Negima! Chapter 279 SPOILER Images

Negima! 279 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 279 (Images)

Here’s what I know many of you have been waiting for — the original-sized, sneak-peek images for Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 279 SPOILER Images as brought to you by anonymous Japanese fans (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

That’s all the Japanese have posted for the moment. I’ll keep an eye open for more.

Update: It only took around an hour for more to appear.

Unexpected this is…the return of Jack. He says something about Asuna too. GAH. I need a “version up” on my Japanese skills.

Update: The last batch.

Heh! Nodoka takes a stand, literally and figuratively.

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49 Responses to “Negima! Chapter 279 SPOILER Images”

  1. erv says:

    woah xD rakan went into a jedi mode and showed himself in a ghostly apparition xD

  2. Anonymous says:

    amazing. so rakan knows after all that shiori-asuna is a fake one.

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Erv — I think it is more sheer will power that allowed him to reform his body temporarily but we’ll see.

    @Anon — I don’t know for certain, but I’d guess that Jack had to know once he saw what Fate was able to do to him after their fight started.

    As an aside, it is interesting to note that Nodoka’s other two artifacts came into play and since her pactio artifact is still active, she might be able to communicate what she learns to her diary for Chisame/Ku Fei/Negi to read.

  4. Anonymous says:

    what an unexpected turn of event…oh man…I give respect to that guy…
    even though he may be perverted but he is actually a good guy… I have respect for you Rakan!!!


  5. quigonkenny says:

    Chisame: *remembers Rakan and cries*
    Me: “BAWWWWWW…”

  6. Alex says:

    Actually, Astro, I think Nodoka will just summon her original book back from Negi or she can summon another book like when she faced the Sports Girls.

    Okay, first of all, I have to note the most important thing in this chapter. Chisame. Crying. No, not three or four tears like when Negi was almost dying, but really crying for Rakan. It touched me. It actually did.

    I want to know what the shady guy said to make Nodoka stand up to him. It intrigues me, and I don’t know how in hell Nodoka will face him though (you know… she only has that book and all…)

    Negi x Fate seems to be very close now. But the real question is… who will face Asuna?

  7. Dave Ependi says:

    would love to see what happen with natsumi and yue,

    nodoka FTW!

  8. BalForbes says:

    Wowww that’s really unexpected.
    Big THANKS to ANB for updating this.
    thanks a lot

    well, i guess the secret have already been revealed. so, may be we’ll get to see real Asuna soon.

    Can’t wait to see her back!!!

    Oh.. for one think, could you guys please tell me more about that whole “Aunt” thing?

    I haven’t read those recent chapters carefully due to tons of homework.
    So, are they really related?
    Is there any confirmation about that?

    thank you

  9. Leaf says:

    Yeah I was right that Asakura-san was there!

  10. What would name asking be of any uses here since she has no offensive at all? But at least, she tried to do something rather than sitting and crying. As Kazumi said, she’s got better.

    Poor Chiu…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ah … very emotional chapter, this.
    Negi, who I pressume, is screaming ‘RAKKAANNNN!’ at the top of his voice, Chisame crying, and … Ku-fei … not crying? What is wrong with Ku-fei though? I like her, but shouldn’t she be crying?
    And the part that got me crying was when Chisame remembered Rakan … and kneeled down on the floor and started crying.
    I used to not mind Chisame, but, that part moved me, and the first thing I thought was, “Showing your tears? That’s a first.”
    Like when Gatou was dying and Takamichi or Gatou was saying to Asuna when she was younger and crying.

    Ah … *wipes tears from eyes* … hopefully there will be a happy chapter next.

    As always, thank you ANB for posting these, and the Japanese as well. ^^

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ku Fei is, as we have seen, a very sweet and compassionate girl, however it is good to keep in mind that she has probably been raised as a fighter- and one of the core virtues of a warrior is the ability to keep cool during a life-or-death situation. Even if she does feel awful for Rakan and for her friends, she’s probably doing her best to keep it inside until she’s finished her battle.

    Also, she was not as close to Rakan as Negi or Chisame were (although I’m sure she looked up to him as a fighter!)- Ken might have wanted to focus more on the grief shown by those two instead and thus kept Ku out of the hysterics.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey! The MW inhabitants “dilemma” reminds me of the guys from Salem from the manga GunnM (Battle Angel Alita)! don’t you think so?


  14. proscientia says:

    Many people are wondering how Nodoka will be able to fight. She could get lucky and someone strong will step in to save her (or a number of others will step in as decoys :p), but I think that Nodoka can use her mind reading ability as a weapon. Although a little far-fetched, she might be able to learn how to use the keystaff by reading her opponent’s mind and turn it against the Lifemaker’s underlings.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The reason why Ku Fei didn’t cry is because she wasn’t as close to him as Chisame and Negi were. In a way it would look even MORE of of place if Ku Fei did cry. Still looks like Ku Fei’s going to be carrying two people along to the final base.

    Also there is no chapter next week. Ken set up Nodoka at this week for him to use the break week for research and writing the plot.

  16. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Whew. Busy day but now I can check out what you guys have been writing about.

    @LoneWolf — So did Chisame.

    @Quigonkenny — Chisame has come a long way.

    @Alex — Problem with Nodoka just summoning her artifact back is that this hasn’t been established as a pactio card ability. One would think that physically separated from their pactio card would mean a lack of access to it since Negi has the master cards. He could remotely activate it for her though, I suppose. However, she still wouldn’t have a pactio card until Negi gives her it back (or has a new copy created in case of loss).

    As to Chisame, yep. She’s come a long way and grown fond of Jack despite herself.

    As to Fate, since he buggered off, their encounter may not be as close.

    @Dave — maybe next chapter…which I think is in two weeks. ^_^;

    @BalForbes — Oh.. for one think, could you guys please tell me more about that whole “Aunt” thing?

    Can you elaborate more? I’m not sure what “Aunt” thing you are talking about (though I could just be tired). Are you talking about Arika?

    @Draco — That’s why I think she’s trying to get information to Negi. We haven’t seen this for sure, but I’m guessing that Nodoka’s diary retains information it gathers since Nodoka was seen manually deleting stuff and there are multiple pages in the book. When Fate turned it to stone, he may have erased information though if the book had to be reformed from scratch (my theory).

    @Anon — You’re welcome. As to Ku Fei, she’s not a crier. Having Chisame cry is Akamatsu-sensei’s way of showing Chisame being human and dropping her facade. Ku Fei, on the other hand, doesn’t need that and so comes off as the stronger person.

    @Anon2 — I agree.

    @Bububu — I haven’t read that so I can’t say.

    @Proscientia — You may have something. Telepaths in other mediums have the ability not only to read minds, but to use their telepathy as a weapon, causing pain and the like. Now, Nodoka’s pactio artifact isn’t likely to allow her to have that offensive ability as I see it, but her ring and ear piece *might* allow her to have those abilities. Dark Nodoka indeed. ^_^;

    @Anon — Ku Fei will be the pillar for Negi I’m sure and get him to stand on his own. Chisame…we’ll see.

  17. BlueB says:

    @Draco: Nodoka might not have offensive capabilities but most of the rest of AA does. Kazumi is standing right behind the shadowmage with a spybot out, so it’s a safe bet any information she gets out of the mage will be shared with the rest of AA pretty quickly.

  18. Ultimaniac says:

    Nodoka: What is your name!?

    Artifact: ~ Nagi Springfield ~

    Me: /facepalm

  19. orion says:

    BalForbes: I’ll assume you’re talking about Asuna being Negi’s aunt. Here’s what we have to go on:

    Arika is Negi’s mother and is also a princess of the Ostia royal family.

    Asuna is also a princess of the Ostia royal family.

    At the very least, they’re definitely related. Although Akamatsu could theoretically say that Arika is of an earlier generation by pulling his “their appearance is not representative of their age” card, the most popular and logical assumption is that they are sisters.

    Therefore, Asuna is Negi’s aunt.

  20. Now that I think about it, Fate-group has managed to put all of our intel girls – Nodo, Yue and Chisame – into emo-mode. I wonder what would be the result of that… ^^ Probably, a big hacking into the Mundus Magicus’ World system

  21. @ Blue B – Nodoka DOES have an offensive ability, but it’s relatively weak unless it’s the knowledge of others and Magicus Mundus. Remember that she did 72+ Hours of training with Yue before going to Magicus Mundus?

    @ Alex – That’s only if Fate has already finished making Asuna remember the past. But even then, the real Asuna may side with Negi because Negi has the spitting image of his father. If Fate is smart, Asuna would not face anyone directly unless her memories of Nagi disappeared.

    This has turned out way more interesting mow the pieces of the arcs are coming together. Maybe Anya will appear sometime soon… I think that she was after all, a character casted aside.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If I remember right Kazumi’s spybots are connected to Sayo through her doll right? So that means she, Haruna, and Chachamaru might show up to grab’em before the shadow mage can do anything.
    I’d like to see Chachamaru in action again-her Pactio look was awesome.

    Also what purpose does finding out the Shadow Mage’s name serve? Guess will see.

  23. Regarding Nodoka,

    While I am not sure what she can do without her pactio artifact, in ancient folklore there is power in knowing someone’s true name, and in some stories knowing it can allow you to control or defeat demons or other magical creatures so perhaps this could come into play.

    The ring is also called the Demons Lullaby which suggests that it may be able to put demons to sleep or banish them (going from a possible origin of the term lullaby – lillith begone)

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Iám a Negima-Fan from Germany. Please forgive my mistakes because my english isn´t as good as it should be.

    I´ve a new thesis about the next chapters and I Like to know what you think about.

    On the one picture Negi goes completely dark. Then Rakan gave him a puch. Do you notice the wing-like buildings on Negis arms?
    I think, because Negi is a magic monster, he could develop somethimg like “Magia Lucis” or something similar. I mean… Magia erebea seems to be not strong enough to figt against Fate and his partners. And Negi has developed much things before. And he has forcefully made a pactio with Chachamaru and so on.

    Do you not think Akamatsu-Sensei has something like “Magia Lucis” in mind? Because Magia Erebea is eating Negis Soul and so.

    But… this is only my thesis and iám a little idiot.

  25. arimareiji says:

    Just a thought… I really hate the gap that’s opened up between scanlation and spoilers. Makie poking her head out of Kaede’s cloak was one of the funnier moments I’ve seen in a while, but it’s not until we’re talking about chapter 279 that I got to see it.

    @Alex: I don’t think Nodoka actually needs to have her Diarium — she got the magic items to 1) make it easier to get someone’s name, and 2) make it possible to know what’s written in the Diarium without actually reading it. This might even be the very best possible scenario, allowing Negi and Nodoka to share the knowledge. (My silly romantic side kicking in… awwww, they’re sharing diaries!)

    @proscientia: That would kick @55… Shadow guy starts trying to aim his keystaff at someone else; Nodoka grabs it and with a cold-blooded expression says: “REWRITE.” (Followed by the semi-comic scene of Nodoka getting squished when he disappears and the staff lands on her.)

    @Ultimaniac: That was seriously funny. (^_^) Woulda been even more funny if it weren’t for the fact there’s an outside chance it’s true.

  26. SL from MH says:

    I was thinking something about “Diary’s”. The two things for which a diary is used is to read it & to write in it.

    Till now Nodoka’s dairy has only been basically used to read the thoughts of people but what if it also has the ability to write things in it as well.

    What i mean to say is something like if Nodoka wrote something in her diary while addressing that person, wouldn’t it will be like she is writing that things in the other persons mind & would be able to make that person do what she want (similarly how she is able to read there thoughts).

    Also it has been stated in the past that Nodoka’s artifact can be really dangerous if its in the wrong hands. But if we think carefully, a bad person wouldn’t be able to get much out of that artifact if it is able to read mind only (though still it would be considered dangerous). But what if that artifact also had the power to affect the mind 7 thoughts of a person, then wouldn’t it be considered to be a lot more dangerous than only reading minds.

    As for the matter of Nodoka not having the artifact with her now, well i don’t know what would happen to that problem.

    Also like “Mister_Random” said above in his post, that “in ancient folklore there is power in knowing someone’s true name”. One of the biggest example for that would be the “XXXHolic” series (which ANB also follows). In that there is a significant amount of importance given to a persons name (the one who read this manga would understand this).

    Can anyone say what Fate tells to Negi before he leaves the scene.

    Also out of all the mangas i read now, i find Negima as the only one with the best cliff-hanger chapter endings for almost all chapters (& the level of cliff-hanger plot increases when there is a break between the present & the next chapter).

  27. Anonymous says:

    There has been a lack of Evangeline in the past few chapters.
    I would not mind if Ken took a break from all the violence and depression to another chapter with Evangeline and Albireo.
    That was so funny.

  28. Anonymous says:

    wow, i nerver exepected i wolud see this.
    i hope someone can transtlate it.

    i hope can see eva in mode gospel of darkness. hhe

  29. willyvereb says:

    @Ultimaniac: LoL. The best comment so far.
    Perhaps it has zero chance of happening. Contrary to Negi, Nagi is book-dumb who can’t even learn an incantation properly. Even if he migh learn shadow magic somehow, I doubt he can spell the incantation of the eternal petrification without a small book appearing before him for assistance.:p

    Anyways, I wonder what will Nodoka do. Deem the shadow-guy guilty by her Phoneix Wright pose?:p

  30. Kota-kun says:

    @SL You make a valid point about Nodoka’s diary. As you said a diary is not only read but written in as well. If this theory is proven true by Akamatsu-sensei, then we may see an upgrade from shy timid Honya-chan to one of the most powerful people who can mind read in Mundus Magicus. But it would be interesting to see what effect it has on real Asuna becasue of her magic cancel ability.
    But seriously all the suspense is annoying! All I do is wait for MSN to come out every week. Though i respect author and scanlator for trying to give us MSN every week.

  31. Matcity says:

    Thanks a lot to ANB for bringing these spoilers every week, and thanks to Mr. Akamatsu, translators & scanlators who allow us to enjoy this wonderful manga. I’ve loved to compare this Nodoka, standing tall -and defying!- a super-powerful monster, with the one who couldn’t even speak to a man; or this Chisame, sincerely crying for Rakan, with the one who didn’t care for -and hated- anyone/everyone. I’m waiting for some other character developments, i.e. Ako, Natsumi, Yue, and so on.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Now, the problem is if they go back to Japan or get the Nagi’s job done.

    1. If they go back without Asuna, it means all 3-A class (including Eva) will get pactios with Negi and go to resque Asuna (just like Anime.)

    2. If Negi and others decide to finish Fate and his plan now, it’s much simpler than 1, but I don’t think it’s going to be happy ending. I think Nagi or Asuna might die.

    Personally, I prefer No,1.

  33. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @BlueB — Asakura is another possible means of getting info out, though I don’t think we’ve seen her other drones since the fighting has started, have we? That doesn’t really matter though, I suppose, since Akamatsu-sensei could just have one appear.

    @Ultimaniac — *LOL* There’s a part of me expecting this to be Asuna just because Nodoka is getting the name.

    @Orion — Thanks. ^_^

    @Draco — *lol*

    @Yakitatefreak — Nodoka could have picked up a few more things since arriving on MW as well.

    As to Anya, she has been the cast-aside character for sure. I wonder if Akamatsu-sensei had no place for her in the story (likely) or if she’ll play an unexpected role (ala “Negima!?”).

    @Anon — I think that Asakura mentioned she’d lost contact with Sayo, right? That doesn’t bar Paru and company coming in for a rescue. ^_^

    Also what purpose does finding out the Shadow Mage’s name serve?

    The name “Asuna” or “Ayaka” could appear. ^_~ If Nodoka still has a link with her pactio artifact, information could be relayed to her diary for Negi/Chisame/Ku Fei to read.

    @Mister Random — Excellent thoughts there. ^_^

    @Anon — I had to look up Magia Lucis and found this (which I guess is what you meant).

    …Magia lucis et umbrae; this magic is described as, not a diabolic, but a natural magic.

    Akamatsu-sensei has hinted that Negi is not normal and he may have other forms of magic and abilities, especially if in the end, Arika and Nagi are his parents (and not as I theorize, that Negi is Nagi in hiding).

    @Arimareiji — That’s right — the ear artifact, providing it is still connected with her book, would allow her to still read the mind of her target. Two-way communication. Clever girl.

    @SL — interesting stuff there. ^_^

    And I agree that “Negima!” does the cliff hanger quite well.

    @Anon — One never knows when Eva will show back up.

    @Anon — CNET or someone will have a translation out eventually.

    @Willyvereb — I think Nagi was just lazy but extraordinarily talented so that despite his not wanting to memorize spells, he was still one of the most powerful mages around, to say nothing of his melee skills.

    @Kota-kun — that’s the mark of a good story if it keeps you hungry for more and to try to figure out what’s going to happen next. ^_^

    @Matcity — you’re welcome. ^_^

    @Anon — I think Negi and company will finish the job, though I’m not sure about anyone dying.

  34. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous who wanted Evangeline back.

    Speaking of that I wonder if her Scroll form will show up eventually?

    Even if she\it has no real abilities the mere appearance of the one who could beat Fate the first time would at least buy them some time, of course since that image is merely a “Summon” it’s powerless.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hum, I can’t remember names but only two of the treasure hunting team Nodoka was in got wiped out right? Though not sure how much help they’d be but maybe the other two can come in as decoys and help her escape somehow.

  36. Lunamaru says:

    I hope something happens with Asuna soon, because we haven’t really heard anything about her until now. It seems doubtful she is the Shadow Mage, just because of his/her reactions to Nodoka.
    Ever since the chapter where Asuna is shown being taken and Anya being revealed, I have this itch to figure out what happened with her memories coming back. Did she go insane, did she get all emo again, like when she was young?
    Oh and the Aunt Asuna thing. I always thought that there were two sets of families in the royal line, but it was just how I took the manga and how Negi’s parents interacted with kid Asuna. That’s all I have to say for now, thanks for the spoilers :O 😀

  37. Anonymous says:


    There is definatley a chance of that happening.
    Maybe Evangeline could use her ‘scroll form’ or ‘illusion form’ to see what’s happening and could alert Albireo, Eishun etc.
    Of course, that arises the question of, “Can Evangeline’s illusion tranfer information to the real Evangeline?”

    Ah well, for all we know, Nagi could turn up at the right time with, or without Akira, or it could just be Akira, and save Negi.

    I would laugh my head off if this happened:

    Nodoka: What is your name?!

    Artifact: Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Enteofushia

  38. BalForbes says:

    @ orion & Lunamaru – Thanks for your answers and information. Those are helpful for me.

    But still there has no confirmation, right?

    I have read a discussion in MangaFox and a Japanese said that both Asuna and Arika have different “Level” of princesses.

    In Japanese, the meaning of “princess” Asuna is much higher than Arika’s.

    And moreover, Asuna has a middle name while Arika hasn’t. So, i don’t think they are related by blood.


    @ ANB – i have read a lot of your discussions on your blog.

    And i really wonder about “Ayaka” since you guys mentioned about her.

    For sure, i don’t know how she get involved with magic and these stuffs.

    So, could you please explain me more about that?

    Thank you.

  39. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Ayaka doesn’t have any involvement in magic. She does have some skills in martial arts and thus could potentially be another pactio partner for Negi, once they get back to Earth. Beyond that, Ayaka does not know that Negi is a mage, nor is she aware of any of the other secrets. That may change though once Ala Alba returns to Earth.

  40. cjones says:

    Really? Nobody’s mentioned it yet?

    Not that Akamatsu’s ever been shy with references, but I think the Kamina punch seals it.
    That and the near-identical name, and… oh, you get the point.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Shadow-mage is not Asuna or Nagi or Arika.

    First point neither Asuna or Nagi were shown to use shadow-magic, or whatever it is this guy is using. We don’t know much about Arika’s powers.

    He/she/it was present at the Gateport assault, alongside Fate and co., fighting against Asuna.!/188/09/

    During the Schismatic War shadow-dude was together with KE in the final fight, so that rules out Nagi, and Arika was on one of those ships.!/232/10/

    He is most probably a construct, just like Fate.

  42. Nick says:

    Ok im starting to think that the Encroachment of ME is all that bad because i believe Eva said when he was fighting with her it comes with the power to accept everything good and bad and absorb it once Negi can control his feeling while Encroached (as he did during fight with Godel due to the girls) he will be fine. This chapter looks interesting im curious what Rakan said to Negi, and more importantly how he came back, i assume Negi had something to do with that unknowingly. As for Nodoka asking the Shadow Mage his name (to me theres no way this is Asuna as its the same person during the gateport), i think her treasure artifact Demon lullaby could possibly have a different power than just finding out names or reading names i mean listen to the name, to me it might have a hidden power that she has not used yet. Next up is whats going on with Takamichi and Godel, i dont think we will see that for a while makes me sad =(. I was really wishing some one else would show up during this fight besides Negi. As for the Key staffs, i noticed they dont have to hit the person, as if the people are all dolls of the magic world, couldnt Negi uses Asunas card via Theo pactios and kill fate in one hit with it? but that would be to easy i think. Cant wait for the translation and the next chapter will Fate be killed by the end of this Arc or will he still be there during when they get close to finding Nagi. curious to what ME encroachment would look like for Eva and how ME would work with other elements besides Thunder. hope we see Negi learning sick Ice magic when he makes back to Mahora

  43. Nick says:

    i just looked more at the spoilers, if you look at the last panel with the picture of Chisame crying u can see what looks like a cellar so next chapter we will get either a quick flash back,some Asuna possibly, Anya, or some important info.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Nick, you have excellent eye sight, don’t you? xD

    Anyways, looking more at the spoilers, could it be that the things Chisame read in the diary … or was it flashbacks she saw? Ahn~~~n
    She could be crying at those?

    Oh, and, when’s the next chapter coming out?

  45. Anonymous says:

    I think panel Nick is talking about is the hallway leading to where Nodoka and Asakura are.

  46. Nick says:

    @anon when u see the hard ass Chisame crying the last thing u really pay attention to is a panel with basically nothing on it =/ i wasnt paying much attention to it lol. wish there was a way to edit posts….

  47. cjones says:

    I’m with ANB that Nodoka’s doing this to pass information to her friends. While the name could lead to a revelation, it’s standard procedure for her artifact. Not some immediate twist.

    Despite how a scanlation could be released any second now, I might as well avoid falling out of practice.

    Rakan’s passing words:”It’s not what’s behind you; walk with your eyes forwards. The guys who can see ahead while they walk, the world smiles on.”

    The following part could turn out wrong based on the later revealed context.

    ShadowMage:”Do not fear, girl, this is not death. Like those before you, you are merely passing to live on in the Eternal Garden.”
    Panel of Nodoka’s expression
    ShadowMage:”And unlike them, as a human your body shall be left behind. Worry not and entrust yourself. You will be reunited with them and even your loved ones soon.”

    Eternal Garden might not be a proper noun. But hey, it’s the only term for whatever cornfields everybody’s getting sent to.

  48. SL from MH says:

    Cnet’s translation for this chapter is out on MH.

    Raken’s spirit told Negi & Chisame that the real Asuna might be captured by Fate’s group since they have now access to the “Lifemaker’s” power (because of which he couldn’t do anything) and also suggested that the Asuna with them currently might be a substitute.

    This thing to some extent proves that there truly is a relation between Asuna & the power of the “Lifemaker” which has been speculated before. Now what it truly means & what that relation is a question still left unanswered which might possibly get answered in the future.

    Even though it was a sad situation i had a bit of a laugh at how Chisame mentioned Raken as a “Broken Character” who has “Infinite Cheats” and then getting himself killed just like that.

    @ Anonymous (who posted at February 9, 2010 10:35 AM) — The next chapter is going to be officially released on 24th Feb meaning we would get spoilers around 18th-20th Feb at the earliest.

  49. Alex Voda says:

    Guess we will have to wait the usual extra week before any more negima.
    [Bottom text: Next issue, Negima will be taking a break so that the author can collect data. See you again in Shonen Magazine Issue 13, on sale Wednesday 24th February!]

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