UQ Holder Chapter 107 SPOILER Info (Update #2: More info, now with images!)

Here is some SPOILER info for the upcoming UQ Holder Chapter 107, courtesy of 2ch.  (My review of UQ Holder Chapter 107 should come out late Tuesday night or Wednesday, U.S. time, depending on when Crunchyroll publishes the chapter.)


The UQ Holder Chapter 107 goodness begins. This looks to be the chapter’s spoilers. ^_^




Really light on info this time, but Karin gets a name drop as “Useless-senpai” — please oh please be the start of the Karin in the harem mini-arc. 😀

Well, we’ll have to wait for a gracious person to provide a translation. The usual updates to follow, as required. Thanks to Hata as well for tipping me off that the spoiler was out. 🙂

Update #1: Translation from Gamen.

Touta to Karin “Would you become mine alone!?”
Thinking what is this, is it the effect of “Medicine to make someone frankly speak their mind” or something.
That medicine is…

* Yep, Karin ate it too. What will a frank Karin say!?

…Given the context, I’m going with the frank and honest meaning of 素直, not the meek and docile one. Because of course “do what you’re told” and “say what you mean” would be the same word.

As always, thanks for the translation.

Update #2: Some images, courtesy of MK.

UQ Holder Chapter 107

UQ Holder Chapter 107

UQ Holder Chapter 107

UQ Holder Chapter 107

UQ Holder Chapter 107

UQ Holder Chapter 107

In this chapter, Karin reminded me very much of Motoko from Love Hina and her reactions around Keitaro after she started developing feelings for her. 😉

So, after the Touta hug and love declaration of Eva here, I’m predicting a beat down is in order for Touta.

UQ Holder Chapter 107

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56 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 107 SPOILER Info (Update #2: More info, now with images!)”

  1. Gamen says:

    In a few words

    Touta to Karin “Would you become mine alone!?”
    Thinking what is this, is it the effect of “Medicine to make someone frankly speak their mind” or something.
    That medicine is…

    * Yep, Karin ate it too. What will a frank Karin say!?

    …Given the context, I’m going with the frank and honest meaning of 素直, not the meek and docile one. Because of course “do what you’re told” and “say what you mean” would be the same word.

  2. Mattcgw says:

    Karin shouldn’t be affected by drugs, unless they have a divine blessing (hypothetically). Only attacks of a psychological nature should affect her and illusions.

    • NT says:

      Same thing you would have thought with Asuna who could cancel magic, albeit unconsciously, still was effected by the love potion candies which are full of magic that she ate.

      I think of Karin’s ‘blessing’ similar to Asuna’s Magic cancel, Asuna can cancel out magic (though what her limit to what she can cancel is remains to be seen) and Karin can render any attack useless as if it never happened.(i know there’s more to it than that but to lazy to spell it right now, work gets in the way)

      So in that sense, it wouldn’t surprise me if Karin can get affected by something like a love potion or a medicine with an effect that pretty much would be a cure for a Tsundere.
      (since it also seems that Karin’s ability is render things that can harm her useless so this medicine may not be part of that list)

      I would write more but i have to work… as much as i dont want to lololol

  3. OverMaster says:

    Just start the tournament already. This is the harem version of the last five minutes of Namek.

  4. sanchi says:

    Medicine? Sounds more like truth serum. Karin wants to keep herself close to Yukihime. Touta is a threat to that position, she’s aware of the situation with the super Tōta attraction by Kirie, Kuromaru, Mizore, Shinobu. She want to know what Tōta’s intentions with these women, and not thinking about her own feelings. I think possibly that idea may backfire on her, where her usual frank way of telling it like it is in her mind, may speak out very different from what she wanted or thought. Another ship getting ready to sail. Akamatsu-sensei has used this where Tōta would say things and not realizing what is coming out of his mouth. so why not with Karin too. We’ve been expecting this, Karin was next in line, ok, who is next? Eva?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Medicine? Sounds more like truth serum.

      Well, the term “medicine” can be used fairly broadly, from my experience. (At least in anime and manga.)

      We’ve been expecting this, Karin was next in line, ok, who is next? Eva?

      We could get Shinobu or Mizore. Technically, I think we’ve already had Eva.

      • NML says:

        Didn’t we already get Shinobu when Touta rescued her while she was doing her Keitaro run through the inn.

        Mizore was introduced wanting to marry Touta so I think she’s already in.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          You are probably right. I guess I was hoping for a bit more to more firmly establish it. Plus, imagine how cool it would be for Mizore to take Touta to her family home where we get to see Ayaka and Chachamaru. That would could be quite awesome.

  5. Clyde says:

    Oh! Come on! Enough of this harem stuff, this is getting ridiculous. Let’s just get back to the tournament, shall we ?

  6. Dhdhd says:

    Now.. karin arc begins.
    Another 3 chapters to set up another ship. Not that I mind though, its not like it can sink my mothership (eva x touta) anyway 😛

  7. Mattcgw says:

    Uq Holder volume 9 debuted at 13 with 60K, volume 8 debuted with about the same first week figures, disturbingly it dropped off in its 3 week, it couldn’t even beat ippo’s 3rd week 11k figure.
    If volume 9 doesn’t sell more than 150K or make it into a third week into the top 30, Akamatsu’s future at kodansha looks bleak. He pandered to his ‘audience’ with Eva, if it doesn’t increase sales then their is no hope for UQ Holder.
    Even more so, if all the additional Loli’s don’t boast sales of volume 10.

    • ryuuya says:

      You are worrying needlessly Akamatsu isn’t going to get canceled. Plenty of series sell lower than that and don’t get canceled.

      • Seimei says:

        I said the same thing in much, MUCH, MUUUUUCH longer lol. Ryuuga the master of simplicity…^^

      • Mattcgw says:

        My concern comes from the fact that Akamatsu is pandaring with Eva and Loli’s, thus far isn’t reaping dividends. Because catering to his fanbase in such a manner isolates that fanbase and segregates potential sales to just that fanbase of which is being pandared to; while excluding new fans that find such things unappetizing.
        Initiating a vicious cycle.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, the manga might continue with the current sales, but I wouldn’t expect an anime.

  8. Seimei says:

    60 k, for volumes is a good numbers, you are too pessimistic. A moin a manga does sell less than 20 k in the first week, there is a risk that may cancellation. Until a manga remains in the top 20 at least one week every volumes, publishers agree that I think. Manga that sell for over 100k by volume are rare, even those who are selling the million (it apart from the big global successes such as Bleach, Naruto or Nanatsu taizai ç’est estrêmement rare).

    Other hand on his twitter Akamatsu does not seem particularly stressed for the future of the serie (and do not tell me he is not passionate about what he does with UQ right now and it s ‘in ficherait if the series stopped, the contrary is THE UQ manga he always wanted to do since the end of Love Hina, he said at the Japan Expo ^^). He even said he reserved a surprise for his readers in 2016 (which, I am convinced of this, is an animated adaptation). His only complaints concern his work deadlines. But what mangaka is not complaining from a certain time. ^^

    So I do not think we should worry. The day when a volume of UQ will sell at least 30K in the first week (and I insist on, the first week, because it is that is the most important, the others weeks are just potential bonus) that day there need to worry, not before I think.

    Besides the very strong rumor pf possibility for a animated adaptation (the mysterious surprise of sensei for 2016) is a quite good news for UQ. We know that the adaptations generally, if they do not all sell very well, however, they contribute greatly to the increase in popularity of the original manga they adapt.

    Furthermore (and if I’m wrong, forgive my ignorance) but it seems that the top Oricon charts do not take into account the purchasing volumes e-book versions but only the purchases of physical volumes. I think UQ Holder is purchasable version e-book in Japan.

    If this theory is correct then the top Oricon charts is not really reliable. Because the gain of the editor could easily be multiplied by 2 or 3.

    • Seimei says:

      “A moin a manga does sell less than 20 k in the first week, there is a risk that may cancellation.”. I wanted to say “Unless a manga volume will not sell less than 30K or less the first week, I think there is little real risk of cancellation of the serie concerned”.

      And I add a detail that I forgot to mention. I spoke with a friend of average sells of UQ. And he said a thing that I ignored myself. That in general the suites were selling less well than their original series. Is almost a mathematical law and has little exception. And importente thing to note, this has NOTHING TO DO with an alleged poor quality of a suite.

      To illustrated this he took the example of the game final-fantasy XIII that was deeply bashe (rightly or wrongly) by critics. Yet he made very good sales. However, its sequel, which was however much better received and glorified by many gamers, made a number of lower sales.

      Kodensha is surely aware of this pseudo-law “and therefore probably not going to focus on sales, unless the numbers become catastrophic (less than 30-20 K sold) I think.

      When we see that the last volume of One-Punch-Man series yet on everyone’s lips, has done no more than 80 K sales, where UQ rotates between about 60-70 K following the volumes, we see that the situation is not so black for the series. And do not tell me “yeah but has the Akamatsu, so it is obliged to do more than others, otherwise it is not profitable.”.
      One thing : has his latest manga, so there’s no reason to put pressure on a auteuur end.

      And two thing : sales numbers are sales numbers. Why asking to an author to sell more than a other? Money has no different color, weight or value, after it is reported by Akamatsu, Obata, kishimoto, Murata or tite kubo, this is the same monay.

      The fact is that ironically, UQ holder sells it seems, only slightly less than one-Punch-Man. But despite that fact some see the fall or even the cancellation for one and the success and prospéritée for each other. It does not make much sense I think. Especially taking into account the other factors I talked about UQ

      • OverMaster says:

        “Money has no different color, weight or value, after it is reported by Akamatsu, Obata, kishimoto, Murata or tite kubo, this is the same monay”

        But of course money does have a different weight and value when it is MORE money. That is basic logics. I don’t believe Akamatsu is threatened with cancellation, but there’s no way to say he sells as much or commands as much global recognition as Kishimoto, or sells as well in Japan as Oda, who has had an ongoing anime in TV for over a decade to boot.

        Akamatsu sits in a relative comfort financial zone that is relatively medium sized; actually, only with Love Hina he got to redefine a genre. Negima got a respectable followship but he dynamited it, and Holder is, basically, a loser in terms of merchandise. After a couple years it still has no anime, videogames, spinoffs or other tie-ins. Negima’s adaptations may have been bad to mediocre, but at least it had several of them. Holder, as a derivation that doesn’t stand on its own, and after Akamatsu failed several times to capitalize on his work’s expansion to other media, will likely never have any real cross media appeal (where the real big bucks are) the way One Piece, Naruto or Fairy Tail have had.

        “Why asking to an author to sell more than a other?”

        Holy mole, I can’t believe this. Do you have the slightest idea how do editorials work? Do you think they are charity houses? Of course they want each author to try and sell more than the others, because that’s what makes them money, and monkey is what keeps any big business afloat.

        • OverMaster says:

          I meant money, not monkey, of course. Derp.

          • sanchi says:

            heh, heh, it kinda fit as in description when using the word monkey too — as in monkey business. The harem thing is too long, and I’m not sure if this is now a romance manga more than an action manga too.

        • Seimei says:

          I never said that publishers were houses charities or do not try to make more money. You seem so convinced that I am stupid because I love what you hate that you twisted my words lol. It’s true, as you say, the profit motive is the basis of any business, I know my parents worked and travails in Trade (one is retired the other is still active), although this area does not attract me at all. After I confess I misspoke. What I meant was that an editor will not cancel a work of an author if he only 60K while his previous work has sold 150k. While at the same time another author, in this same publisher, sees his manga continue while only 50k in sales volumes. What I mean is that the editors apply the same specifications to all the authors, a minimum living. As he reached the vital minimum, their manga will continue and that minimum is not different according to the author it seems to me. Was all I meant.

        • Krono says:

          Fairy Tail didn’t get an anime until nearly chapter 150. It’s done great since then, most recently being in the top 30 media franchises in Japan for 2015. Not having an anime airing or announced by chapter 100 is not unusual. It’s not even a bad thing, as it gives the anime staff more material to work with.

          As for UQ Holder’s sales numbers, while ~93k per volume is a far cry from his previous success, it’s hardly something to sneer at either. It’s certainly well above the mark that Shounen Magazine would be looking to cancel him at, given that Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches has known volume sales of ~65k at volume 19.

          The blunt facts of the matter are that while his success with UQ Holder has been diminished compared to his past successes, he’s still successful.

          • Mattcgw says:

            @Krono Fairy tail however; had managed to sell 1 million when the anime was announced.

      • Mattcgw says:

        @Seimei The total sales of One Punch Man Exceed 5 Million, with 1st week debut sales of
        volume 10 were 290K, then 250K, then as you said 80K. However, Volume 10 has sold a total of 600K, which is about the same as the total number of volumes that UQ Holder! has sold as an entire Series.

        UQ Holder cannot even manage to stay in the Top 50 for Three weeks.

        For you point about success sell more than 100K, it is false. The same chart has the unrivaled Kaoru Mori’s ‘The Bride’s Tale’ Otoyomegatari debuting at Number 11 with 67K and jumping to number 5 by selling 170K in its second week! Outperforming other major publisher series and being Kadokawa’s best selling manga series. (They have the monopoly on Light novels, EG Sword art online and Fate)

        An example of the stunning art.

        The series dosen’t even have an anime and never will, regardless it is performing amazingly, because it is amazing and standard onto itself and other series.
        UQ Holder performs badly because it holds nothing unique.

        Unlike A Brides Tale, which is an exquisite historical chronicaling the travels of Mr Smith to Imperial Britannian India along the Silk Road of Central Asia while small scale clashes between the local clans of Amira and her young Groom with Russian Arms act as a prelude to the Imperial Russian Invasion in 30 years as well as illustrating Quote from Arther Conolly ‘The Great Game’ of Central Asia.

        It is the reason why The Brides Tales sells so good, also because the series itself is good.

        Regretably, UQ Holder is not and solely dependant on Negima’s fanbase to sell volumes, usually via Bait/fanservice.

        To give reasoning to my constant musings about UQ Holder sales is how much of a buget the anime would have due to much it sells currently vs how much sales world by X% vs what makes the buget given back ontop maximum profits for all the Production Committee members. But Primarily the IP’s publisher.
        Holders main flaw is its only strength Negima sequel bait. An anime would need to be Death Note to Hunter X Hunter length for both the manga and adaption to successful, the paradox hereafter is that 95% of Holders fanbase are negima fans.

        Therefore, if the anime could do more Negima bait then potential returns world improve!
        But Akamatsu dedicated an entire volume to ‘Negima Bait/fanservice’ with not just Eva’s clusterfuck Anglo-Sphere Backstory but the 2nd greatest ship tease in the series of EvaXTouta, intending to appeal to that (100K) fanbase and as far sales data in concerned its failed.
        So even if their is an anime, with loads of sanctioned Negima bait it would only be one or two cours.
        For the anime to succeed it would need to have a large enough budget for to exceed the 26 episode standard for non-continues Shueisha/Shogakukan Series. So it could
        hyper-compress key Negima events as to have the potential to sell more physical media to 95% of UQ Holders install base, in order to do so the anime needs more than 26 episodes.

        Hence the Paradox comes into play!

        Also,Seimei even if your statement about Digital Sales for was correct, selling 200-300% more. It would equally apply to other Series.

        • Seimei says:

          1. I admit I lacked knowledge of manga sales I quoted, I thought this was the sales of the first week^^. However Ryuuga gave a better argument that me on why Uq is at present not in danger. Also I did not totally say that the other weeks had no importences but the first was the most importente. Obviously, if sales incrase the following weeks, the publisher does not complain lol^^. To rephrase, we can say that in the month following the release, this is the week with the most sales of the manga concerned wich is took in consideration at profitability I think. Those the weeks where sales declines are not importentes.

          2. Regarding the supposed impossibility of incrase in succes for UQ however I think you’re wrong.

          a) For the animated adaptation I am convinced that it is in preparation. As for the time it was assumed to envisage that, I would point out that Nanatsu No. taizai, which admittedly has a much higher success than UQ, got a anime, more than two years after the publication of the first chapter.


          If we admit that the surprise for the UQ’s fanbase, prepared by Akamatsu-sensei for 2016 regarding the publication of a anime (very probable), then we are in a normal waiting area. The fact that UQ will be adapted after chapter 100 is not shocking. All-simply because it was the same for Nanatsu No. Taizai. And for the lack of derived products (video games, goodies, oav ect) I think it is very rare for a manga, getting adapted on multiple formats BEFORE having an anime. Magi, Arslan, Fairy-tail and others again, almost all of these manga had a massive commercial success AFTER the anime adaptation, not before.

          b) Other part I do not expect an incredible success for the anime, though I wish it. I expect that if there is really adapted,, it will go to the prologue untill the end of the arc of the castle of Dana, and I would have a season 2 centered on the tournaments, that is why I wish success for the futur anime, but this is not the matter.

          However, if the anime can serve to promote the manga and increase sales by attracting a new public, or attracting more of the fanbase of the arc of mundus-magicus of Negima, perhaps, are ignorants that a sequel exist… whether if is one or the other, or even the two that will benefit the manga.

          For me no matter derived materials, which is the matter in my eyes is the work original : the manga.
          Was what I meant. So even if your prediction is verified and only the manga, saw its popularity increase, it does not importence, because one of the main objectives of a anime, otherwise the first, is to promote the manga adapted. Although, again, if we have a season 2 this would even better obviously. ^^

          And even if UQ remains confidential manga (though I wish him the best success ^^), as long as it is not canceled and that his fans can know the end of history, this seems reasonable. ^^

          • Mattcgw says:

            @Seimei As I have previously cited, both The Seven Deadly Sins and Fairy Tail managed to sell 1 million copies with 2-3 years, then had their series adapted by A-1 pictures.

            UQ Holder has only just sold 500’000 total volumes this year. And their seems to be little interest for it, compared to negima, which had its anine in two years and other cross media promotion.

            Akamatsu may never be cancelled by his publisher, but he will never be able to retire with the current sales figures. Most manga-ka stop being manga-ka full stop or those who retire as one have had an anime adaption, notably Shueisha manga-ka that used to have ongoing anime series, the most famous ones were done by Toei. With the exception of naoko takeuchi being Kodansha.

            But, all this is has died out in the later half of this decade, with short adaptions of non Shuesisha series notably Hajime Isayama and Light Novels with Nasu and Kawahara Reki.

            Everything is seemingly in Akamatsu’s favour.

  9. OverMaster says:

    “he said at the Japan Expo”

    At this point I wouldn’t believe Akamatsu if he told me the ground is below and the sky is above.

    He did lie several times regarding Negima developments. He’s the man who lobbied for the Negima live action adaptation before its launch. And we still have no real proof about the existence of the alleged law that ‘forced’ him to cancel Negima, other than things he said.

    That being said, I believe he wanted to ‘prove himself’ as an action mangaka rather than a harem author… so naturally, when seemingly coming close to writing himself into another corner with his Kudzu Plot and out of control power escalation, and with a tournament on the way, he stalls with the oldest and most pathetic harem cliches for many chapters in a row.

    • Seimei says:

      Lying on negima developpement? When?! If for you “lie” means not doing what YOU WANT that the author do with HIS manga so yes, he “lied”. He did not give interviews on the next negima arcs (at the time that was published in the senses “after Kyoto we go Himalaya” to make a bow tournaments instead. If he had done this statement, then I could have been of agreements, but to my knowledge it has not been the case. And if you talk about its announcement at the end of Negima … well known that several people saw the announced a sequel of new characters, not necessarily following the adventures of Negi, so everything is a matter of interpretation. Because, that, from this point of view, consistent with UQ IS ads Akamatsu ).

      Besides, even if I am the first to complain of the arc current harem Akamatsu announced several weeks ago (or even to japan-expo) that would make a small bow in the mood for love-hina and begenning of Negima before the tournament. Has at least tell me that one of my francophone contacts, since I am not suspended declarations of Akamatsu, if only because I do not read Japanese lol.

      So unless you explicate that you mean I find that you have a very personal definition of “lie” but nevermind.

      In terms of loie, Dergling has just informed you. If thou do not know what you mean, this legislation has cringed authors alot before it changes, not just Akamatsu. And it was discussed on many forums.

      And neither Akamatsu no one has ever said that was THE reason that had prompted him to stop Negima but had PROBABLY one of the factors.

      Moreover you call “cliches” the things you do not like, was easy. I know, I do the same thing-about harems lol. All this to say that this argument is not necessarily invalid but INCREDIBLY is subjective and depends on the felt of each.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      And we still have no real proof about the existence of the alleged law that ‘forced’ him to cancel Negima, other than things he said.

      Well, the laws in Japan have gotten a lot stricter and the mayor of Tokyo wanted even more restrictions for the Tokyo region. Akamatsu-sensei is a huge champion for more free speech in Japan.

      The big fear right now is that hideous TPP thing that the almighty Obama is desperate to have in place. Akamatsu-sensei has been deeply involved in that as for a time, it appeared that it would spell the end of Comiket and cosplayers due to copyright violations.

      • Seimei says:

        Well finally with the latest amendments in August 2015, the new Japanese law will not apply to fictional works. So Lolies’s Japanese fans no longer have to worry about. ^^ And one can say that the fight for freedom of expression in fiction, led by Akamatsu was gloriously and happyly won! ^^
        Besides coincidentally was following the amendments to the law that the harem arc of UQ began. Lol it would almost me regret that the law was amended. As I said here several times I’m not a fan of Lolies (kirie and mizore in UQ for exemple), or even, classicals harem.

        But I say “almost regret” because this law would even targeted ecchi (not only hentai, which would have been ideal), including those with characters more “mature” (high school boy / high school girl) even simple shonens where rare ecchi scenes with teenagers characters appear and have only a comical goal could have been concerned!

        So I am very happy that the Japanese fictional creation in mangas and anime remains completely free. Because even if I deplore some excesses inside (hentais lolicon and shotacon for exemple), I still prefer that these excesses continue to exist (nobody forces me to read ecchi or hentai with Lolies after all) rather than Japanese fictional culture become completely sanitized and improperly controlled(since it appears that the Japanese politicians apparently were unable to find the right balance and thought they necessarily had to pass from one extreme to the other). And I think we all agree on that. ^^

        So welcome this victory for freedom of Japanese fictional creation. ^^

        By cons … Huh ??? PTT? A US law anti-cosplay in preparation? What was that thing Astro? (I am not concerned I am French and I do not practice cosplay, but it intrigues me) and as Akamatsu-sensei I feel concerned when freedom of expression and creation is harmed or menaced. Especially when was only to defend the Great Capital (I am not a communist or anarchist I specify that lol, but in fact this wild and uncontrolled capitalism aggace me. Make a profit, okay I have nothing against that, but they should reflect intelligently on that holy-blood !. Can you tell us more about this project of law Astro-san?

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Can you tell us more about this project of law Astro-san?

          Unfortunately, I don’t have any additional information. Sorry. 🙁

      • OverMaster says:

        “The big fear right now is that hideous TPP thing that the almighty Obama is desperate to have in place.”

        You think Obama aims badly for it? Just wait until Trump gets to be president. Scary…

  10. Kurusu Kimihito says:

    While i do like these chapters for what they are, i feel the story is at a absolute standstill, like it’s spinning its wheels.

    Plus it takes away attention from the almighty ship, Eva x Touta. 🙂
    Hopefully the story will gain some traction sooner then later.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      The series has been adrift for quite some time now. I think Akamatsu-sensei missed the boat early on when he cut off the road trip for Eva, Touta, and Kuroumaru to get them to UQH and to speed-skip things along.

  11. anime.rookie says:

    UQ HOLDER did not come out still

  12. Krono says:


    And? If UQ Holder merely continues to sell ~93,000 copies per volume, it’ll cross the 1 million sales for the series mark at volume 11. Fairy Tail’s anime was announced when it’s volume releases were at the volume 14-15 mark.

    • mattcgw says:

      @Krono Yes, while true Fairy had sold a million+ in 2 years when it got its anime and despite that it has only sold around 23 million by the end of 2015. IN spite of having a concurrent adaptation for 3 years.

      While The Seven Deadly Sins, has sold 12 million in 3 years and two cour anime with a second coming this year, which i would predict will boost total volume sales to 30 million.

      http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-04-11/the-seven-deadly-sins-fantasy-manga-gets-tv-anime 3 million when anime was annouced.

      http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-11-29/top-selling-manga-in-japan-by-series-2015/.95913 total sold in one year 10 million

      It’s a stark contrast fiscally, both Akamatsu and Mashima are Kodansha Veterans; while Suzuki is the fresh blood for weekly shounen magazine. and it’s paying of massively for Kodansha to invest in new talent. Therefore, why invest in the veterans when the new blood is bring in all the revenue.

      Isayama and Suzuki are both enabling for Kodansha to eat at Shueisha’s dominant market share and keep it.

      • zp says:

        Whoa, whoa, whoa. I get what you’re saying there man, but easy on how you use the term “fresh blood”. Nakaba has been active a whole four years longer than Mashima, and he’s only the junior of Akamatsu by a single year. I understand that he hasn’t worked for Weekly Shonen Magazine for as long as they have, but lets not imply that he has any less experience.

        These three men are contemporaries, and to imply that Nakaba is some newly discovered talent I think is a bit of an insult to him, particularly considering that all but one of his series have run in weekly magazines.

    • NML says:

      UQ Holder has probably crossed 1 million when you take into account the non-Japanese sales. American volumes debut on the New York Times bestseller list and French releases are already up to volume 7(ahead of the English release).

  13. DerGilga says:

    in the 4th pic Touta says ‘I totally like you, Karin senpai’

  14. Mattcgw says:

    Aren’t those two valkyrie’s from yue’s training at the independent city state araidene.

  15. NML says:

    I thought the special guests that Evangeline was referring to were Ayaka and Chachamaru(?) but I guess it was the people in the first spoiler image.

  16. arimareiji says:

    Looks like Crunchyfail’s “back door” of going to the last page of the previous chapter and clicking forward, starting an hour before release, no longer works. Ah, well. They were going to find it and lock it sooner or later.

    Hopefully in their zeal they didn’t also lock the front door that’s supposed to open in half an hour – or at least if they did, I hope they’ll remember to open it some time tomorrow. (^_~)

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Funny enough, I was able to “back door” into the chapter about 10 minutes before it was to be published. When I went out there, I was initially starting to get angry ’cause the “black” chapter was for 108 and 107 was MIA. I wish they’d get their site squared away properly.

  17. sanchi says:

    I’m just happy reading the next chapter when it is released. Whether the manga is stopped is up to the publishers and we have no control, so I hope for the best. I hope UQ gets its storyboard working and defines this manga better.

    Thank you to Astro for a forum to ‘vent’ or express our thoughts. 10yrs – awesome! and Happy New Year too!

    I was hoping that Tōta being the MC we would by now have learned more about him, but we know more about everyone else. I’m still waiting patiently for the Negi Springfield grandfather connection and how it fits into this mis-directed manga, and I think I have to wait for a loonnng time.

    If anything, I still look forward for the next chapter, and keeping it simple, and happy if there is one.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Thank you to Astro for a forum to ‘vent’ or express our thoughts. 10yrs – awesome! and Happy New Year too!

      You’re welcome and happy new year to you too! ^_^

      I was hoping that Tōta being the MC we would by now have learned more about him, but we know more about everyone else.

      Outside of Eva (and I discount her because of Negima), Santa is the only character who’s been given the most fleshed out background. We’ve been given a scant flashback background for Kuroumaru, Kirie, and Karin. Oh, and Ikkuu. I’d like to learn more about the characters.

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