Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 30

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Ep. 30

SPOILER Summary: Arriving in the land of Hinode and gazing upon Mt. Akafuji (a red Mt. Fuji), Sarutobi and Gratches head for Sarutobi’s village of Asuka-jo while everyone else heads to Gesshin’s father’s dojo. After a brief match between father and son, Gesshin learns that Mikazukimaru, the Spirit Stone katana for Ryu Samurai Hayatemaru, is missing. It seems that Nagare Itou, head of Nagare Sword School, challenged Gesshin’s father Mangetsu and won the sword.

So, Gesshin and company are off to find Nagere. They do so quickly and Gesshin challenges Nagere. Nagere has a secret technique, Thunder Sword Cross, which he used to defeat Mangetsu. He now uses it against Gesshin and defeats him as well. Nagere tells Gesshin that he’ll be around should Gesshin wish to challenge him again.

Gesshin’s comrades try to think of ways to get the sword back while Gesshin is depressed and wanting to get it back on his own. That night he attempts to train and after some prodding by Katze, Adeu comes up with a plan on how they can help Gesshin train. The following day, Adeu tells Gesshin that they can simulate training with the Ryu’s. Since he now has Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr, Adeu can now perform the Thunder Sword Cross move. Gesshin agrees and training begins with Gesshin having no luck.

Meanwhile, Izumi sends Katze on a mission to try to buy the sword from Nagere, but he’s not selling. Gesshin is still depressed that he’s made no progress and so later that evening at the lake shore, Paffy comes to talk with him. There, he tells her a bit about his past and how he became a samurai. While talking with Paffy, Gesshin finds new purpose and remembers the purpose of the sword. The following day, he’s able to overcome the Thunder Sword Cross move and challenge Nagere. The two battle again and at first it seems that Gesshin lost. However, this was because he stopped his attack short to spare the life of a bug. This means something to Nagere, who concedes and hands the katana to Gesshin.

Thoughts: As a Tenchi fan, I always enjoy hearing one of their seiyuu. ORIKASA Ai (Ryoko) has been on the show all along as Hagu Hagu. Mangetsu being voiced by AONO Takeshi (Nobuyuki & Katsuhito) was nice for me.

As to the episode, more of the standard shounen fare. This time Gesshin gets his Spirit Stone, but before that gets the standard power-up training.

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