Space Battleship Yamato 2 — 25 & 26 (finale)

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 Episode 25 – 26 (Final episodes)
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2 Ep. 25 and 26 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Yamato begins its two-pronged attack on the White Comet, which surprises the ruling elite. The emperor orders an immediate withdrawal from the planet, which activates the wind barrier around Gatlantis, destroying many of Yamato‘s fighter-bombers and protecting the city. Yamato follows and the White Comet shows its impressive defensive capabilities. Yamato takes heavy damage but finds the launch doors under the white comet. Using its working weapons, Yamato destroys that section and Susumu leads the last of his planes inside. The ruling elite are horrified by this and troops are dispatched. Seeing them heading to the generator room, Sabera orders them stopped but is not worried since there are so few humans to fight. Thus, she does not inform the emperor.

However, Sanada, Susumu, and Saito do make it close to the generator room. Sanada has one of his cybernetic legs blown off so he covers Saito and Susumu as they proceed further along. Saito has Susumu cover him so he can plant the bomb. He then tells Susumu to return to Sanada and escape. Susumu reluctantly agrees and gets Sanada safely back to where an injured Kato is waiting to fly them to safety. Saito is injured but sets off his bomb before he dies. The explosion cripples the White Comet. Kato lands back on the damaged Yamato and then dies from his injuries.

Meanwhile, the emperor abandons the White Comet on his super battleship, leaving Sabera and his top military leaders to die for having caused the death of so many White Comet people. Yamato opens fire on the crippled White Comet as Zwordar’s super battleship emerges. The White Comet is destroyed, but Zwordar opens fire on Yamato. Yamato takes insane damage but will not be destroyed. Zwordar makes contact with Yamato and gloats, telling them he’s going to destroy Earth now. So he leaves Yamato and opens fire with his mega gun, causing massive destruction on Earth and there’s nothing that Susumu can do but order his dying crew off the ship in rescue shuttles. However, Susumu stays behind as does Yuki, not wanted to be parted from her love.

Elsewhere, Teresa pines over Daisuke, providing her special blood to help replenish his, even willing to die if it allows Daisuke to live. Despite her deep feelings for Daisuke, she knows that won’t help him in the end. So as Yuki and Susumu prepare to ram Yamato into the super battleship, they see Teresa appear with Daisuke. She tells them to take care of Daisuke as she can do no more for him. She tells Susumu that she’ll take over the fight with the White Comet and wishes them all well. She departs and reappears in front of the super battleship. Zwordar is afraid seeing Teresa alive and orders his ship to flee. Teresa uses the last of her strength to sacrifice herself and destroy the super battleship. With that, the last surviving members of Yamato head to Earth.


Yay! It is over. ^_^;

In the previous episode, Yamato had to attack with torpedoes because that was the only real weapons they had left (save for turret 2 and maybe some anti-aircraft weapons). Frankly, I think that was an excuse since Yamato hadn’t used missile weapons in quite some time. I’m sure they were forgotten. Regardless, all that turret damage was forgotten this episode because magically, the turrets all work again just so they can be destroyed again. Frankly, I would have preferred Yamato to have been completely destroyed in this with only those rescue shuttles surviving. After all, we saw lots of ships destroyed with only one hit. In the last few episodes, Yamato has taken enough hits to have been destroyed many, many, many times over.

A lot of people appeared to die in this episode, though if someone were to tell me that they all come back for Yamato 3, I wouldn’t be surprised. However, I just didn’t care when any of them died and these are supposed to be tragic and heroic deaths. Saito I never liked so no tears. The “rookie” nerd-dude, ditto. In fact, everyone who kicked it caused me to shed no tears or be bothered beyond a certain sense of, “When will this be over anyway?”

I’ll write a final thoughts paper sometime. For now, I’ll end this by saying I’m glad Desler didn’t bail the Yamato crew out.

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