A New 9-11 Conspiracy Theory

ANB Note: This post was originally on my normal blog. I just moved that blog to BlogSpot and decided that this entry belonged in the anime blog. I’ve not modified it beyond adding an image of Inuyasha, so the links I had to explain things have been left in as this was designed to explain things to a non-anime audience.

Remember, THIS IS A PARODY PIECE! ^_^;;; Enjoy.

From time to time, some smeg head pops in and spams everything they can. In this case, on the anime news group (as well as others), the smeg head spammed us with their theory on 9-11 and the so-called proof to go with it. So, I decided to modify it a bit, using the anime Inuyasha as my guide. I realize that many of you who don’t watch anime and Inuyasha, so there are a few extra links to aid you and educate you. However, even if you don’t know this anime title, I think most of you will agree that this theory is just as plausible as many of the others that are floating around.

+Why Did WTC 7 Completely Collapse On 9/11?+

Inuyasha 132On 9/11, three buildings collapsed, supposedly from fire. The Twin Towers, both which were hit by airplanes, had collapsed in the morning. WTC 7 was NOT hit by an airplane. I have proof that it was hit by something more sinister — Kaze no Kizu!

Watch the video from CBS News and see the collapse of WTC 7 for yourself! (UPDATE! Video was DELETED from the Internet since the government DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH!”)

The official government-sponsored reports claim (although admittedly not conclusively) that WTC 7 collapsed from a combination of random fires and being hit by debris from the falling South Tower. Does the video look like a “fire” collapse? Of course not. It does look remarkably like Inuyasha carelessly using the Kaze no Kizu attack from his stupid youkai sword, Tessaiga!

Here’s a zoom in of one of them. Why are puffs of smoke going up the building? We all know that smoke never really rises in puffs. But one of the side effects of Kaze no Kizu are puffs of smoke, especially when the attack is partially deflected by a strong youkai like Naraku or Sesshoumaru-sama.

WTC 7 was a 47 story steel framed building. It was NOT hit by an airplane. It was certainly hit by a Kaze no Kizu!

Last year Silverstein Properties said that Silverstein meant “pull the firefighters” out of the building. However… he did not say “pull them”, or “pull the firefighters”. He said “pull IT” meaning get the anime Inuyasha off Cartoon Network for good. Besides, according to NIST, FEMA, and a New York Times article, there was no firefighting in WTC 7. They were busy watching the Inuyasha marathon and wondering what it would be like to “do” Kagome, Sango, or both at once.

How many of you know that WTC 7 leaseholder Silverstein bought a 99 year lease on the Twin Towers just six weeks before they collapsed? This was done as part of a deal to keep the Japanese from buying it and making it the Inuyasha HQ for North America.

The following article shows that the Port Authority of NY wanted to demolish the WTC to keep it from falling into the hands of the Japanese. After all, these long-running shounen shows with no character progress in relationships or life shouldn’t be aired in America.

Steel framed high rises have never completely collapsed from fire! There’s no chance of a first time either. Yet on 9/11, three steel framed skyscrapers collapsed in downtown Manhattan. All three came straight down, at near free fall speed. All three had puffs of smoke coming out the sides, and molten metal in the rubble for weeks after the events. This is clear evidence of the Kaze no Kizu run amuck!

So why would Inuyasha travel from ancient Japan to present-day U.S. to destroy the buildings that would have been his HQ in North America? We think that while attempting to stop the evil U.S. Government, the Jews, the N.Y. Port Authority, and the lease-holder from destroying the buildings on their own (while of course blaming poor, innocent Islam-worshiping, “undocumented” middle-eastern men who were praying for the safety of the towers and the complete conversion of America to Islam), he accidentally destroyed the buildings with the Kaze no Kizu attack. But whom was he fighting with?

Therefore, we call for a new investigation into the collapses. We also call for the release of thousands of pictures and other evidence that the government is holding under lock and key that prove that Inuyasha destroyed the buildings. Please support by signing the online petition!


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