[O/T] Trying “Borderlands 3”

[O/T] Trying Borderlands 3

Hey gang! I had planned to get a Lupin III episode review up today. But a couple of things came up and well, I still have to watch the episode. 😅 So instead, I thought I’d do an off topic (O/T) post about a game I recently streamed on Twitch. It is called Borderlands 3. My friend Gruzbee had been streaming it and it looked fun. So I went to Steam to put it on my wish list, but it was on sale for 80% off. So I bought it.



I didn’t expect the game to be as addictive as it has been. I haven’t had this much fun playing a PC video game since Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was first released. It does make me want to play all the time, which is not a good thing, considering how busy I am. And the game is designed so that if you want to spend 15 minutes blowing away baddies, well, have at it!

I’m guessing these O/T posts won’t go far, but I’m rather keen to not have lengthy periods of not posting anything. That aside, I need to finish my work stuff. Then I can get to watching Lupin III and get back on track.

Borderlands 3 ep 01

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