Space Battleship Yamato 2 16

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 Episode 16
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2 Ep. 16 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sanada gives a briefing stating that if they leave right away, they can get back to Earth just before the White Comet does. Yamato‘s crew is running through final repairs and checks of the ship for the journey home. A communication channel with Teresa is opened but it fries Yamato‘s comm circuits before Sanada can physically break the connection. Susumu orders Daisuke to the planet to find out what Teresa’s message is. He does so reluctantly at first and while Teresa is happy to see Daisuke again, she says that she didn’t mean to send a message, but her thoughts caused the message to go out anyway. She doesn’t want to go with Daisuke to Yamato since that means she’d have to fight the White Comet people. That would force her to break her vow never to kill anyone again.

Daisuke manages to convince Teresa to return with him to Yamato and he’s very happy. However, after he reports to the bridge, Susumu realizes that she’s going to leave again. Her coming with “Shima-san” was her way of getting him back to his ship. She tells Susumu that she’s gained courage from Daisuke and that her remaining on Teresart is where she can do the most good. Susumu promises to return with Daisuke one day. With that, Teresa simply leaves the ship and returns to the surface without the aide of a ship. Daisuke sees her glowing figure on the surface, so Susumu clears the bridge so he can speak with Daisuke alone. He has her message played back, which stated that she wanted to see Shima-san again, proving her feelings for Daisuke. After their talk, Daisuke realizes this is for the best and promises to return for her one day.

Thoughts/Review: It has been a while since Yuki was shown with a new job. She scored one today — computer technician.

From a story perspective, I never once believed that Teresa would remain on Yamato once she agreed to go with Daisuke. That’s because with her powers, there would be no further action or drama as Teresa could simply wipe out the opposition with a thought and a prayer. As I see it, she shouldn’t die in the White Comet’s approach, though the next episode title indicates her planet will be destroyed. She might be able to slow down the White Comet or cause other problems that might allow Yamato to get back to Earth easier, but with a character this powerful, it is hard to say what the writers will and won’t do with her.

It really is too bad that the romance story of Daisuke and Teresa wasn’t written properly. As such, everything they do feels like forced romantic drama without much (if any) heart. Since the writers deep-sixed the Yuki-Susumu romance, one would think the writers would have then done something more with Daisuke and Teresa, but alas, no. Oh well.

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