The Microsoft-Burger King Windows 7 Promo

The Microsoft-Burger King Windows 7 Promo

This is old, but in Japan, Microsoft and Burger King did a promotional for Windows 7.

The Microsoft-Burger King Windows 7 Promo

All I got to say is, “Where’s the cheese?” ^_^;

Each patty is a quarter-pound (~113 grams) so you do the math. Here’s a video of someone eating this sucker.

Ouch. I love cheeseburgers, but even if this monster had cheese, it would be way too much. Certainly, my love of a good cheeseburger wouldn’t be enough to get me to buy Windows 7, at least not until the first batch of bugs have been fixed. *lol*

Thanks to LH for the share. ^_^

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5 Responses to “The Microsoft-Burger King Windows 7 Promo”

  1. Glo says:

    Nope, couldn’t eat it. I love burgers, but this? Never would happen, this thing is ridiculous.

    Plus I hate burger king.

  2. evgenidb says:

    WOW! You need to have a mouth of a whale to be able to eat that.

    Meanwhile, when is the release date of the DVD/BD of the 10th episode of “Isekai…”?

  3. Bernard says:

    Trying to eat a burger that big takes away the simple pleasure of eating a burger. That’s just stupid.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Glo — I’m not a big BK fan either. I was more so when I lived in Japan, but that may be due to the fact that both BK and McDonalds weren’t hard to find when I had a cheeseburger craving off base. On base, there was the mess hall, Yokota Burger, the NCO Club, and BK for my cheeseburger fixes. *lol*

    @Evgenidb — I haven’t looked for the release date. Sorry. I have so many things I’m shuffling at the moment that I just haven’t taken the time to find out. I guess I’ve been doing the “when it comes out, it comes out” method. ^_^; Actually, I’ve been doing that for a lot of stuff except for maybe “Negima!”

    @Bernard — That’s true. Heck, I tried a double at Red Robin’s once and even that was too big. Granted, a BK patty is a lot thinner so a double isn’t much to get a handle on, but seven patties is too much to handle. ^_^;

    Man, now I’m hungry for a cheeseburger. *LOL*

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