will be content of that for a long time I think ^^. Add that in March, it would seem, UQ has reached the top of popularity of the shonen-magazine. I do not know if it is always the case, but anyway, it was the case few monthes ago.

          Add to this the announcement more than likely of an animated adaptation…
          In short there is nothing (but really NOTHING) that would allow for me to believe that UQ will end in 1 or 2 volumes. HOWEVER, as I have already said, I do think that we approach the last arc. Simply, I see clearly an arc of 10 to 15 volumes, not just 2 or 3 lol

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Add to this the announcement more than likely of an animated adaptation…

            That’s possible. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it were an OAD series.

        • Seimei says:

          Sanchi : But this would mean that Kirie and other (and the reader) should undergo again the race lol and it is ABSOLUTELY out of the question! lol. And ayway, I think Nodoka to anticipate and prevent kirie act.

          I rather think providential reinforcements will come (jinbei, gengor and perhaps Juzo? Or even the King of the underground arena?) And Negi and others will choose to fold (I think they were there that to talk and negotiate anyway) hoping to settle accounts with UQ in tournaments.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, assuming Fate was in the tower, it would take him a bit of time to get there under normal circumstances. (He doesn’t seem to water gate any more, but if he did, he could just pop out of the water.)

  3. Aki says:

    To be honest, the MotB could easily recreate them as magical constructs. To be honestcthe Mage of the Beginning always has followers, the soldiers that appear with Negi is properly the strongest constructs that Negi can think of.

    Yue who is essentially his apprentive, Nodaka who has one of the most fearsome artifact of all his contracts, Rakan and Al who are the remaining members of Ala Rubra

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      To be honest, the MotB could easily recreate them as magical constructs.

      Possible. After all, when Negi defeated Nagi-MotB with Asuna’s help on the Magic World, it was an illusion/construct that he killed.

      That being said, to date, the constructs created for MotB’s army were unique constructs. That doesn’t mean MotB can’t replicate living people, but Eva didn’t take them as fakes or copies. (She probably couldn’t afford to.) And the fact that Yue and Nodoka have their pactio artifacts suggests they are the real deal.

  4. Salvation says:

    Wait, Asuna’s actually Dead?!

    • well it is still possible to get DNA even if Asuna is asleep…

      Maybe Second Asuna From other Timeline Came in This Timeline. Them Asuna Gene and Negi Gene Combine Create Touta…

      Them How Asuna Die That So Confused.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        well it is still possible to get DNA even if Asuna is asleep…

        That’s true. But, they could have had DNA from Asuna from other sources as well.

        • sanchi says:

          All one needs is a hair brush with its roots. Then replicate it in a petri dish and cause the cells to replicate and collect the DNA. Seeing all the clones, even Fate as #3?, cloning is more common in the story’s time. What if there are more Fate(s) out there too?

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            All one needs is a hair brush with its roots.

            Heh! You made me think of a 2nd season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where the do that. And now that I think of it, there was a Red Dwarf episode where Rimmer wanted a cloned body from one of his hair cells.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I don’t think she’s dead, just asleep.

  5. kjkadsj says:

    Nadoka and Yue is probably fake. Artifact proves nothing… really.

    Also Eva x Touta ship still sailing fast here guys.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Nadoka and Yue is probably fake. Artifact proves nothing… really.

      Why not? It isn’t as if anyone can use an artifact.

    • nt122 says:

      Impossible. The Diarium Ejus(nodoka)and Orbis Sensualium Pictus(yue) artifacts are two of the rarest Artifacts in Negima.

      You can’t just copy them. Its impossible. The MotB can’t either, so these two using the actual article can’t be fakes.

      at this point, who cares about Touta x Eva? Negi has appeared, and since the MotB, who created her current form, will take her with them.
      Eva X Negi XD

  6. Seimei says:

    Astro : Concretely, I do not think that the fact that, MOTB has completely took control of Negi means he can no longer be saved. In the timeline of Negima, Nagi has remained under the control of MOTB for almost 20 years (the epilogue takes place in 2011, almost six months after the final battle.)
    So even fully possessed Negi is still salvageable. For me, as long as his body did not took the appearance of the original lifemaker (the blonde woman) Negi can be saved. Inversely, for exemple, the host of the great war that fought Nagi 20 years before Negima, could not be released because his body was already transformed in the original lifemaker. So, even if Negi would completely possessed, he does not have at this stage of the possession, for the moment, because his body is always the same. So he can still be saveed I think.

    And I also think, like you, that the manga has yet to at least 2 years or 3, before ending. ^^

    Apart from that, we agreements that Yue and Nodoka are … badass, I never thought
    i could say it one day (Yue yes, but Nodoka ??? The only time when she was cool for me, it was when she mindfucked Dynamis). And their nickname cool also… ^^

    PS: I do not know who said that here but Al is NOT a creation of lifemaker, Rakan yes, but not Al, although the origins of our favorite magical bookseller remain unknown. For now anyway…

    PS(2) : And Yes, we are almost certainly, in the “Timeline B”!^^

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Al is a resident of the magic world though. When Nagi and Arika came to Earth to do what needed to be done, Al stayed in book form in order to conserve magic since taking and keeping human form was a great drain on him. That’s why he was deposited underground near the roots of the World Tree, and why he can only come out when the World Tree gets imbibed with magic.

  7. LoneWolfx03 says:

    I either want Al to transform or a flashback. ?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Ah, you mean to use his mimic ability. I was thinking of him reverting to book form. That would be fun. 😀

  8. tenkalion says:

    I’m thinking that Cutlass is a double-agent. If Touta is the only remaining source of the White of Mars, and it’s integral to MotB’s plan, then she wanted him dead to prevent those plans from coming to fruition. It’s the only thing that really makes sense if she wanted to kill Touta while knowing that MotB needed him. You could also assume that she hired the attack on him if that’s true, as well.

    There are five sides currently. Negi-MotB, who wants to use Touta as a proxy Negi; Fate, who wants to use Touta to save Negi somehow; Eva, who wants to kill Negi to end his suffering; Cutlass, who wants Touta dead; and Touta, who has yet to pick a side yet, but will most likely side with both Eva and Fate. Regardless of their differing plans, neither Fate nor Eva can allow the MotB’s plan to succeed, so they’ll probably work together on that. I assume Fate and some other reinforcements will show up, otherwise this fight is crazy one-sided. Hell, I wouldn’t like their chances if it was just Albireo or Jack, either one of them can one-shot everyone there besides Eva.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m thinking that Cutlass is a double-agent.

      Hmmmm. Interesting theory.

    • Seimei says:

      I do not think Cutlass wants death of Tota for cancel the MOTB’s plan. I think she really has her faithful in MOTB. During her fight against Tota, there are two chapitrees she said they needed only the head or the ashes of Tota to realize their plans.

      The question is why she seriously injured him 2 year before the story (he wasn’t immortal at this time). But I think there also was in the plans of MOTB, perhaps precisely for to push Eva to save him and snap the first phase of the awakening of his immortality and his powers.

  9. Mattcgw says:

    It would appear that UQ Holder is creating momentum.

  10. sanchi says:

    The dark-Yue confirms what we know about Tota having the potential of being Negi and Asuna, if he can control the two powers within him, and he has with the help of Dana.

    The original Negima ending showed Negi and Asuna defeating a retreating Nagi-MotB, and assumed later eventually freeing Nagi for him to at a table with Jack, Al, and Eva in the last chapter. This is a different timeline than UQ.

    I’m now assuming this timeline is after Asuna leaves and before she returns to help Negi, and a war occurred that Karin mentioned. So I can see that Fate would want Tota to save Negi since Asuna is sealed, and Negi is now the new MotB, by using both powers inside Tota.

    The Tota plan has failed in this chapter, for no consideration that Negi-MotB would have a team with him to aide and protect him too. But also no other support from his friends too. They are also out-powered, and hesitant to do anything. We haven’t seen the reaction by the Konoe girls too. I would think Honoka would also be happy to see her grandfather Negi too.

    We still haven’t seen the full force of UQ, since several key people or ‘numbers’ are missing, nor the whole UQ community group of ‘monsters’ and black shirts at Senkyokan… if they get involved, or the other independent UQ chapters Eva (I think) mentioned early in the manga, If anything, to gather and to protect their founder and leader. I’m thinking/hoping the Senkyokan ‘Numbers’ and monsters as a force are now aware and rushing to help, and can be as powerful or more powerful than Negi’s group.

    is Tota still a homunculus or if the translation is right where Dark-Yue called Tota a successful clone – 1 of 73 or more attempts. I have to assume Cutlass was also one of the successful clones, but from a different batch of Negi DNA, adding someone’s time-stop DNA. They must have alot of DNA to use! A odd thought – what if Cutlass is from Negi’s and Kirie’s DNA?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      We haven’t seen the reaction by the Konoe girls too.

      I’d have to go back and look, but I think there’s a scene with them in the background looking freaked.

      is Tota still a homunculus or if the translation is right where Dark-Yue called Tota a successful clone – 1 of 73 or more attempts.

      I think Akamatsu-sensei is using the “clone” term loosely. If Touta was a true Negi clone, he’d look like Negi. Negi’s and Asuna’s abilities were cloned and placed into Touta’s body, so I think that’s how Sensei gets away with the term usage. However, the fact that he purposely mentioned homunculus earlier in the series means to me that Touta’s body was created via magical means and from multiple DNA sources.

  11. Mattcgw says:


    Anime announcement is far more likely, in wake of this news.
    Theirs a blue exorcist announcement coming soon, so A-1 will be out. Pierrot has no recent history with Kodansha. Madhouse is Sheuiasia’s promotion house. Bones is doing hero academia. Silver Link is doing Illya for the summer. Exbeec doesn’t need the work.

    So it would seem likely that (if) UQ Holder will suffer Berkserks fate and have a bunch of no name studios skimping and stitching animation together, with shitty CGI.
    Although, Ufotable could do it, they’re schedules have been borked since they started (promotional adaptation) God eater, they didn’t even finish it properly, and their planing a heavens feel movie trilogy.

    But the most likely scenario is a Frankenstein adaptation with an assortment of unnamed Studios working on it.

    • Seimei says:

      You know, a studio does not necessarily work on a single anime. Also I do not think Ao exorcist will be another lanime. Its anime story has too diverged of the original manga. OAV are probable, but not another anime.

      Personally I think A-1, Madhouse or so, the studiot that worked on Fate unlimited blades (which I forgot the name as a big newbie lol)

      • Mattcgw says:


        True, but most Sheuiasia production committees have far more money on the than most other commissioners. (Read:Kodansha)

        As did other monthly manga adaptation, Fullmetal Alchemist which then got brotherhood and sold 52 million. As well as Black Butler, which in turn did ‘book of circus’ and regularly breaks 600’000 per a Volume.

        And unfortunately Akamatsu-Sensei’s is a known quantity of failure, at this point.

    • Rob C. says:

      ACK, i miss the post. Ignore mine. XD

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      If there’s an anime, it wouldn’t surprise me if it is an OAD. And it would almost certainly go to Shaft, who took over the Negima anime.

  12. Rob C. says:

    IF Asuna we knew who CAME back from her sleep has already passed away, then we know at least WHICH timeline this IS now. Which is something we’ve been wondering all along. Asuna who went back to the past from the OLD timeline has died.

    Now last stage of the big dance is about to begin. Negi clearly being used by MOTB, with his “you want to join me don’t you?”.

    As side note: I’m not sure its been mentioned else where.

    Akamatsu has announced there going to be “Big” announcement in next week,
    so….i think this maybe it. Hopefully not the end, but things are going to fast to suggest other wise.


    • Rob C. says:

      Another possibility…this announcement could also mean..anime adaption? They do use them to promote the manga. So it’s possible that part their efforts to bolster their sales.

      It could also explain why heck things have been suddenly speeding up recent chapters.

    • Seimei says:

      I do not think Asuna died. I think she is really alive but sealed. And above all, unattainable by anyone until her awake. So was as if she was dead, for people from the outside world. So MOTB folds on Tota, instead. Add that, the death of Nagi (always possessed) in 2065, (in the epilogue of Negima (2011) he was alive and free of the MOTB.

      All that to say that I think we are well into the timeline B, or that Asuna was not going back in time.

      And yes, I’m pretty sure that the announcement concerns an animated adaptation. This can not be the announcement of the end, is almost certain, because if would not be a “great news” for the fans of the serie precisely, and the possibility of doing the sequel of UQ under another name and another series … is unlikely, since Akamatsu said UQ will be his last manga, and not having known problems with his editors, like with Negima in his time, he has no need to continue under another name UQ as he did for Negima with… UQ precisely lol…^^

      So there is little chance that UQ stop or continue in another series. I think UQ will continue for (probably, not absolutely certain) 10 to 15 volumes, and conclude its plot in the rules of art.

      However, we can imagine the creation of a parallel series (like Sinbad no Boken Magi) recounting the events of 2065 mentioned by Nagumo and the war of the proto-UQ againist the lifemaker of this time (Nagi). This series would be overseen by Akamatsu, but designed by someone else. Allowing Akamatsu to focus primarily on the main-plot of UQ.

      • Rob C. says:

        Not sure i agree with Asuna being not dead, Seimei. Way they said it, they “lost” her. as if in a tragic way. Honestly, that “lost” could have been what had spurred clone development of creating Toui in first place.

        Touta being clone (child) of both Asuna and Negi is bit….icky? Their related. But its not like anything happened in naughty way or anything.

        I hope your right about the series continuing on, a lot mangas don’t survive when anime is released. I just hope a good quality production company is found/selected. I found last couple adaptions of Negi related material wanting.

        I don’t know about possibility of a side-story/parallel story being written of UQ Holder. I’ve gotten the impression the manga itself is struggling in face of different interests in manga.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’ve read that they wouldn’t make a “big announcement” to say the series is ending. I’m not sure it will be an anime announcement, but we’ll see.

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