Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 52

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 52
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 52

SPOILER Summary:

As the destruction device begins to tear down the Mystic Shield, the Jya-ryuzoku Emperor uses his Dragon Doom to keep the Ryu units at bay. He beats them down and forces them to retreat and rethink their plan. It is decided that Sarutobi, Galden, and Hittel/Katze will take their Ryu’s to penetrate the destruction device and attempt to destroy it from within. The remaining Ryu’s will then keep the Dragon Doom occupied. Having agreed to the plan, the groups set off as the hole in the Mystic Shield begins to grow.

Sarutobi’s group manages to penetrate the device structure as planned but soon find themselves sealed in a section of the device, and that section is then ejected. Sarutobi has to use his ninja to allow their escape. Meanwhile Adeu’s group is getting their collective rears handed to them by the Dragon Doom. The White Dragon appears, having picked up Sarutobi’s group and Nuzzi. Nuzzi gives them some final advice about combining the power of their Spirit Stones. As the White Dragon provides a bit of cover, all of the Ryu Riders send their Spirit Stone energy into Ryu Paladin, who appears to class-change again. Adeu uses the power to damage the Dragon Doom and send it crashing into the destruction device, which eventually causes the destruction of both the Dragon Doom and the destruction device.

With the war won and the Jya-ryuzoku out for at least another 1000 years, the party begins to part. Galden decides that he’s going to visit the country he was born in. Sarutobi sends a shuriken Galden’s way as a parting gift, but in reality, Sarutobi has forgiven Galden and Galden accepts the “attack” for nothing more than a measure of respect. Gesshin goes to improve his bushido and Gratches goes to unite his scattered people. Katze decides she’ll get rich but use proceeds to help those harmed in the war (what Hittel does, I’m not sure). So Adeu decides to leave Paffy, Izumi, and Sarutobi to work on being a knight. While he’s depressed a bit to be alone, he seems unhappy when Sarutobi finds him and decides to tag along. Paffy and Izumi arrive with the wagon, and the four plus Hagu Hagu head off for new adventures.

Thoughts: Well, its finally over. It only took almost three years to get through this, but I finally finished it to write my CAR review (coming shortly after this page is published). Now that anime no longer has that newness to it combined with my getting older, shounen titles such as this one are difficult to get through. Still, despite some annoying moments with Adeu, I was entertained and I suppose at the end of the day, that’s what its all about.

One place this anime title did surprise me was in the villain department. When Idoro was killed, I thought she’d show back up because Galden certainly kept coming back. But then Galden joined the good guys and a chain of villain bosses get wiped out up through the Emperor. I did like that though because I hate the villains that just won’t die and stay dead.

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