Dirty Pair 07

ダーティペア Episode 07
Dirty Pair 07

SPOILER Summary:

Dirty Pair 07The CEO of Goldjeff Universal Tour Agency is throwing a massive wedding for his son Clicky when the proceedings are interrupted by a large woman with a gun (Joanca), who kidnaps the willing Clicky. 3WA is brought into this via the CEO’s secretary and mistress, where Yuri and Kei are assigned to the case. The CEO orders them to pay the 2-million ransom in cash and gives them a case with the money. They try to tell him that they can get the kidnapper AND return him his money but he insists that they pay Joanca for the sake of his son’s safety.

Dirty Pair 07Meanwhile, it seems that Joanca and Clicky are actually in love and decide to go have a burger together. The “Big Nac” restaurant they enter tells them ten thousandth customer and as such, they win all kinds of prizes, including a trip to Grebus Land, an island resort. That night as Kei and Yuri are in their room (Yuri putting on a beauty mask), they are contacted by Joanca with the location of the money drop off — an aquarium in Grebus Land. The following day, Joanca and Clicky go to the aquarium where they are observing a “Junk Rose,” a plant that consumes almost anything it comes in contact with. Yuri and Kei are there to confront Joanca, who claims to not know what they are talking about and Clickly believes her.

Dirty Pair 07Kei tosses the case of money at Joanca, who appears to be shocked as if by electricity before changing demeanor and stating she was in it for the money. Kei is pissed with how Joanca is breaking Clicky’s heart and so launches her bracelet weapon at Joanca, which physically doesn’t cause Joanca to react at all but does just enough to allow Joanca to break the case containing the water-based Junk Roses, where they consume enough of the case to free Joanca from the mental control she was under. It turns out, she was being controlled by Clicky’s father’s secretary as Joanca had been born a man but was now a woman. As such, Clicky’s father did not approve of the relationship.

Dirty Pair 07Yuri and Kei soon find themselves defeated after a short battle, where they are tied up as Clicky’s father, secretary, Clicky, Joanca, and driver head to a Goldjeff Universal Tour Agency facility. Clicky’s father’s plan is to send Joanca on one of their tours, and while the trip will take 50-years, due to the Urashima Effect, she won’t age a day. However, Clicky will be an old man by then. Yuri and Kei, having escaped, arrive on scene but are unable to stop Joanca from being launched into space on the trip. As such, Clicky boards the second ship and follows after her. Clicky’s father can’t bear to be parted from his son, so he takes the 3rd ship up. His mistress wants to follow as well, but there are no other ships. Yuri wonders about this resolution to the problem, since in 50-years, they’ll all be back and fighting. Kei tells her that Lovely Angels, even if old women, will be there when that happens.

Thoughts/Review: One thing that one can count on from a Dirty Pair episode is a certain level of nuttiness. It goes with the turf. That said, having Yuri and Kei “preach” about transgender issues (remember, this anime is from the mid-80’s) was completely unexpected and frankly, couldn’t be taken seriously by me. Not that I want anime to preach at me, because I don’t.

Beyond that, there’s really not a lot to comment on with Dirty Pair episodes. One doesn’t really watch these for anything beyond light entertainment, which is exactly what they mostly provide.

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  1. cxcw242 says:

    Thanks for the stellar and informative review. Preachy stuff aside, the whole premise and ending of the episode was pretty damn goofy.

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