Urusei Yatsura – 195 (finale)

うる星やつら episode 195 (TV anime final)
Urusei Yatsura Ep. 195 review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

It is the end of spring with the sakura falling, when mysterious invitations go out all over. The night before the school’s costume festival, a bunch of folks meet at the Mendou estate (Lum having to keep Ataru in check because he hits on Sakura-sensei), where it is decided that Lum’s class will dress as folks from the Amaterasu legend, with Oyuki playing the part of Amaterasu for some reason. However, on costume day, she gets ill and Ten-chan finds the real Amaterasu, who comes down and is hit on by Ataru and Shuutaro. Lum electrocutes Ataru, causing Amaterasu to get angry and order her to stop. Lum refuses, so Amaterasu turns up the light. Lum puts on shades and continues to defy Amaterasu.

Deciding to teach them a lesson, Amaterasu inflates a portable cave to hide in, taking the light with her. Since that’s how the story goes, everyone proceeds to party in the dark. Lum, who’s supposed to be Uzume, refuses to dance, so the real Uzume and other deities show up to party, one popping the inflatable cave. Ataru and Lum find themselves suddenly surrounded by rocks, but can see because Lum is glowing. Ataru is concerned, thrilling Lum although the glow is an aftereffect of her power. She gets Ataru to kiss her when the rock is split around them, revealing their actions to all. More beings arrive and things get weirder from there in the party atmosphere.


And so the series ends in what I suppose is a fitting fashion — weirdness.

There were some interesting nods from Urusei Yatsura as it departed. One was to Takahashi-sensei’s best work, Maison Ikkoku, which was the anime that replaced Urusei Yatsura.  For this, Kyoko shows up in her normal attire, sweeping as usual.

The other nod went to one of my favorite classics of the 80’s, Dirty Pair.  Both Kei and Yuri scored cameos, but oddly enough, not at the same time.

Finally, there was the moment that I’m sure all viewers had been waiting for — Ataru’s and Lum’s first kiss.

Beyond that, the episode was simply a way to try to get as many characters to cameo as possible, including the forgotten Kurama character (though she doesn’t say anything).

Final thoughts on the TV series coming soon. Hard to believe I made it through. ^_^

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14 Responses to “Urusei Yatsura – 195 (finale)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s been a long time so I don’t blame you for not remembering but Lum and Ataru’s first kiss was in episode 44. I’d say Lum and Ataru by my count have kissed three times during the series but strangely each time is treated as their first.

    Thanks for this series of posts because it helps when I can’t remember one thing or another in an episode I have somewhere to review without digging out my animeigo dvds. And hey I liked reading them.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      No, I don’t remember that at all. ^_^;

      >Thanks for this series of posts because it helps when I can’t remember one thing or another in an episode I have somewhere to review without digging out my animeigo dvds. And hey I liked reading them.

      You’re welcome. Actually, I have been semi-tempted to try to blog them all (picking up the episodes I watched before I started blogging), but I have SUCH a massive backlog of anime that I’m kinda loathe to do so. I am surprised that as much traffic goes to UY as it does.

    • Ushiko says:

      If Episode #44 is Lum & Ataru’s first kiss, then that TOTALLY explains why it was the #1 episode also. XD

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      In the rerun of the episode for episode 194, I don’t remember seeing them kiss. I either missed it, or it was cut from the re-airing episode. I suppose I should go back and rewatch episode 44.

  2. Y así concluye mi anime mas amado. TT___TT.
    Genial pots, tu blog es excelente.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      English translation:

      And so concludes my most beloved anime. TT___TT.
      Great pots, your blog is excellent.

      Thanks, though I’m surprised you could read my blog posts. ^_^; (Well, there is Google Translate.)

  3. gardenbluez says:

    Gracias por las reseñas, aunque discrepo contigo en algunos capítulos.

  4. Shingo says:

    So I just noticed that Wendy from Peter Pan is flirting with Chibi from Lum’s stormtroopers, crazy even for this series, XD!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I must have missed that. ^_^;

      • Shingo says:

        Wendy is flirtatiously hanging off a blushing Chibi’s arm. Also the cat woman, Yuki, is in the background of that scene with many other minor female cast members despite being turned back into an old lady at the end of her debut!

        On a related note, there’s some sort of Kanji in Ten’s mouth when Kintaro whacks him with an axe.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I should go back and check the episode. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know this stuff.

  5. Shingo says:

    I should go back and check the episode. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know this stuff.

    No problem at all. 🙂

    Maybe you can even do quick commentary on some of your favorite shots in the episodes closing quarter.

  6. Paladinrja says:

    I remember I loved everything about this episode! — There was so much crammed into it, in layers that likely befuddled a lot of viewers, not attuned to the customs in Asia (especially Shinto).

    It also had some of the best close-up animation I ever saw at the time; and also happens to be the ONLY on-screen kiss, animated, I ever thought was extremely done well (to this day).

    Other highlights for me were Amaterasu-Omikami & Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, goddesses. In their appearance, we see Lum the Oni as she truly is, for the first time since way back in the series (where we’re first introduced to the luck God’s and Benten). Not just in Lum’s reaction to Amaterasu, but also glowing in the presence of the Shinto tenshi.

    The first 170 episodes, I must admit I loved. The last ten.. not so much. This finale was worth watching. Then I recommend Utsunomiko, or Otoghi Zoshi, or OG Hakkenden. Great series, whether you uptake the manga or anime.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Thanks for writing! I appreciate your thoughts on this. Sometimes I think I should rewatch the earlier series for the blog, but I’m already so far behind…?

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