Dirty Pair Flash Review (Community Anime Reviews Rescue #DirtyPairFlash)

Dirty Pair Flash Review
Dirty Pair Flash OVA 1


Since the Community Anime Reviews site is all but dead, I’m republishing some of my OG reviews from there. I have corrected obvious spelling errors though. I will add new notes in parenthesis, labeled “ANB  note.”  😅 I won’t count these as part of the “Back to the Vaults” series as I have not rewatched them.

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Community Anime Review of Dirty Pair Flash

(ANB note: This series was originally reviewed on 01-Nov-2003.)

Dirty Pair FlashThis isn’t Dirty Pair as you might remember it. This remake of that classic anime took things down a few notches. Yuri often whines about missing dates because her 3WA job gets in the way. The way her seiyuu KOUDA Mariko plays her in a soft-spoken way just makes her even more annoying — like the co-worker who never wants to do any work! Kei is not much better with her complaining about other things. The original series had Yuri and Kei argue but not because they hated each other or were selfish, but because they were very competitive and wanted to be the best. But they were a good team. This Yuri and Kei are a team of luck where their raw talents for an energy weapon (Kei) and an energy sword (Yuri) help them get by.

The main story itself is uninspired and rather uninteresting. A businessman named Waldess wants to make the galaxy in his own image and get rid of the filth he sees around him. To do this, he’s going to use the massive communications station his company builds called Siren. The “B” story deals with the former 3WA team that was known as Lovely Angels, but it will be very obvious where that goes. In fact, there’s nothing unobvious [sic] in this tale. There is no way you can miss the signs that say, “HERE’S AN IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED TO KNOW AS IT WILL COME UP LATER!!!” So in the end, this becomes just fluff.

ADV’s DVD Release

The DVD was a bit disappointing. The video quality had not been cleaned up and as a result, this looked like a VHS-Rip. But all six episodes are on one DVD, though when you come to the end of an episode, you’ll have to watch the preview for the next episode as it won’t let you chapter-skip to the next episode.

(ANB note: I do not own RightStuf’s license rescue DVD set, so I cannot speak to that.)

Dirty Pair Flash

Bottom Line

A step down from the original. People unfamiliar with the original series may get a slightly higher enjoyment factor. Also, the newer look of this over it’s 80s counterpart will be a plus for many.

Dirty Pair Flash

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