Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W – 04

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W episode 04 review
這いよれ!ニャル子さん W

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Tamao puts on makeup just to see what she’d look like while at the Yasaka residence, Mahiro is dealing with the usual antics of Nyarlko, Cthuko, and Hastur, causing him to break out the forks to stick them in the wall in an outline around Nyarlko. Nyarlko, Hastur, and Cthuko accompany Mahiro on his shopping excursion as Nyarlko plans for Mahiro to “assault” her. Mahiro quickly shoots that down, then wonders where Shanta-kun is. Nyarlko says he needed to level up, so he’s on a quest.  Indeed, Shanta-kun is in his small size, in body armor, and goes on a quest with his normal companion as well as Mahiro’s mom, Yoriko.

Tsuruko-chan is helping promote the Pretty Pretty Bell Maid Squad CD when she notices Mahiro and company pass by. She abandons her post to tail them in order to get Mahiro’s autograph and a photo of him. Nyarlko takes Mahiro for their “date” to a very realistic haunted house. The normal hijinks erupt with the three and Mahiro, causing him to punish them all. Mahiro heads to the mall, where Cthuko continues her attempts on Nyarlko. However, when Mahiro enters the ¥100 store and starts making mass purchases of forks, the hijinks from all three aliens quickly come to an end as they begin to fear for their lives with so many forks at Mahiro’s disposal. Mahiro assures them that some of the forks are for his mother, who uses them in her job as a jashin hunter.

Still being tailed by Tsuruko-chan, Mahiro’s group starts to return home as Mahiro casually remarks on sharpening the forks, much to the dismay of his followers. Tsuruko gathers her courage to intercept Mahiro, only she’s too late as Yoichi is there instead, having killed at bowling and pool. Tsuriko-chan’s fans are horrified to see her with another man, whom they assume is her boyfriend. Despite her protests to the contrary, crowds quickly grow as this alien idol is assumed to be doing one of the worst things and idol can do — have a boyfriend and then be seen in public with said boyfriend. Yoriko comes home early with LOTS of meat as Nyarlko learns of the shocking news about the disgraced idol.

At school, Yoichi notices that Tamao is not her normal self, so she explains that she was just thinking Mahiro and his harem (of sorts) and how she and Yoichi have been left behind. Yoichi is happy for Mahiro. Nyarlko arranges to meet Tamao after school for some advice at a maid cafe. Nyarlko is depressed because all of her’s (and Tamao’s) love schemes have failed. Tamao is surprised to learn that Nyarlko has kissed Mahiro, but Nyarlko says that Mahiro acts as if it didn’t happen. Despite her own lack of love experience, Tamao encourages Nyarlko. That night, Tamao reflects on how she can’t compete with Nyarlko. Isuka communes with Tamao via the plushie, promising good things to come. In the future, Isuka scolds Isurugi for not being more helpful to Yoichi.


This wasn’t as funny the first time I watched it, but for some reason, I watched it a second time and found it to be funnier for some reason.

As usual, the ecchi stuff was over the top. However, in this case, it did add to the humor of the situation when it was revealed that Mahiro was going fork shopping, followed by his buying such a large quantity of forks.

I also laughed at seeing all the meat Yoriko had, the implication being that she butchered the beast that attacked Shanta-kun and his companion on the (Monster Hunter) quest. *lol*

Speaking of parodies, while most are going to escape me, I did a squeal when I heard Tsuruko-chan quote Ohno from Genshiken and her famous line about it being impossible for a girl to hate homos. Tsuruko-chan would be right at home with the current fujoshi member crop there. What does that say about modern Japan and its declining population? *lol*

And, speaking of Tsuruko-chan, her being “caught” with Yoichi and subsequent photos taken, combined with crowd remarks (feeling sorry for her fans, who are sure to be crushed emotionally by seeing Tsuruko-chan with another man), reminded me of the whole incident with MINEGISHI Minami.  You can read my remarks on that topic in that link.

One of the elements keeping things from being as funny as they could have been was Tamao.  Having the episode start with her putting makeup on, but being too afraid to be seen in public with it put things on a somewhat depressing footing. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

Not much else to say here. I did watch the previews and noted the new character showing up. I first noted her in June of 2012 in this blog post. So, until next time…

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