Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 12


SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sabrac thinks of the now deceased Tomogara Mare, and launches his attack against Shana and company. Nbh’w opens a protected tunnel for Shana and the Flame Haze spirit to safely traverse before Wilhelmina wraps herself, Rebeca, and Nbh’w in protective ribbons to make it safely to the castle grounds where Sabrac waits. Nbh’w attacks to keep Sabrac at bay, but reveals that Sabrac’s abilities prevent him from using his armored form he used on Seireiden. Wilhelmina has been nicked by Sabrac’s “Stigma” Unrestricted Spell, and she can’t stop the bleeding since he’s modified it from their previous encounter.

On Earth, the Flame Haze armies are dealing with the Western Tomogara armies while the Eastern Tomogara armies are being blocked from reinforcing alongside the Western forces. Meanwhile, Yuuji’s party have reached their temple destination and the Serpent of the Festival’s sealed body. Yuuji has Bel Peor do the honors of starting the unsealing process since it is her right eye that is in the sealing mechanism. Hecate frees the Serpent and Yuuji thanks the Trinity.  Alastor has seen enough and bid Yuuji and the Serpent farewell to rejoin Shana, whom as he suspected, is on her way to confront Yuuji.

Meanwhile, Sabrac is somewhat frustrated that his battle isn’t going as planned as Wilhelmina, Rebeca, and Nbh’w press their attacks. Sabrac chases Wilhelmina and causes her more injury, only to be hammered by Nbh’w and pinned to the ground via his magic. Rebeca realizes that this will not defeat Sabrac, nor insure the Serpent doesn’t escape and so Nbh’w is forced to free Sabrac. However, as he rises for another attack, Wilhelmina re-emerges and traps him within her ribbons, allowing Rebeca to cause endless explosions with said ribbons. However, it is only a Rinne they destroy, created by Bel Peol as the real Sabrac scores a hit on Rebeca’s back.

Yuuji and company ride the Serpent’s back as Shana and several Flame Haze spirits arrive. Yuuji forbids Sydonay from attacking and defends against Shana’s first attack. Yuuji asks if Shana truly intends to stand against him since his only wish is to be with her and protect her. She confirms it due to Yuuji partnering with the Serpent and reveals her greatest Unrestricted Spell — Love. She confesses her love to Yuuji, and reveals she’s become one with herself. After laying her cards on the table, including the usage of her massive, Unrestricted Spell, Tenpa Jousai, she gives Yuuji a choice regarding the path he is following. She also has questions that demand answering, so the battle is on.


The fight between Sabrac and Wilhelmina, Rebeca, and Nbh’w didn’t go quite like I thought it would. I recalled how intense the fight had been in the previous series, and elements of that are here, but not to the degree I expected. Not sure why I expected so much.

The thing I don’t remember much of from before is Sabrac having some kind of relationship with Mare. I remember Mare from Shakugan no Shana Second, but she wasn’t around for very long.  I just don’t remember Sabrac coming after them for Mare, yet here, his thoughts are inexplicably of Mare. ^_^;

Speaking of things I don’t remember, I’m not sure I remember Bel Peol’s eye patch ever being explained. I’ve just always seen her with it, but never known why she wore it. Heck, I don’t think I ever questioned it except perhaps in the first anime series.  Now, it turns out her eye was part of the mechanism to seal the Serpent of the Festival, which I assume is how the Serpent was able to get a portion of himself out due to an incomplete seal.

So, now the Serpent of the Festival has a giant snake body AND inhabits Yuuji as well. I had sorta expected that if the trapped body were found and freed, the Serpent would go into the Snake and Yuuji would again by a Mystes.  I guess not.

Margery and Satou are en route somewhere, I assume to Sophie’s location.  It would have been a sweet touch if they were holding hands, but then Satou still an underage teen and that would be inappropriate.

My prediction is that the Tomogara armies will put a serious hurt on the Flame Haze army before Margery arrives and goes nuts on someone, like one of the Crimson Lord commanders, and turns the tide back in the Flame Haze favor.

Finally, Shana meets with Yuuji. I hate to say it, but her Unrestricted Spell being “love” comes off as rather cheesy. I like that Shana has come to terms with whom she is, both as a woman and as a Flame Haze, and that she was able to confess to Yuuji.  The only way this works is for Yuuji to somehow come to terms with Shana and accept her for what she is.  That said, its still cheesy with extra cheese on the side. ^_~

Still, the next episode promises to be more action with the Flame Haze and Tomogara armies in battle, Wilhelmina and company fighting Sabrac, and Shana facing Yuuji.  I’m looking forward to it.

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2 Responses to “Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 12”

  1. arimareiji says:

    It would have been a sweet touch if they were holding hands, but then Satou still an underage teen and that would be inappropriate.

    ~Nice~ little tongue-in-cheek jab. XD And agreed about the queso con queso, though I have to admit they made it feel much more genuine than the usual.

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a new Shanatan… has anyone heard about one in the works?

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a new Shanatan… has anyone heard about one in the works?

    I haven’t heard, but it would be put in with the DVD/BD release, based on how the previous series were done (at least, that’s my memory of how things went).

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