My Wife is an Oni (A Lovely Little Doujinshi Manga)

My Wife is an Oni
Oniyome to Kekkon Shite Shimatta Kekka

My Wife is an OniOn Twitter, I follow quite a number of Japanese artists and mangaka. As such, they will sometimes retweet things from other artists/mangaka. This is how I was introduced to YAMATO Nadeshiko-sensei. I immediately liked his art style. And while most of his doujinshi stuff was parody, he had one title that was an original. That title was Oniyome to Kekkon Shite Shimatta Kekka, which more literally translated into English becomes something like What I Get for Marrying an Oni Bride.

Nadeshiko-sensei routinely publishes the short chapters on his Twitter feed. He did give one scanlation group official permission to translate his works. However, Irodori Comics, a doujinshi publishing group, licensed the series and is publishing it under their non-porn arm, Irodori Comics Aqua. For now, to read this doujinshi manga, you’ll need a Kindle or Kindle app.

The Story’s Premise

The premise of the My Wife is an Oni series is that the human male Tomoyuki befriended an oni female named Mitsuki. As adults, they got married, where Mitsuki became a housewife. Tomoyuki became a traditional salaryman. Mitsuki is a typical tsundere, who has trouble expressing her true feelings. And as an oni, she is much taller and way stronger than her human husband.

As a result, we do get the cliched but cute story elements for the tsundere girl. That said, if you were triggered by the lack of sex in a series like Tonikaku Cawaii, you may as well go somewhere else. While Mitsuki and Tomoyuki may be married, you aren’t going to get indications that they are going at it like rabbits.

My Wife is an Oni

Irodori Comics Release

This is my first experience with Irodori Comics as a publisher. For a start, they scored major points with me by retaining the word “oni” in the My Wife is an Oni English title for the manga. Although oni may be similar to ogres, to me, they are different. So I appreciate Irodori Comics not translating the word.

Mitsuki speaks with with the Osaka-ben dialect in the manga. Normally, you see this adapted to a Southern U.S. or even worse, a Southern Hick dialect. So initially, I was taken aback by the use of a British accent. But I liked this and decided to ask Irodori Comics which British accent was used. They graciously replied back.

It’s actually a Scottish accent! Most translators go-to translation of Osaka-Ben is “Redneck” speech. We wanted to make it something different.

I got a Northern British vibe when I read My Wife is an Oni (I watch a ton of British comedies), but it is nice to see which specific accent they went for.

There are no honorifics in the adaptation. HOWEVER, none were used in the Japanese, so no issues there. I know in the most current chapters on Twitter, some are used. Hopefully, Irodori Comics uses them in their adaptation.

My Wife is an Oni

Only On Kindle

If there’s a negative to My Wife is an Oni, it is that this is a digital-only release. As such, you will need a Kindle, OR you will need to install a Kindle app on your PC or mobile device. I asked Irodori Comics about the possibility of a print release. (These are in print in Japan, though self-published like all doujinshi.)

Yeah if sales are good, we’d definitely consider it. Also potentially thinking of a crowdfunded print like kickstarter [sic].

The price-point of the Kindle release is on the expensive side. This volume is only 28-pages long, including one seemingly missing (but likely unimportant) page. But the cost is $4.95 as of this post. As a way of comparison, I spend $0.99 for a 40-page chapter of UQ Holder. However, because I enjoy Nadeshiko-sensei’s works so much (including the parody stuff that will never get an official English translation due to bloody copyright laws), it wasn’t a problem for me.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

If you want a wholesome doujinshi manga featuring a short human male and his tall, tsundere, oni wife, then My Wife is an Oni is for you. It is a bit expensive, and it is digital only, but for me, it was worth it.

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