I guess I’ll Watch a Couple of New Anime Titles This Winter

For the last two seasons, I’ve pretty much passed on any new anime as none of it really grabbed me and I’ve got a MASSIVE backlog of anime to still work through.  ^_^;  However, this season, two titles have caught my eye.


Wolverine is a title I’ve decided to try to watch since I have liked the character ever since my comic book days of the 80’s.  After all, it was Logan’s visit to Japan in X-Men #172 that introduced me to Japanese honorifics.  ^_^  I passed on the earlier Iron Man series because I was never into Iron Man but with Wolverine, I’m curious to see the Japanese take on this.

Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft

Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani: Remember My Lovecraft-sensei is the other title that caught my eye thanks to Robert giving me an introduction into the Call of Cthulhu roll playing game (I never actually played it, but I did look over his materials) back in 1989.  This has already started but I’ll blog the first episode once I can get back home and have some time off.  ^_^;

It will be nice to blog some new anime titles again though I’ll continue working through Mobile Suit Gundam as well as Urusei Yatsura.

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5 Responses to “I guess I’ll Watch a Couple of New Anime Titles This Winter”

  1. Alex Voda says:

    Though I am not familiar with your tastes other than what you have blogged here, I definitely recommend Kuragehime from this soon to end season.
    It is the best anime of the season and it makes my list of “do not miss animes”.

    On the other hand I find the winter season fairly uninteresting.
    A TCG anime, some sequels, a shonen adaptation (the first 2 eps of Beezlebub will be really fun but it will get old soon), one high concept low buget anime (Level E, should be interesting to try out), one slot machine anime, more incest anime, some more moe and a few others.

    Unfortunately having watched Iron Man, my hopes for Wolverine are close to zero.
    Also the Cthulhu one is unfortunately a flash anime(at least the first ep is).

    Why can’t we get a nice Negima anime??Why?? With the current state of the OADs the chance for Rakan vs Negi in the movie isn’t great(or if they do that part they will skip a lot).
    Why?Two animes, many ovas and none do the original manga justice.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’ve noted Kuragehime but I make no promises on whether I’ll get to it or not. The job I have at present has me extremely busy and away a great deal of time so I don’t have the luxury of watching as many anime titles as once I did. In order to only miss one day of blog postings, I had to be very creative. ^_^;;;

    As to Wolverine, I don’t have any high hopes. As to Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani, that so-called first episode I think is actually part of (or all of) the ONA stuff, which was done in flash. I believe the first real episode is coming soon or rather just released (though when I originally wrote this, I didn’t know what was going on with the flash stuff).

    As to Negima!, I don’t have an answer. Kodansha apparently has had really good success with OAD’s in Japan as they’ve recently expanded them to Ah! My Goddess. I too would love a PROPER anime adaptation of the Negima! manga and maybe we’ll get one someday.

  3. Sian says:

    the lovecraft one sounds off the wall enough, in the right way, for me to actually like it … im sure to see what you think of it 🙂

  4. junior says:

    Don’t know anything about the two series that you selected, but I have to agree with others that the current crop of series largely isn’t all that interesting. My own viewing has largely been restricted to the new Super Robot Wars series (which is REALLY bad – the only reason I’ve watched it at all is because I own the two GBA Original Generation games, and even then I’m having trouble getting myself to watch the last couple of episodes) and Star Driver, which is an odd comedic teen highschool/ mecha/ mysterious secret series. I’m enjoying it, although I’ve heard from one or two others who didn’t think it was worth watching.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Sian — I’ve seen the two episodes so far. #2 comes out today.

    @Junior — I guess I need to look up Super Robot Wars to remind me what it looks like.

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