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Some “KILL la KILL” Parody Goodness (And some personal junk as well.)

Hey gang! Well, after my recent computer woes, I’m about 75% recovered on my main PC, enough so that I’m making my first blog post from it since Friday. However, I’m still way, way behind on watching anime or even reading the last Hayate the Combat Butler chapter. Still, while taking a break and checking

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Black Lagoon

Another ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Anime Parody

Another ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Anime Parody Hey gang. While we wait for UQ Holder spoilers, and while I get my home office ready to get new furniture so that I can start working from home, I thought I’d do a quick post, going back to the Grand Theft Auto parody table, this time featuring Black

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Grand Theft Auto Lucky City Game Parody

Grand Theft Auto: Lucky City

Grand Theft Auto: Lucky City The other day, I did a post featuring an anime-themed parody of the Call of Duty called Call of Oniichan.  Naturally, I’d accidentally find another game parody, this time featuring some of the cast of Lucky Star and titled Grand Theft Auto: Lucky City. I’ve never seen nor read Lucky

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Call of Oniichan: Advanced Imouto

FPS Game Series: Call of Oniichan!

Hey folks! From time to time, I’m made aware of things anime/manga/Japan related which will make me laugh enough that I just have to share the love. Apparently, some time back, someone made this parody game cover of the Call of Duty first person shooter series and named it Call of Oniichan: Modern Loli. This

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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 3 Ep 2

OVA Tenchi Finally Chooses Girl!

OVA Tenchi Finally Chooses Girl! TOKYO (AFN) In a surprise announcement, Tenchi Masaki (“Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki” OVA) has let the world know which girl he chooses as his one and only – none other than Excel Excel from “Excel Saga”. The decision is sure to cause massive shock waves in the anime community, not to

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You're Under Arrest

£6,500,000 for You to Buy Anime & Manga (This is Not a Nigerian Scam)

We have some spambots making pointless attempts to mail spam out from FUNi’s forum. I say pointless because they can only hit a very few people, thus defeating the purpose of a spambot which is to spam thousands. Still, the few people that received said e-mail reported it to me, so I am able to

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Shakugan no Shana-tan Begins

灼眼のシャナたんびぎんず Story 1: Shana-tan is gobbling melon pan and riding on Yuuji’s head. He recalls the battle at Seirei-den and asks what she told him. She claims to forget but gets upset when he remembers her having called his name back then. Thus, she starts telling him to shut up (chibi-style) while slamming him on

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Inuyasha 132

A New 9-11 Conspiracy Theory

ANB Note: This post was originally on my normal blog. I just moved that blog to BlogSpot and decided that this entry belonged in the anime blog. I’ve not modified it beyond adding an image of Inuyasha, so the links I had to explain things have been left in as this was designed to explain

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