Negima! Vol 21 (Ch 189) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 21 Chapter 189

Summary: As Fate destroys the gate port facility with the giant pillars, Makie, Ako, Yuuna, and Akira find a large amount of debris falling to them. Negi moves over and erects a shield to protect the, telling Makie he’s sorry they got involved. Yuuna warns of another giant piece coming for them, which Asuna moves in and using her artifact sword, not only removing the pillar, but making it vanish (which as it does, begins to look a lot like shadow stuff used earlier against Kaede earlier), which Yuuna finds awesome. With the facility and link destroyed and the separation gate secured, Fate’s group prepares to leave. However he orders that Negi’s group undergo a forced transmission to all parts of the planet, which he tells Negi is his gift to him. The spell is cast and everyone that came with Negi (sans Donet) are gone.

Negi is in a dream state and discovers all of his companions have been petrified. Fate tells him it is because he is still not strong enough. Fate is astounded that Negi would involve all these people just to learn more about his father. Fate tells Negi he should have stayed at school and just enjoyed his life and with that, he shatters Asuna’s statue.

Negi awakens to find himself in a jungle laying on a futon and a towel on his head. He sees a naked Chachamaru (with her new, realistic skin covering) bathing in the river nearby and she comes rushing back when she realizes he’s alive. Chachamaru briefs him on the current situation and how the other members of Ala Alba and the stowaways have been scattered by the forced transmission spell. Chachamaru gets dressed while Negi uses the pactio cards to attempt to summon or contact any of the battle harem he’s pactio’d with, but has no success. Further, the card only has a limited range with a max of 10 kilometers.

Negi heads to some high ground to get a better look at the land and Chachamaru informs him they’d been sent 1000 kilometers from the gate port. Chachamaru pulls out a Ala Alba badge, which was created with a fusion of magic and science with the ability to detect other badges within a 900 kilometer range. She detects a person at 50 kilometers, one at 90, one at 270, and a few further than that, but she can’t account for all members. Plus, there are the four girls that wouldn’t have a badge. In order to return to Earth and the school, the two of them will need to recover their comrades.

Thoughts: Very interesting. So now the quest is to find all of the other members of Ala Alba, a task that will be very difficult and made more difficult as they have Makie, Akira, Yuuna, and Ako to find. This forced transmission spell provides a unique method for exploring the Magic World while at the same time dumping other characters, at least for a little while. Interesting that Chachamaru should be his companion to start, but it makes sense seeing as how she’ll have information Negi can use.

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