Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 567 Manga Review (Penultimate Chapter)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 567 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 567With Nagi rescued, it appears that Hayate is lost forever. Nagi screams for Hayate, who appears after falling from the sky. Nagi is relieved and hugs Hayate, who’s also happy to not be dead or stuck in the Royal Garden. By this time, Mikado, Athena, Isumi, and Sakuya have gathered. They are joined by Wataru’s mother, Mikoto. She says that someone wished for Nagi to be able to summon the one she has a bond with in her time of need.

An angry Hisui crashes down. However, Nagi stops her by handing her the key to the Sanzenin Inheritance. Nagi encourages Hisui to keep on winning and when all is said and done, she wants to eat cake with Hisui. Hisui responds by saying she’ll buy the cake and leaves.

This done, Nagi vows to earn her own way and get by with her own power. She then releases Hayate from his butler job. She further states that he no longer needs to protect her, nor does he need to love her. He is free to do as he wishes and be with whomever he wishes. Despite their misunderstanding, Nagi enjoyed the last year. With that, Hayate thanks Nagi and leaves. Nagi starts to cry because of the pain of losing Hayate, but vows to carry on and endure.


Yeah, yeah. Again, I wish Hata-sensei had started winding down the manga properly when he nicely resolved the Ruka piece of the harem. Sadly, the rush job continues and we are left with a, “Who cares, good end” attitude from the supporting characters. 🙄

Hayate Explained…Maybe

OK, so as I understand it, for whatever reason, Yukariko made a wish for her daughter to be taken care of across time and space. She didn’t specifically wish for Hayate, but Hayate became the one. Having made said wish, we are supposed to realize this is why Hayate jumped back in time to save Nagi and that this is why whenever Nagi calls out for Hayate, he shows up. Fine, I can accept that.

What’s annoying is that I would have loved to have seen the reasons for this wish. Hata-sensei claimed that Yukariko wasn’t sick when she died. One could say that she gave up her life for the wish. But why make a bloody wish like that rather than stay with your daughter? Makes no sense.

Further, why was Yukariko able to summon Hayate that one time? She even expressed a small measure of surprise in the, “You really do come if I call for you.”

Yeah, if only Hata-sensei had bothered to spend time telling this story instead of wasting years on gag stories that weren’t plot-related.

Nagi’s Circle Complete

After Nagi gave up everything, her speech to Hayate about getting a job and taking care of herself reminded me of early in the manga. There, Nagi had stated that she didn’t want the Sanzenin Inheritance (whatever the smeg that turns out to me — I presume Nagi’s mansion, Mikado’s mansion, and whatever else). Even then, she had some skills to be able to survive. However, because we got the arc about Ruka and Nagi having their doujinshi competition, we got to see Nagi begin to mature. We saw that she did have some sense in how she ran Yukari-chan House.

Then there’s the, “If you love someone, set them free.” It is nice to see Nagi acknowledge in her own way that she understands Hayate doesn’t love her. It hurts and it sucks, but I can see Nagi being happy for Hayate if he and Athena got back together. Not that this is going to happen, mind you. But I’ll save that comment for the final chapter.

Finally, there’s how she dealt with Hisui. Yes, Nagi is the mature one, but the resolution to things made my eyes roll big time. 🙄

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 567

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Time to wrap up the review of Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 567.

  • It is worth saying again, so I call BS on how everyone accepts not getting all the answers. (‘Cause we are out of time in the manga!)
  • I call BS on Mikoto just showing up out of the blue to drop her cryptic explanation.
  • I call BS on Isumi and company saying that if Hisui goes nuts, Isumi and company won’t be needed to stop her.
  • And I call BS on manga-ka who run out of time to make a proper manga ending after wasting so much bloody time, especially in the past 2-3 years.

In the end, Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 567 still irritates me because of Hata-sensei’s time wasting. However, I do like how Nagi has come full circle and has advanced to the next level as a character.

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5 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 567 Manga Review (Penultimate Chapter)”

  1. sanchi says:

    Hisui just leaves after all that has happened … oh, have some cake and all becomes ok? Peace offering? I have to read the chapter. I know some manga stories seem to be better or more positive outcomes over a meal or dessert, or is there some japanese symbolic cultural significance that is shown and not explained? Yeah, that rushed ending effect. I like cake (dobash, peach bavarian, even multi flavored layers we call rainbow cake) and it reminds me of good memories, but still — in this situation?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Hisui just leaves after all that has happened … oh, have some cake and all becomes ok? Peace offering?

      Yeah, very anti-climatic and disappointing. I’m not disapproving of Hisui being reconciled with everyone, I don’t like how it was done in this chapter.

      I know some manga stories seem to be better or more positive outcomes over a meal or dessert, or is there some japanese symbolic cultural significance that is shown and not explained?

      Other than girls getting together to eat cake as friends, I don’t know any other significance.

      • sanchi says:

        Yeah, I have to ask and look around. Something to do with sake or kampai time or getting wasted totally drunk to resolve conflict, or sharing or purchasing food or dessert for others. There is soooo many etiquette traditions, I can’t even keep on top of it. I’ll write to what I find.

  2. Rob C, says:

    Was there any sign that Hata-sensei prematurely ended the series? Sure it’s a gag series with loose serious plot looming in the background holding things together. It did end instead of out right cut off. Was Hata-sensei forced quicken the ending? Bad sales? Burnt out after 13 years? He posed to do something else.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Was Hata-sensei forced quicken the ending?

      Yes. The manga was scheduled to end by the date it did. Unfortunately, lots of story threads remained unresolved and Hata-sensei’s ending of the harem threads (sans Ruka) was to have the ships sink themselves. 🙄

      Bad sales? Burnt out after 13 years?

      I suspect the later. Actually, I think that what “killed” him was the Can’t Take My Eyes Off You anime. Originally, as I understand it, Hata-sensei wrote the new story elements with the mindset that these would be canon. Thus, he would use the anime to tell the story of Nagi’s parents. He’d also use this to introduce the Kurotsubaki. Unfortunately, as I understand things, when all was said and done, Hata-sensei was not allowed to use the story elements from CTMEOY.

      It was then that I noticed a shift in his writing style. I think that initially, Hata-sensei was going to try to write something new, but in the end, the loss of the story he wanted to tell killed his enthusiasm for the series. The efforts to create something new as a replacement were halfhearted at best.

      He posed to do something else.

      He started a new monthly series called Ad Astra Per Aspera. I did enough work for a volume, then stopped. (I did review what’s been published.) As I understand it, the series is supposed to resume now that Hayate the Combat Butler is done. We’ll see if that happens.

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