Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 147.4 (Fly Me to the Moon Chapter 4)

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 147.4
Fly Me to the Moon: Tonikaku Kawaii 4

Spoiler Summary/Synopsis:

Tsukasa wanders the land, desperate to end her life. However, her immortality prevents this from happening. One night, in desperation, Tsukasa comes to believe that if she can reach the moon, then maybe Kaguya-hime can restore Tsukasa’s immortality. However, despair reminds her of how it is impossible for her to reach the moon. Thus seeing the moon makes it seem as if the moon is mocking Tsukasa.

She cries out to Kaguya-hime, begging her to remove the curse of immortality from Tsukasa. But no matter how much she cried, Tsukasa received no answer from Kaguya. However, a man on a horse arrives and offers Tsukasa a handkerchief for her tears. He promises he has no interest in trying to eat her. Instead, he wants her to help him unit Japan as a single nation. She declines, citing her own dream to reach the moon.

As a counter proposal, he promises to help her get to the moon. However, he concedes that this may not be possible in his lifetime, but his decedents should be able to do it one day. He asks her name. She no longer remembers it, so he names her Tsukasa–to govern. He manages to convince her to join him, so she asks his name–Umayado.

In the present, Tsukasa shows Nasa an old ¥10,000 bill she found with the image of Shoutoku Taishi on it. Tsukasa scoffs at how the image doesn’t look like Umayado. As she observes her husband, she decides that maybe there’s a little resemblance, but that Nasa is better looking.


Wow. There was a lot to process in Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 147.4 (Fly Me to the Moon Chapter 4). And I think my theory about Nasa being reincarnated may have gotten a boost.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 147.4 (Fly Me to the Moon Chapter 4)

Tsukasa’s Backstory Part 4

In Fly Me to the Moon Chapter 4, we got to experience Tsukasa’s deep despair. That was pretty depressing to witness. However, what she felt was completely understandable. And it seems to explain why Kaguya said in earlier chapters that she sometimes heard the anguished cries of what we presumed to be Tsukasa. Further, now we know Iwhy the moon means so much to Tsukasa.

As to Shoutoku Taishi, also known as Umayado, I still say this is Nasa. I first speculated about this with chapter 120. Nasa had a memory-dream where he was Prince Shoutoku. In Tsukasa’s flashback, Umayado has a similar appearance and temperament to Nasa. And Umayado had the same weird name, like Nasa.

However, what really struck me was how Tsukasa compared Umayado to Nasa visually. Does this mean that Tsukasa recognizes Nasa as Umayado? Or is she just comparing how similar these two men are? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see, but I do hope this gets explored more.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 147.4 (Fly Me to the Moon Chapter 4)

Only Four Chapters?

Since I’m so far behind in reading Tonikaku Cawaii, I don’t know what the current chapters are dealing with. However, I am bummed out that things are done with Fly Me to the Moon Chapter 4. There’s so much more of Tsukasa’s history to explore. For a start, there’s Umayado. We see the start of his journey with Tsukasa. And we’ve seen the “dream” from Nasa. But there seems to be a bit more there.

Still, even if there’s no more that Hata-sensei wants to tell about Tsukasa’s distance past, I would like to know more about Tsukasa meeting Tokiko, the nutty maids, and Chitose. I think that is an area of great interest. And of course, I want to see more of Tsukasa’s and Nasa’s life together. So hopefully, the main manga will continue on for a long time to come despite how Viz is butchering the official English adaptation.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

As normal, I’m so insanely behind in my reviews, so let me wrap up this review. In the end, Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 147.4 / Fly Me to the Moon Chapter 4 finishes looking at Tsukasa’s backstory. I loved seeing the ties to Nasa’s apparent memory-dream and hope this gets explored in the future.

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