Shakugan no Shana Second 04

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 04

SPOILER Summary:

Yuuji and Shana are walking with Konoe-san to school, much to Shana’s annoyance. Yuuji has found himself with the job of escorting her because she’s so helpless. Initially the job was to go to Ike, but Konoe’s clinging to Yuuji got him the job. They meet Yoshida-san at the school gate, who’s been waiting on them since she too has a responsibility for Konoe-san. Shana decides to go ahead an head in and they soon follow. For P.E., the class has been tasked with cleaning the pool. Yoshida and Yuuji have to save Konoe from injury when she follows a butterfly and nearly walks off the edge into the empty pool. The cleaning session soon turns into a fun session with the class cutting up spraying each other with water and the like.

At lunch, Konoe, Yuuji, Shana, Ike, Yoshida, and Oga have lunch together, with Yuuji having the bento prepared for him by Yoshida and the melon pan provided to him by Shana. Konoe eyes the bento and with Yoshida’s permission, she eats some. Then she does the same for the melon pan and with Shana’s approval, Konoe eats some of that.

After school, Ike convinces Yoshida to go with Yuuji, Shana, and Konoe as part of her responsibility even though her home is in the opposite direction. Shana finds herself not happy by all of this as the group comes to a new eating place called “Supersize Heaven” (English translation). Since this place will open tomorrow, Yuuji suggests getting everyone together to try it out then. Konoe wanders away and they catch up to her, telling her not to wander off like that. Yuuji gets onto Shana for her getting onto Konoe so much. For her part, Konoe leads them to a park where she holds out her hand and a small bird lands there and sings for her.

At Sato’s place, he informs Margery Daw that he doesn’t think there’s any harm in Konoe, who looks so much like Hecate. Wilhelmina reports that there are no signs that the Bal Masqué are making any moves. Margery doesn’t believe that the Bal Masqué would risk Hecate, especially with so many Flame Haze living in town. Margery Daw is surprised that Wilhelmina isn’t out with Yuuji and Shana training. Wilhelmina says its OK once in a while, which surprises Margery who figures that this means they are giving Yuuji some credit. Tiamat states this level of credit is bare minimum.

The following day, Sato, Oga, Tanaka, Yuuji, Shana, Yoshida, and Konoe are at the Supersize Heaven establishment. True to its name, the portions are huge, which leads Sato to challenge Yuuji on the consumption of their giant bowls of ramen. The two eat everything and finish in a tie. At the girl’s table, Shana blissfully consumes a giant ice cream desert and then has another. However, Konoe has disappeared and Yuuji feels they need to look for her. Shana does not agree since Konoe has already been warned and she ends up going home alone while the others search. Yuuji finds her again in the park where she’s saved a baby bird from being eaten by a cat. Yoshida comes upon them and sees them in what appears to be a loving moment.

Shana going home alone doesn’t like the jealous feeling she has and that evening, Yoshida-san feels the same as she prepares a bento. Wilhelmina tells Yuuji that she will be doing all of Yuujis training from now on. The next day, Konoe and Yuuji walk to school alone, which Yuuji doesn’t even notice at first. When they get to school, he greets Yoshida but is surprised to see her looking depressed. Then when Shana goes past them with a curt greeting, he’s surprised again, not knowing what the problem is.

At lunch that day, Yoshida goes to the roof to eat alone. She is joined by Shana and the two eat in silence.


Well I don’t know if I’m right or not, but I think Bel Peol wants to seperate Yuuji from Shana, who’s the Flame Haze that would truly defend Yuuji. Margery Daw and Wilhelmina certainly wouldn’t. And so Konoe-san, whether truly Hecate or not, is the key to that. The episode ending with Shana and Yoshida-san spending a quiet lunch on the roof showed just how much Konoe-san is driving a wedge in there. Yuuji doesn’t see this because he’s just being nice to Konoe. Well, we’ll see where things go.

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