Fruits Basket another Characters

“Fruits Basket another” Characters

  • MITOMA Sawa— Unpopular girl; clumsy; apologetic; tries to avoid people so as not to be a bother; gets picked by Mutsuki to be the 1st year rep on the student council;
  • SOHMA Mutsuki — Yuki’s son?
  • SOHMA Hajime — Kyo’s son?
  • SOHMA Riku — Hatsuhara’s (and maybe Rin’s) son…maybe
  • MAKOTO Takei — Teacher at school; former student council president at that school (Fruits Basket)
  • HANAJIMA — Apparently Megumi from Fruits Basket; Sawa’s home room teacher
  • KAGEYAMA Ruriko — President of the Sohma Fan Club; Possibly the daugher of MINAGAWA Motoko;
  • HASEGAWA Mio — Female student council treasurer;
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