Space Battleship Yamato 20

Uchuu Senkan Yamato Episode 20
宇宙戦艦ヤマト Ep. 20 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Yamato sends a scout ship (piloted by Susumu) and a fighter escort (with Kato piloting) to investigate the planet Balan. They note the sun in orbit of the planet as well as the strange plant life on this volcanic planet. They also come across the Gamilus base, which opens fire on them as they pass. Their flight continues, where they soon discover massive numbers of Parandodon skeletons, which makes Susumu upset. As they leave to return to Yamato, they are intercepted by a flight Gamilus fighters. Kato provides cover for the unarmed Susumu (with Analyzer) to escape. Kato takes some damage, but manages to escape as well.

Back on Yamato, Susumu wants to attack the Gamilus base. His reasoning is solely because of the Paranodon skeletons he saw. Daisuke argues that they need to press on but Captain Okita orders the attack on the base to avenge the animals. Meanwhile 500,000Km away, General Domel and Gale are in their fleet observing the Yamato approach Balan. Gale feels they should attack immediately, but Domel rejects this. He has already predicted the human response to seeing the dead Paranodons and when the Yamato goes to destroy the base, he will have the artificial sun come in behind them. The Yamato will be destroyed but so will the Gamilus base. This shocks Gale.

As expected, Yamato makes its attack run and the base fires waves of anti-ship missles. Susumu orders that the sun in orbit of Balan be monitored as Yamato begins clearing a path. Sure enough, the sun begins moving toward them (on Domel’s command). While the Wave Motion Gun can destroy the sun, they don’t have enough time to maneuver to bring the Wave Motion Gun to bear before the sun destroys them. Domel is ready to celebrate his victory when Supreme Leader Desler contacts him, ordering him to stop his plan as the destruction of the base is a waste. Gale had tipped Desler off to this, so Domel has no choice but follow orders. This allows Yamato to destroy the artificial sun and escape with only some damage while the Gamilus base is still destroyed from the sun’s destruction.

With the battle over, some of the crew ask Susumu how he knew that the sun in orbit of Balan was an artificial one. He cited the Paranodon’s small eyes and the weird planets on the surface of Balan made him suspect the sun was artificial. Captain Okita summons Susumu to his room where he reveals that his illness means he cannot fulfill the duties of captain. As such, Okita is appointing Susumu as acting captain.


I didn’t have a problem with Susumu wanting to destroy the Gamilus base on Balan, but using the Paranodons as the excuse is just nuts. You destroy the base to insure that your six is clear of potential trouble, not to avenge animals. Good thing Domel knew how stupid the crew of the Yamato would be. Too bad that Domel’s previous abuse of Gale lead to Supreme Leader Desler interfering with Domel’s plan, thus leading to not only the Yamato escaping, but the artificial sun’s destruction and the destruction of the Gamilus base on Balan.

So, why didn’t Domel just then attack with his fleet instead of sitting there like a stump on a log after his plan got flushed? Ultimately, the episode is rather anti-climactic considering Desler’s order and Domel’s failure to press the issue.

Yuki jobs of the episode — tending to Captain Okita and gathering samples on the planet with Analyzer in addition to being the bridge bunny.

Wow. So the writers are actually going to continue with Captain Okita’s illness storyline. Now that Susumu is acting captain, it will certainly put a somewhat different twist on things. Maybe Yuki can make her move on Susumu and become the acting captain’s bird (Captain Kirk style).

One other thing that was pointed out to me. In episode 18, there’s no mention of an artificial sun. Indeed, Balan receives light from the lava/volcanoes according to the explanation back then so when did this artificial sun come into being? ^_~ Likely, this is just a case of poor writing.

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