xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 183 Review

xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 183

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 183Watanuki awakens to discover that Doumeki had found him in the treasure room and brought him to the bedroom. Watanuki is relieved that Doumeki still remembers Yuuko when Maru and Moro “emerge.” Crying, they race to Watanuki’s arms where they inform him that Yuuko used the last of her power to secure the shop and that their master is really gone. Watanuki knows then that this is not a dream.

Outside, Doumeki finds Monoka on the engawa with Yuuko-san’s pipe smoking nearby. Since Doumeki can see what Watanuki sees, he knows that Yuuko-sans’ departure was no dream. He wonders what the egg that Yuuko-san gave him is for. Monoka says it is not yet time to use the egg since Watanuki has one more choice to make. The only people who remember Yuuko-san are those with power — the old fortune teller, Kohane-chan, Himawari-chan, and Doumeki. Because Doumeki shares an eye with Watanuki, Doumeki will be the one to choose the time to use the egg.

Thoughts/Review: I didn’t expect Maru and Moro to return, but I’m glad they did. It seems strange to see them crying since they are usually happy-go-lucky. However, it does help to put a “yes, Yuuko-san is gone” stamp on things — well sorta. I say sorta because I really don’t believe Yuuko-san is gone forever. Whether it is Doumeki’s egg or some other means, I figure that she’ll be back before the manga is over.

Speaking of the egg, that’s been one long-running dangling plot thread, hasn’t it? Watanuki’s egg was used to create Himawari-chan’s bird ages ago so it is about time that Doumeki’s egg gets used. Well, assuming it is used in the near future. For all I know, CLAMP may drag this on for several more chapters until we again forget about Doumeki’s egg. ^_^;

I liked the cameo’s by everyone and hope to see a bit more of them before all is over.

I am curious to see where CLAMP will take things with the next chapter. However, I think the next chapter of the manga won’t be published until July 27th, so there’s some time to wait. ^_^;

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad to see that Maru and Moro are back as well.

  3. Sayuri says:

    I’m glad to see that you think Yuko will come back.
    Let’s continue keeping our fingers crossed for Yuko.^^

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