Dirty Pair – 26 (With Love From the Lovely Angels OVA 02)

ダーティペア ラブリーエンジェルより愛をこめて (OVA Anime) Episode 02 Review
Dirty Pair Lovely Angels Yori Ai O Komete OVA 02

Dirty Pair – 26

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Dirty Pair - 26After Kei steals some of Yuri’s cake and closes herself in the fridge to escape Yuri’s fire extinguisher, she has a cold when she and Yuri had to a briefing with Calico. There, they learn that a man named Marcus has Gooley hostage. Marcus will destroy Eleanor City if his ransom demands aren’t met. Marcus reveals to the captive Gooley that he has control over the God Cannon, a prototype weapon designed to protect the city. To demonstrate its power, Marcus has an island destroyed with a single shot from the cannon. Meanwhile, Yuri and Kei plan their operation when Calico comes in with news — 3WA will not submit to Marcus’s demands but they won’t authorize an attack/rescue mission. Instead, they’ve activated the self-destruct, which goes off in 12-hours.

Dirty Pair - 26Kei and Yuri decide to rescue Gooley on their own, taking a balloon to infiltrate the area around the volcano. They are still bickering over the cake incident when one of Marcus’s men sees the balloon and shoots it down. Kei and Yuri defeat the squad sent to investigate but when a couple of large, poisonous spiders land on Yuri, she accidentally triggers a trap and falls into a pit, only to be rescued by Marcus’s men and taken captive along with Kei. While on the small incline rail car headed up the volcano, Kei and Yuri get the drop on their captives when the two have spiders on them. However, Marcus has seen this remotely and decides to purposefully derail the car, sending it to the ravine below.

Dirty Pair - 26Kei and Yuri survive the attempt on their life and brazenly walk up to the entrance of the volcano base while bickering. Kei shows off her breasts, distracting the guards and allowing the pair to enter. From there, they take over the security command center before having another argument and splitting up to achieve their objectives. Kei reaches where Gooley and Marcus are but a sneeze gives her away, allowing Marcus to snag her with a long whip. However, it buys Yuri time to get to the God Cannon and get the drop on Marcus when it is elevated to that level. Despite being shot, Marcus seals the base so that Kei, Yuri, and Gooley will be trapped with him. Kei and Yuri get Gooley out on the escape pod meant to save the research documents.

Dirty Pair - 26With only two minutes left until the facility blows up, Kei decides to use the God Cannon to blow their way out of the mountain even though it is highly risky. A large canister is blown out and parachutes to the ground as the volcano goes off. Gooley sees the explosion and eruption and mourns for what has to be the loss of Yuri and Kei. Meanwhile, Kei makes it safely to the ground and thinks that Yuri must be dead, even going so far as to apologize over eating Yuri’s cake. She’s relieved when Yuri turns up under a large piece of debris, even though Yuri accuses Kei of being fat for eating her cake. The two laugh and make up and as they race away, they both know that they will still be partners as no one else would have them.

Dirty Pair - 26

Dirty Pair - 26I’m glad to see that the final episode of Dirty Pair goes out in style and fun. Whenever Kei and Yuri have had their fights in the various original titles, it always feels like two really good friends having a fight. After all, the best of friends will at times disagree or even fight, sometimes over something trivial. Compare that to Dirty Pair Flash where that Kei and Yuri never seemed to even fit together.

Anyway, the running gag of Kei sneezing at all the wrong times combined with the constant bickering with Yuri was all predictable and yet provided the proper amount of challenge for both Kei and Yuri to overcome in order to show just how skilled they are. Well, we really already knew that but the way their skills were presented here came off well.

Dirty Pair - 26Even though I rather enjoyed this episode, I find I’m having a difficult time finding stuff to say about the episode. I suppose that this was because it was pretty much by the numbers in terms of plot and the ultimate result. Fortunately, despite this, the journey to get to Gooley and then escape from the volcano was fun for me and ultimately, that’s why we watch anime, right?

I’ll work on some final thoughts for the series but I can say that I do look forward to the DVD release when it comes out (finally).

Dirty Pair - 26

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