Urusei Yatsura 113

うる星やつら episode 113 (TV anime)
Urusei Yatsura ep. 113

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Urusei Yatsura 113When Ran is about to deliver some taiyaki to Rei, a group of Neptune Lemmings arrive and consume the food. Ran is furious and goes to confront Oyuki about this. Oyuki apologizes, but that’s not enough for Ran. Returning home, Ran finds a lone lemming still in her basket and she’s going to “take care of it.” Meanwhile, Oyuki has noticed that the leader of the Neptune Lemmings is missing and asks Lum and Benten to help locate it. They show up at Ran’s ship where they find the lemming. Benten figures Ran kidnapped the critter to get even with Oyuki. Oyuki appears on the communication screen to talk with Ran about the missing lemming. Benten figures to have some fun by ratting Ran out. Ran plans to flee immediately, having seeing the wrath of Oyuki. Benten hasn’t seen this and wants to provoke a fight.

Urusei Yatsura 113Before Ran can leave, Oyuki arrives. However, despite Benten’s efforts, no fight emerges and Ran eventually flees. She sends a small doll back with an apology, but it is a bomb. Now Benten is angry as she, Lum, and Oyuki go to find Ran. Ran tries to shoot them down with rockets, which only makes Benten angrier. Every time Ran gets cornered, she manages to fool them with soft words until she can bring out another weapon. However, what stops Ran is Oyuki confronting her and threatening to get upset. The four of them return to Ran’s ship with Oyuki happy they are all friends again. Entering, they discover the place has been trashed by the lemming. Oyuki gets upset, leading Benten and Lum to witness an angry Oyuki — the side of Oyuki that so frightened Ran. After lots of near misses and completely icing the inside of the ship, Oyuki gets the lemming and lectures it.


Urusei Yatsura 113It was nice having an episode the centered around Lum, Benten, Ran, and Oyuki without any other character needing to be involved. I can’t remember for sure, but I think this is a first. Other adventures with the four of them have had Ataru in them (I think).

Also, I rather enjoyed the whole idea of the quite, gentle Oyuki getting angry. Granted, her wrath wasn’t quite what it had been built up to be, but it was still amusing nonetheless.

So we have a fun episode. No real laughs or anything, but a lot of amusement and fun. While entertaining, the episode doesn’t lend itself to much commentary on my part. Of course as I write, I am about to fall asleep and no doubt that’s not helping. ^_^;

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4 Responses to “Urusei Yatsura 113”

  1. O-chan says:

    I think this episode clearly established that Oyuki is one of those characters in the UY-verse that you DON’T screw with. It’s one of my favorites.

    I’m not sure you noticed but Oyuki got a slight character design change compared to previous episodes.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I hadn’t noticed Oyuki’s character design had changed. Can you elaborate on what changed?

  3. O-chan says:

    Well not so much in the face but in the Mamoru Oshii run (eps. 1-106) Oyuki’s hair looked more natural. During Yamazaki”s (107 and up) run Oyuki’s hair took on a more crystaline nature that was already established in the manga.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Ah. I see what you mean. Well that’s cool (no pun intended).

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