UQ Holder Chapter 1 SPOILER Images (Update #5)

Hey gang.  I’ve been looking on 2CH for the spoiler images, but they don’t even have a spoiler thread there for UQ Holder. They DO have two other threads, but not a spoiler thread. So, I need to find out where folks are sharing these in Japan.

Regardless, APN graciously gave me images, which I’m sharing out to let everyone else know.


So, we have a discussion of Eva here.  (UPDATE: I assumed this lady was discussing Eva, but folks are saying this IS Eva.)

Pretty gruesome as Touta has lost his arm(s).

Oh, say it isn’t so.  Eva? In UQ Holder? If she ends up being a regular character in this, I will be very happy, though I’m not sure why she’d get involved at all.

OK, color me excited right now. The chapter officially comes out Wednesday. If I’m able, I’ll have a review up by then (big “if”).

And as before, anyone who has spoilers, let me know. Thanks!

Update #1: A couple of tiny pages from the new manga.

Update #2: Eva as we’ve always known and loved her. ^_^

Update #3: Eva from the store. As an aside, looks like the image was taken from 2CH, but I don’t know from what part of that site (not the two HQ Holder threads for sure).

Update #4: This is some SPOILER info from Hata, who was so invaluable during Negima!

first half summary from 2ch, few things jump out right away, story current date is 2066AD,  and Tota is a decedent of “Konoe”, (supposedly, but there are loopholes.) and the 4ch things about Negi’s tomb is also true.

That means that this story is set some 63 years after the end of Negima! and that Negi is dead.

Update #5: More SPOILER stuff from Hata.

 — Tota’s parents were in the fields of biology and medicine.
— Tota’s parents died two years ago in a traffic accident.
— either the spoiler poster miss type it or Tota’s mother is extremely young for one to get marry and give birth to Tota, combine with Tota has no memory of anything two years ago, what is on the tombstone certainly can be a lie, or some unknown science advance, (I wonder how old Tota really is. remember Chacha?)
— Tota can not go out unless defeating his master Yukihime/Eva.
— Yukihime comes from the “tower”, which goes through the sky, where Tota longs to go.
— one day after attack, Tota’s choice, to stay down and die or get up and fight as an undeath monster.

Thanks to everyone for the info and image notices. Keep ’em coming! ^_^

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51 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 1 SPOILER Images (Update #5)”

  1. Philip says:

    From the looks of things, it could be in the Negima universe, just not focusing on Negi or anything… Some characters from Negima may show or characters that are relatives of these Negima characters…

  2. Dave Baranyi says:

    She introduced herself in that first image as Eva, and that she has lived for 700 years as a vampire.

    So it looks like a crossover to me.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, that’s what I’m told. I just wasn’t sure (Japanese not that good) AND it doesn’t look like Eva. ^_^;

    • Given that the Negimaverse is a Multi-verse, then a crossover means that this is set in an alternate time-line, set in the same multi-verse. The easiest and most direct link to Negima, would be if this is an Eva who has been travelling across time-lines for quite awhile.

      In Negimaverse, as of her departure, she was older than 600 years old. So, I think this COULD just be Negima-verse Eva, travelling across the dimensions for several decades at this point.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I’m pretty sure that Akamatsu at one point did say that he wanted to explore some of the multiple parallel worlds so the probability that this is an alternate timeline seems likely.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, we’ll soon find out. ^_^

    • All signs seems to be pointing to UQ Holder being an Interquel, in the “Bad End” time-line, before Asuna was sent back again after she woke up.

      Alternatively, it could be an alternate time-line….

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, that’s my thinking.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some of the kanji and kana in those two pages are too small to read, but in the first picture with speech, Touta is complaining why it felt like she was trying to kill her. Then on the third picture the phrase “little courage is true magic” from Negima appears again. I’m not sure about this, but Touta seems to be questioning something about that statement, or Eva’s other comment (which I didn’t understand) about it.

    Also, in the pic Touta has lost an arm, doesn’t it look like Eva has lost one too?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry guys, is it just me or in the third image, the first from the left, there is a character that looks like Fate? If so could be one of his clones / brothers! my god!

  5. Ultimaniac says:

    This makes me sad. I was hoping he would actually fix Negima, looks like it ain’t happening… T_T

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know…it looks like there is some chance of him addressing some of Negima’s unanswered questions.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think so too. With Eva in the mix, there’s a good chance of getting stuff answered. I’m REALLY hoping to learn more about Eva’s past and her time with Ala Rubra.

    • Senpai17 says:

      You never know. Time travel is a thing in Negimaverse. The main character could go back in time, help Negi and his students in order to keep the timeline. Probably be a really long (maybe double or triple) ark. OR (because it’s been done before) the main character could go into Eva’s memories (assuming this is the same Eva) and relive parts of the past).

    • OverMaster says:

      Man, Senpai17, talk about wishful thinking. Don’t delude yourself, you’ve overreaching. If Akamatsu really had wanted to answer things about Negima, he’d just have continued Negima.

      I’m just saddened. He has just dropped a massive bridge on Ala Alba without ever actually showing us their greatest triumphs, or answering most questions about them. Worse, by showing us their actions have resulted in ‘a world in upheaval’ and then the Mars-Earth war mentioned in Mana’s epilogue AND the explanation on why Asuna overslept, he’s made clear Ala Alba’s actions have only worsened things than if they had let Kosmo Entelekheia win.

      The heroes’ actions, their victories, have only resulted in a future where both worlds head over to chaos and the death of thousands, the Konoe fortune is apparently lost if this ‘Tota Konoe, living in a backwater isolated town’ thing is true, and everyone by now is dead or retired. Even Chachamaru must be destroyed since otherwise she’d be with Eva after losing Negi, and any conflict big enough to kill the supposedly immortal Negi must have wiped at least some if not most of Ala Alba too.

      This just feels like a kick to the teeth followed by a middle finger from Akamatsu, and his intentions of retiring after this mean he won’t ever make up for it either. I don’t think I’ll be checking this series.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      @Senpai17 – I’ve cheated and seen the raw now, so I won’t comment one way or the other. ^_^ Can’t wait for this to get translated though.

      @OverMaster – Hard to say from what little I understood, but this is a continuation of Negima, just in a spinoff way. Eva is playing a MUCH bigger role than even I had thought after the spoilers.

      Still, I understand your frustration with the series, combined with the “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” aspect.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Negi is already dead!? I want to know how that happened. He is dying way too young… T-T

  7. Anonymous says:

    It feels so nostalgic to come here again…:D
    Now that it appears to be in the Negima-verse, I’m even more excited to read this each week for the next couple years! :3

  8. Farray says:

    Duh, that eliminates the possibility of seeing the magician Yue, at least in her youth. *cries*

    Ah, whatever. Eva is fine by me. 😛

    Now I must wonder. Will it be three chapters–>one week break, again or will Akamatsu sacrifice art quality for more time and less all-nighters?

    I loved Negima’s art, but all the details and everything seemed to be extremely time consuming or else Akamatsu wouldn’t have been this busy, even with one week more time.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yue does get a cameo, if that makes a difference. ^_~

      >Eva is fine by me. 😛

      And Eva-sensei is fine too! ^_^

      I do wonder what his publishing schedule will be though. This first chapter was a monster and a half!

  9. Negima spin-off, huh? I was hoping for a proper direct continuation, but if Akamatsu does end up retiring after this new series is over, then we may be left hanging forever, his magnum opus never getting the proper ending it deserved. Then again, as it’s a Negima spin-off, maybe it’ll eventually merge back in with the main Negima plot, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m still going to check it out anyway, as Akamatsu’s work has generally been top-notch.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      It still is too early to say, but I think this will very much delve into the Negima! plot. The only downside is that in this timeline, Negi is dead (apparently) and I don’t know if Nagi was saved.

    • Ah, yes. So, having read the chapter, it does appear to be the “bad” timeline where Asuna woke up late and Negi was killed. It seems that Touta is Negi’s grandson, which given Touta’s last name and the names of his parents, means that Negi likely had a daughter who married into the Konoe family. Unfortunately, the dates on the tombstones of Touta’s parents aren’t clear, so we don’t know when they were born. Negi would have turned 18 in 2011 and Touta was likely born in 2052 (he says he was about 12 in 2064), so that does give a large enough window for Negi to have had a kid, who themselves were likely born between 2011 and 2034. In any case, Negi for certain would have been in his late 50s when Touta was born, and that’s a perfectly normal age for one to become a grandparent. Also, there’s a conspicuous absence of a tombstone for Negi’s wife, implying that Kouta’s grandmother is still alive. Other characters that we know for certain that are still alive are Ayaka (who’s now 78) and Mana (who’s half-demon and ages slowly, as shown by her part in the Negima epilogue that showed her still looking youthful in 2100).

      Bit of speculation: As Touta’s parents were murdered in 2064 and Negi doesn’t die until 2065, I think afterwards Negi would have set out to get revenge, but ended up confronting some mystery villain (perhaps the main antagonist of UQ Holder?) who was vastly more powerful than him, either killing him or forcing him into hiding, leaving Eva to become Kouta’s guardian.

      And magic? Yeah, there’s app for that if you’re a muggle.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      > And magic? Yeah, there’s app for that if you’re a muggle.


      After reading this chapter, I kind of hope Mana does show up, even if only for a bit. Zazie should be around as well.

  10. arimareiji says:

    You’ve probably already heard, but just in case you haven’t, the (rather lengthy) raw is up now at MangaHead: http://www.mangahead.com/Manga-Raw-Scan/UQ-HOLDER/UQ-HOLDER-1-Raw-Scan

  11. Thundersama says:

    It has been translated already, and what can I say… the sudden change on Eva’s personality ( and body )… left me with mixed feelings…
    Translated chapter here: http://bit.ly/15r1QNL

  12. AstroNerdBoy says:

    “Mrs. Yukihime?” *_* Come on. Even scanlators should get that right. *_*

  13. Anonymous says:

    They are the kind of ppl that using that lame Mrs. and other lame translating modes other stuff thats why i hate those kind of group.

  14. love this manga already 😀

  15. laclongquan says:

    Dont ignore her age. eva said she’s 700 years old, so I guess the current timeline is at least 130 years after Asuna go to sleep (assume Negi die around the same time as Yukihiro).

    The other thing is that her ability is a bit too sub-par, considering Eva’s level. Especially during the fight when she get magic-sealed.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      >The other thing is that her ability is a bit too sub-par, considering Eva’s level. Especially during the fight when she get magic-sealed.

      Her magic is what makes her so epically powerful. With that sealed, she’s as weak as any other human, as she said during the Mahora Budokai. She compensates by knowing so many martial arts skills as well as her regenerative abilities as a shinso vampire.

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