I Survived a Japanese Game Show 01

I love Japanese game shows. They are nutty, funny, and often push the boundaries. So naturally, I was keen to see some American’s thrown into a Japanese game show, which is the premise of I Survived a Japanese Game Show.

The game show, Majide, is a fake Japanese game show, which from what I can tell was set up just for I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Majide (The term “majide” is kinda like saying, “Are you serious?” and is apparently something said in Japan, which might explain the “hipness” shown in the Japanese audience members), was a hoot despite being fake as it is based on things I’ve seen in other Japanese game shows. I’m not sure if Majide will be the show used throughout the series (it may well be), but the first two games were fun and typically Japanese. Haven eaten mochi, I know what the eaters in the mochi game meant by their experience eating the stuff. The bug on the windshield game is just silly, but it was fun.

So what works in this reality show?

  1. It is set in Japan on a real Japanese game show.
  2. We get to see things in Japan.
  3. It is funny.
  4. I liked that the losers had to do something Japanese (the rickshaw driving).
  5. The documentary-style feel at times to explain certain things.

What don’t I like?

  1. It is a reality show, complete with the fake drama of the eliminations.
  2. It is a reality show, complete with the fake drama of, “This person blows! I need my space. You’re a loser.”
  3. It is a reality show.
  4. They are loose with the translations, not that the American audience will notice.

Will I watch I Survived a Japanese Game Show again? Because it is set in Japan and featured a wacky Japanese show, you bet.

Update (July 2, 2008): That’s it. I couldn’t stand the fake drama of a reality show any longer. This time, episode 2 was mostly about that fake drama, crying, and whatever. Just awful. The Japanese elements aren’t enough to make me put up with that crap.

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4 Responses to “I Survived a Japanese Game Show 01”

  1. Peter H says:

    I figured you’d blog about this. I too enjoyed it and I’ll be back next time it is on.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Oh yeah, I was going to blog on the first episode. I won’t be blogging more unless there’s something interesting to point out from Japan.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is Majide a real game show in Japan?

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I can’t find it. I can’t even find the Kanji used at the moment because the “majide” phrase in the one dictionary I use only displayed the Hiragana.

    I get the feeling that this show didn’t exist until it was done for ABC. We’ll see if it shows up in Japan or not.

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