Inuyasha Vol 43 (Ch 423-425) *SPOILERS*

Thanks again to Ear-Tweak for the scans.

Chapter 423

Inuyasha and company come upon the remains of the oni that Sesshoumaru-sama dispatched with Tensaiga. The group speculates about what weapon he could have used since his youkai sword of choice, Toukijin, had been destroyed. Inuyasha makes a big deal over not caring, but instead, the group ends up tailing Sesshoumaru-sama.

Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru-sama’s group travels on with Sesshoumaru detecting that Inuyasha’s group is following them. Jaken tries to inquire what seems to be troubling Sesshoumaru-sama, but is ignored much to his irritation. Since they are at a lake, Rin decides she’s going to get a drink but is forbidden by Sesshoumaru. They watch as a large bird comes close to the water, only to have the water reach up pull the bird in. Sesshoumaru informs them that this is Numawatari.

Inuyasha’s group arrives at the village where they are told about the man-eating lake. Sango speculates that a youkai has made the lake its home and despite his protests, Inuyasha ends up going to check out the lake. Everyone sees it as a polluted lake, but Inuyasha senses the youkai, and unleashes the Kaze no Kizu attack on the water. This causes a reaction as it turns out the entire lake is infact the watery body of the youkai known as Numawatari. After some yacking, it attacks using water as weapons. Inuyasha launches the powerful Bakuryuuha attack in response. However, the attack was useless because as a wind-based attack, against water it had no effect.

Chapter 424

Numawatari mocks Inuyasha’s inability to attack as he uses the Bakuryuuha attack again. Kagome is in danger as the water from Numawatari falls all around. Miroku unleashes his Kazaana attack, but in normal fashion, he cannot handle it. Inuyasha transforms Tessaiga into its Dragon Scale form while everyone else flees. He launches an attack and uses Tessaiga to absorb the youkai’s youki. That proves impossible since it would require absorbing the entire lake. Inuyasha launches his Kongousouha attack with the diamond shards flying out. None of Inuyasha’s attacks work.

Inuyasha is frustrated that his attacks have no impact on Numawatari. However, Sesshoumaru arrives and tells his younger half-brother that he has lost his way.

Chapter 425

As Inuyasha wonders what Sesshoumaru meant that he’d lost his way, Sesshoumaru chastises him for not being able to dispatch such a “low-life youkai” as the Numawatari, even with Tessaiga’s new powers. This insult enrages the water youkai who attacks. Sesshoumaru weilds Tenseiga and uses it to attack the youkai. Inuyasha is impressed by the attack as his Sesshoumaru-sama’s entourage, Rin noting that the crescent moon-shape of the attack is larger.

As Sesshoumaru realizes that his attack didn’t kill Numawatari (it got away), Inuyasha demands to know what he’ s done with Tenseiga. Jaken explains Tenseiga’s new Meidou-Zangetsuha attack. Sesshoumaru silences Jaken, then shows his disgust with Inuyasha and what he’s done to Tessaiga. This irritates Inuyasha who goes to attack his older brother, but is slapped back. When Sesshoumaru understands exactly what Inuyasha was trying to do with Tessaiga and absorbing the youkai powers of Numawatari, he’s annoyed and walks away stating that Inuyasha doesn’t understand Tessaiga at all.

Inuyasha knows what Sesshoumaru implied — Inuyasha was faltering because he’d not mastered the new abilities. So, its off to the sword’s creator Toutousai for assistance. Toutousai immediately sees the changes made to the sword and sees that Inuyasha hasn’t been training himself in power to keep up with the sword’s new abilities. As such, Toutousai decides to send Inuyasha to see Youreitaisei.


Yeah, we’ve been here and done this. Inuyasha battles some powerful youkai, Tessaiga has an ability that Inuyasha can’t use properly, Sesshoumaru-sama shows up and throws a few insults having understood the situation completely, Inuyasha goes to see Toutousai. Lather, rinse, repeat. But, I’ll keep on going because I’m told that somewhere down the road, we get some good Sesshoumaru-sama stories.

Speaking of him, the only thing of interest was that he learned his Meidou-Zangetsuha attack still needed perfecting.

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