Inuyasha Vol 44 (Ch 436-438) *SPOILERS*

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Chapter 436

Mouryoumaru faces off with Kouga and Inuyasha, seeing he has an opportunity to obtain three Shikon shards. As the two groups of followers stand around and reflect on the protection provided to Kouga’s Shikon shards (protection from the Yourouzoku ancestors) and Kouga launches his Goraishi attack. He presses the attack and makes no progress.

Inuyasha wields Tessaiga in its Dragon Scale form. He sees the youketsu from Mouryoumaru, but it is unnatural due to the fact that Mouryoumaru is a combination of several youkai. As he stands there pondering, Kouga continues to press his attack with no real success. Inuyasha cuts one of the youketsu and causes Mouryoumaru damage that he can’t repair. Naraku’s Heart and Mouryoumaru notice the difference in Tessaiga.

Inuyasha presses his attack taking pieces off of Mouryoumaru by slicing the youketsu. Inuyasha starts to brag to Kouga, who simply presses his own attack causing more damage to Mouryoumaru. Kagome realizes that if the two of them cooperate, they could defeat Mouryoumaru. However, the two of them would rather bicker about who’s doing the most.

Mouryoumaru decides to take advantage of the situation and sprouts wings to flee. Kouga and Inuyasha both attack and prevent it. Naraku’s Saimyoushou arrive on scene, meaning he’s most likely observing the battle. Naraku’s Heart wonders if this is part of Naraku’s plan to get to him.

Chapter 437

The group wonders if Mouryoumaru is defeated and the baby that is Naraku’s Heart wonders about things since his death would mean the death of Naraku. Inuyasha presses his attack and Mouryoumaru reforms his armored body. Kouga presses his attack and Inuyasha has to defend him from Mouryoumaru’s tendrils.

The group wonders why Inuyasha isn’t cutting the youketsu swirls and Inuyasha is frustrated that he can no longer see them. He then remembers that Naraku’s Heart has the Fuyouheki — the stone that hides youki. No youki, no youketsu. Inuyasha tries to attack anyway, but no success. One of his attacks seems to cause a crack in the armor which Kouga attempts to exploit. Inuyasha sees it is a trap, but it is to late for Kouga to avoid.

Kouga takes damage to his legs and has to be rescued by Inuyasha. Inuyasha turns to attack again and sees weak swirls of youketsu from the tendrils that are furthest away from the baby inside. With this knowledge, Inuyasha prepares to attack Naraku’s Heart.

Chapter 438

Inuyasha attacks and appears to cause great damage. Mouryoumaru sends tendrils to Kouga, who cannot move. The young Yourouzoku, Kai, decides to take matters into his own hands to help Kouga, who’d helped save his little brother. Inuyasha slices some more and is able to see the baby under the armor. Naraku’s Heart appears none to pleased at being seen by Inuyasha, but Inuyasha presses his attack, appearing to cause damage to the baby’s barrier.

Kai has the lone fragment he owns forced from his leg and has to be rescued by Sango. Mouryoumaru releases a cloud of shouki and manages to get away. Naraku’s Baby has the shard within Mouryoumaru and ponders on Narauku’s plan. He plans to show Naraku who’s the boss.

Meanwhile, Kouga orders Ginta and Hakkaku to stay and protect Kai and Shinta. They are to look for other Yourouzoku tribes that may still survive Naraku’s recent attacks. He acknowledges to Kai that the Shikon shards in his legs caused so much trouble. His followers promise to catch up with Kouga again, and Kouga has for now joined Inuyasha’s group.


There’s not a lot to say here. Lots of fighting, little results. Naraku has another plan. yeah, yeah. Naraku always has a plan.

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