Tsubasa Chronicle 29 – 31

In order to try to clear some old backlog, for the remainder of the Tsubasa Chronicle series, I’ll be giving brief summaries per episode and thoughts since doing individual summaries takes too long.

ツバサ・クロニクル 29

SPOILER Summary: As the race continues, the sabotage takes out Ryuuoh’s racer. In order to ensure he doesn’t die, Syaoran uses his own racer to save him. The saboteur continues his work and soon Kurogane is taken out of the race after saving Sakura. Syaoran and Ryuuoh pinpoint the location of the remote signals and have a rescue vehicle take them there. Meanwhile as Sakura continues to race, Kurogane and Fay (Fai…whatever) confront Tomoyo, who confesses to having tampered with the preliminaries in order to aide Sakura-chan at the request of anther person but not the current race. Syaoran and Ryuuoh find the saboteur, the president of the Piffle Princess Company. They stop him which allows Sakura to win the race. However, as she goes to claim her prize (the feather), Kyle-sensei from the Jade World, tries to prevent it. He’s stopped and Sakura gets the feather, but Kyle manages to escape to another dimension. Tomoyo tells Kurogane that the person she’d been communing with was Princess Tomoyo from his world. With that, Mokona sends the group to the next world, where Fei Wong apparently will ensure they go to the location he wants.

Thoughts: Its been a while since I read the manga so I don’t remember how accurate the episode is. It was OK I suppose though I still have a hard time being enthused about this title.

ツバサ・クロニクル 30

SPOILER Summary: Mokona deposits the group onto the next world, which happens to be the one that Fei Wong intended. As Kurogane and Fay rest, Sakura relates to Syaoran a new memory she has of a sand rabbit when she was a small child, though she cannot remember Syaoran’s part in it. Mokona locates Sakura’s feather, which is in a cone-shaped rock. However, when Syaoran tries to retrieve it, it becomes the horn of a dragon. Some locals appear to retrieve the feather as well, but fail. It is then that Syaoran and company learn that this is the world they visited in episode 26 and that all the people who were saved then are doomed to again die unless they get that feather. Kurogane brings his skills into play along with Syaoran and they get the horn. However, when Sakura goes to the temple with the feather to make a wish, the “deity” there says it is impossible. As such, Sakura gets her feather back and a memory of the rabbit’s death and her father telling her that once it dies, it cannot be brought back to life. All of the saved people from earlier now vanish as the feather is gone. The results of this were apparently expected by Fei Wong, though maybe not what he wanted.

Thoughts: So, that made episode 26 rather pointless. Being that this was not a story in the manga, I can see why. Plus, it makes Mokona rather pointless too since Mokona couldn’t sense the other feather on their first trip. Plot holes in my anime, ya’ll.

ツバサ・クロニクル 31

SPOILER Summary: Mokona deposits the group in the middle of the ocean where they are picked up by the fishing ship Lagosta and put to work. Syaoran works in the engine room where he finds a kid named Fujitaka, the same name as his father and indeed, this kid is this world’s version of his father. A storm ends up sending Syaoran and Fujitaka on an island, supposedly inhabited by ghost. They find a totem pole with writing on it giving some warnings. They find a cave where huge gusts of wind blow, creating a noise that sounds like ghost. They make their way through the cave to the other side of the island, where the boat is and where Kurogane, Fay, Sakura, and Mokona are in dingy searching for Syaoran and Fujitaka. The move the dingy to pick up the two, but a large sea creature emerges and is dispatched by Kurogane. The captain of the boat realizes that the warnings they’d heard about this island must have been to warn them about the monster. After Syaoran and Fujitaka are back on board, Fujitaka tells Syaoran he’s going to be an archaeologist, something Syaoran’s father was. Mokona then sends them to the next world.

Thoughts: Another kinda tedious episode. Filler tends to be that way though.

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