A Return to Urusei Yatsura

On May 4, 2005, I watched episode 82 of Urusei Yatsura. While I have planned to return to finish that series ever since I started this blog, I have never done so for whatever reasons. I guess the first 21 episodes are not what I consider to be good anime with Ataru being such an unlikable character and frankly, that set me in a negative frame of mind as I plowed through to episode 82. I don’t rightly remember what made me finally take a break from the series but I never planned to stay gone as long as I have.

With well over three years rest, I plan to start watching the series again with episode 83 (with a fresh mindset) and I will begin blogging it. For now, it will be an episode an entry which is my normal mode of blogging, but should I find things becoming tedious with the series, I may switch to a multi-episode per blog entry mode as I did with the second season of Tsubasa Chronicles. For those who’ve already seen the series (or even if you haven’t), I welcome your feedback as I continue this classic, old school anime title.

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