Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 31

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight 31

SPOILER Summary: In the flying fortress of Idoro’s, Galden is in a chamber of liquid to recover as Idoro encourages his hatred. Meanwhile, Sarutobi and Gratches are on their way to Sarutobi’s village. On their way of the cliff to the village, they are attacked as a way of ninja training and greeting. At the top, they are met by Sarutobi’s childhood female friend Iori. They are also met by the village chief, Momochi-sama. They know of Sarutobi’s reason for visiting — to find the Sprit Stone for Bakuretsumaru.

A signal alerts them that someone suspicious is approaching the village, so Iori is off on her giant hawk to investigate. Gratches, Sarutobi, and Momochi-sama head to the Dragon Lake to where the Spirit Stone is located. Apparently 1000 years ago, the Spirit Stone was used to seal a Jya-ryuzoku (hence the name “Dragon Lake”). So in order for Sarutobi to obtain his Spirit Stone, he’d have to unseal the Jya-ryuzoku and he’s not sure he can defeat one.

Elsewhere, Paffy’s caravan is approaching Sarutobi’s village when they are attacked by Idoro’s giant skeleton warriors. The group quickly defeats them, but discover themselves trapped my Idoro’s magic mud. She demands they turn over their Spirit Stones to Galden-sama and die. Before she can act, the ninja arrive and with their techniques, burn off the mud and save the group. After Idoro leaves, a bit of mud survived and escapes to tell Idoro where Sarutobi went.

Back at the lake, Sarutobi is left to decide what to do. He recalls how Galden came and attacked their original village some seven years ago. Sarutobi then took the card for Bakuretsumaru to defend the village. Iori discovers him, but promises not to say anything since apparently it should have stayed with her family. Her grandfather, Momochi-sama, witnessed this and approved of Sarutobi taking the card.

Having decided he needs more training, Idoro attacks and drains the lake, revealing the giant Jya-ryuzoku. She uses her magic to remove the weapon that is the Spirit Stone and the Jya-ryuzoku it of course comes to life as she laughs.

Thoughts: More shounen fare. There was a little bit of interest in seeing Sarutobi’s village, but it wasn’t that interesting. Idoro’s arrival and actions were typical. I haven’t seen episode 32 but let me make this shocking prediction — Idoro’s theft of Bakuretsumaru’s Spirit Stone and unsealing of the Jya-ryuzoku will backfire on her.

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