Dirty Pair OVA 04

ダーティペア OVA Episode 04
Dirty Pair OVA 04

SPOILER Summary:

Dirty Pair OVA 04 A group of boys called Battle Hackers, the sons of powerful political people, take over a military instillation that is the home of the Dimensional Vibration Gun (DVG). They take the base commander, Colonel Santos, hostage. As such, 3WA are asked to try to resolve things quietly. The boys are clever and have reprogrammed the bases robots to defend them. They’ve also looked up Lovely Angels (aka: Dirty Pair) and are excited to go up against them. As such, Kei and Yuri have great difficulty in dealing with them, not only because they are boys, but the boys also piss Kei off. Mike celebrates scoring a picture of Kei and Yuri trying to flee an explosion, telling them they’d be dead if it were a gun he were holding and not a camera.

Dirty Pair OVA 04After the boys make kid demands (such as anime all around the clock), Kei and Yuri decide to re-enter the command facility via the underground. While the boys are able to track Kei and Yuri, forcing them to fight the droids, one of the boys accidentally shoots a console which lead to the countdown for the activation of the DBG, which could seriously damage the universe. Colonel Santos manages to escape and decides that these brat boys need to be killed. Thus, Kei and Yuri, despite being told to retreat, are more determined than ever to see this doesn’t happen. The boys meet the young women for a battle with the ladies coming out on top. Mike is challenged to a one-on-one fight by Kei. The boy gets into a power suit and gives her a beating, though she and Yuri manage to finally convince the boys that they are going to die if they don’t give up. With that, Kei and Yuri stop the guns and turn over the kids to the authorities, thus stopping Santo’s plan to rid the world of some brats.


Dirty Pair OVA 04I remember thinking when I saw this episode in Japan many, many moons ago, “Didn’t they do something like this on Star Trek with evil little kids?” Of course, I didn’t know what anyone was saying back then.

While I’m thinking of it, is using the term “boys” politically incorrect? ADV translated boy-tachi (boys) and shounen-tachi (boys) as “kids.” Considering there were no girls in the group, this translation choice smacks of political correctness.

Anyway, the episode is kind of annoying because Kei and Yuri try to debate with the boys and their kid-logic. I wanted those kids to get the crap kicked out of them. So I cheered when Kei knocked Mike out and laughed at her thoughts on what makes boys grow up.

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