Minami-ke Okawari 06

みなみけ~おかわり~ Ep. 06

SPOILER Summary: Kana borrows an entire series of manga from Fuyuki and the two have a discussion about it. Back in their room, Kana remarks on how polite Fuyuki is by his use of keigo speech (the formal, polite way of speaking in Japan). Kana compares that to the way Chiaki speaks to her. Chiaki says she uses keigo, but not to idiots and ultimately, puts on her headphones to drown out Kana.

Its snowing and Haruka comes home. However, there’s not much to eat and Haruka doesn’t want to go back out into the snow. So, it is decided to just throw something together with what they have left. After eating and talking about the things they must get done the following day, they go out and play in the snow for a while. After that, they come in and take a bath together, with Kana opening the window since it is so warm in the bath. Following their bath, they are under the kotatsu when the power goes out. So, the light a candle and huddle under blankets. After they talk a bit, Kana decides to take a second bath since the water should still be warm. Unfortunately, because the bathroom window had been left open, the water is now cold.

Back at the kotatsu, Kana is hungry and their little gas stove is out due to a lack of fuel. Kana complains about how long its taking the electric company to restore power, then asks Chiaki if she wants to be a teruterubouzu again. Chiaki does not. Haruka wonders how Fuyuki-kun is doing since she passed his father on her way home as he was on his way to work. So they go next door and knock, but it takes Fuyuki a long time to answer. He claimed he was about to go to bed, but Chiaki doesn’t buy it. They end up borrowing a portable gas stove and invite Fuyuki over, but he declines, citing his father.

Chiaki suspects he does want to come over, so when Haruka and Kana leave, she opens the door and finds him standing in the hallway. She chastises him for not being truthful in tellings others how he really feels and what he really wants. The argument between the two turns into a snowball fight, which Kana soon joins. So, its back to the outside area where Chiaki and Fuyuki are against Kana and Haruka in a snowball fight. Afterward, they all return to the Minami residence and convince Fuyuki to spend the night. They all cuddle up and Fuyuki actually looks comfortable for the first time. The following morning, the power is on again but Fuyuki is gone. Looking outside, they discover that he’s out shovling the complex’s sidewalk. This annoys Chiaki.

Thoughts: Another unfunny episode. I got a chuckle or two but that was it. Does that mean the episode stunk? No. It was a nice episode for dealing with one snowy evening and the power goes out. Unfortunately, that’s not what I want to see from this series. The business with Fuyuki just gives the series too much of a serious edge due to whatever darkness he’s having to deal with. *sigh* Oh well. I still see people talking about the greatness of this series (though even they admit it isn’t as good as the first), but I guess I’m going to be in the minority here. Well, I can always go back and relive the greatness of the first series.

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