Keroro Gunsou 54

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 54
Sgt. Frog anime, episode 54
Keroro Gunsou anime, episode 54

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: After hearing about how Fuyuki solved a mystery at school, Keroro feels his deductive skills are superior. As such, he lays out how Natsumi sliced her finger in Home Ec class while thinking of “Saburo-senpai” (Mutsumi). However, Keroro pushes his luck too far when Natsumi realizes he’s reading from her diary. With this, Keroro launches a new plan to found a detective agency and to do this, the platoon will enlist the help of Kogoro, the Space Detective. However, arriving at Kogoro and Lavie’s tiny apartment, Keroro sees through the keyhole that Kogoro is unconscious on the floor.

After Moa breaks the door and Lavie arrives, the space ambulance carries Kogoro off while Keroro decides to solve this dastardly crime. He summons Natsumi and Fuyuki to the apartment where he accuses Fuyuki of being the one to lay out Kogoro with a piece of tofu. However, Fuyuki has an alibi and in the end, Keroro’s deductions end up pointing back at himself. So, Keroro accuses Natsumi using some funky math, but again finds his deductions rebound to point to himself. Finally, Keroro accuses the creator of the 1st season OP theme, “Kero! to March” as being the culprit, but again, Keroro seems to be the criminal. Fuyuki takes over and determines that Kogoro had been making Tofu, ate too much, and pass out. Kogoro returns to confirm this and as everyone leaves, Lavie repeatedly apologizes for her brother.

In the 2nd story, Dororo has been training while the platoon join Natsumi and Fuyuki at Grandma Hinata’s house to help with the farming. As such, they plant rice in the fields as Dororo watches. Koyuki joins him, wondering if he doesn’t want to rejoin his friends. Seeing Keroro planting rice makes Dororo think that Keroro has turned a new leaf, thus he must too. After the planting is done, Grandma Hinata tells how an oni is supposedly in the woods nearby. This excites Fuyuki, who gets Keroro and Tamama to join him in a search. After talking with Koyuki, Dororo decides to return to the platoon. However, his entrance is marred by the return of Giroro, who’s decided not to take any more orders from Keroro and do the invasion his own way. Even when Natsumi arrives on the scene, Giroro won’t be dissuaded. Dororo’s featured story has been ruined.

Thoughts/Review: The new OP and ED themes are growing on me. ^_^ I may have to pick up the soundtrack.

As for the first story, it was pretty amusing with everything rebounding back on Keroro. I’m guessing that the first detective Keroro was dressed as was Sherlock Holmes. I’ve no clue who the Japanese detective Keroro was supposed to be dressed up as. I suppose it could have been Zenigata Heiji but I’ve no way of knowing for sure at this point. The second story finally had Dororo, Giroro, and Koyuki-chan return. I still don’t like the jokes about the forgotten Dororo. They aren’t funny to me. I was surprised that Giroro returned in this episode though, but that too was part of the joke since the story was supposed to be about Dororo.

So, we have two reasonably entertaining stories but nothing that special.

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