Playing Fate/Grand Order!

Playing Fate/Grand Order!

Hey gang! Officially, I had the day off so I can work all night tonight and all weekend. (Yay me! 😅) Since I had recently purchased a new headset with mic for another project, I was curious to see how it would be for YouTube videos. And since I needed to get some Fate/Grand Order play in, I figured I’d record and blather about that a bit.


On a basic level, it is fun to make videos. However, in order to make proper, high quality videos, I’d have to have a ton of free time, which I don’t. And by high quality, I mean good production values, not just high resolution. But, if folks are interested, I could make some FGO videos. Or I could even live-stream sometime. Actually, I kinda want to live stream, just to test. Doesn’t matter if anyone shows up or not. But I need to get OBS for that.

I also learned how to make YouTube thumbnail images on the cheap (as in free). The site is, and it allows quite a lot for free. Obviously, if you pay them money, you get more. I’m not affiliated with them, but this is what I created.

Fate/Grand Order

Simple and free is what I wanted, and that’s what I got. Looks like with time and a bit more effort, one could make something even better.

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