Urusei Yatsura 102 – 104

Urusei Yatsura 102 – 104
SPOILER Summaries/Synopsis:

うる星やつら episode 102
Urusei Yatsura 102

Urusei Yatsura 102With Sakura feeling somewhat depressed, Cherry slips a pill of the childish mind into her giant breakfast which causes her to first remember her heartbreak as a teen, then her loneliness as a frail little girl. When Sakura wakes up at school, she finds her child self has taken physical form and everyone believes the child to be Sakura-sensei’s illegitimate child, which depresses Ataru and the guys. That’s something Lum and Shinobu don’t understand. Sakura goes to drag Cherry back while Young Sakura is taken care of by the students. Onsen Urusei Yatsura 102decides over a beef bowl that he’ll still love Sakura and her child despite the indiscretion. Meanwhile, with Cherry in tow, Sakura sees her younger self has summoned youkai monsters to play with. After having a talk with her younger self, Sakura decides to let the girl play, which she does, summoning youkai again. This ends up destroying the school but Sakura-sensei is smiling.

うる星やつら episode 103
Urusei Yatsura 103

Ran gets video mail showing her all the mishaps she had because of Lum as well as her failures since coming to Earth to get back at Lum. She sends them to herself to feed her rage.

Urusei Yatsura 103
うる星やつら episode 104
Urusei Yatsura 104

A recap of adventures with Sakura.

Urusei Yatsura 104

Urusei Yatsura 102For episode 102, I have some mixed feelings. I liked the idea of learning about Sakura-sensei’s past. However, the presentation of the story is one I don’t like with its stylistic approach to the flashbacks. I admit that seeing Sakura eat her breakfast out of the metal “tub” (big metal pan which we used down south for cleaning or gathering vegetables) made me laugh as did the guys being depressed over the thought of Sakura-sensei having a bastard child. I smiled at the summoned youkai (though that term was not used in the episode), knowing Takahashi-sensei’s love of those creatures (Inuyasha). However, the episode was mostly weird and a little sad regarding how lonely Sakura was as a child.

For 103, a clip show and nothing to see here. Ditto 104.

Ochan mentions that 105 starts a new director, so we’ll see how things go there. ^_^

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2 Responses to “Urusei Yatsura 102 – 104”

  1. O-chan says:

    Dude. I have to correct something. Episodes 105-106 are a two parter that ends Mamoru Oshii’s run in the series. While 107 Kazuo Yamazaki takes over. That being said all three episodes are in my top ten as far as UY episodes go.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’ve seen 105 and 106 and those blogs are written and scheduled for later in the month. However, I do appreciate the updated information though since I did make a brief mention of a new director for my 104 entry. ^_^

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