xxxHOLiC Vol 11 (Ch 121) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to eXeXeX HOLIC for the scans.

Chapter 121

Watanuki, having recovered from his injuries, is in good spirits as he heads to school, the little bird on his head. As he walks, he encounters Zashiki-Warashi (wearing an Easter-like spring dress) and a very annoyed-looking Ame-Warashi. As he inquires as to what is wrong, Ame-Warashi blasts him as being at fault. It seems Zashiki-Warashi was very worried when she learned of his injury and wanted to see him. For whatever reason, Ame-Warashi decided to join her.

Watanuki is happy that someone was worried about him, but assures Zashiki-Warashi that he’s OK. She’s relieved to hear it and wonders if he’s in pain. Again he assures her that he’s OK abd gives her a big smile. This causes Zashiki-Warashi to blush and reach “overload” (for lack of a better term) where she then runs away. Ame-Warashi notes that Watanuki’s smile drove Zashiki-Warashi away, and in keeping with her normal attitude of Watanuki, she tells him that he looks even more like an idiot with the bird on his head.

Watanuki remarks that Zashiki-Warashi’s voice has changed a bit in that it sounded firmer. Ame-Warashi acknowledges this (with a mild insult), stating that Zashiki-Warashi has grown up (matured) and that its all Watanuki’s fault. Ame-Warashi is upset by all this because she doesn’t understand what Zashiki-Warashi sees in him.

Then, she calms down and takes a closer look at the little bird, which appears to bow in response. Watanuki explains that it came from an egg Yuuko-san gave him. Ame-Warashi notes that Yuuko-san has many rare items in her shop and that his existence is the rarest of all. She doesn’t explain further as she sees where Zashiki-Warashi has hidden herself. Ame-Warashi gives her regards to Kuda-Kitsune (Pipe Fox Spirit) and Zashiki-Warashi gives a farewell greeting before the two disappear.

The little bird flies away and as Watanuki follows it, he encounters Doumeki-kun and Himawari-chan. She has changed her hairstyle, which Watanuki likes. As they talk, the bird gets Watanuki’s attention and so Watanuki offers the bird to Himawari-chan. He explains that the bird was born to be hers. She accepts and the bird seems very happy about this. She thanks him, then wonders what to name the bird. She then tries several names, but none meet with Doumeki’s or Watanuki’s approval.


YAY! Zashiki-Warashi is back, but the Ame-Warashi’s return was also very unexpected, but very good. I loved how Zashiki-Warashi was wearing the hair clips that Watanuki had given her for White Day. I don’t remember them being in her hair last time, but she was still wearing the traditional kimono. This is the first time we’ve seen her in western clothing (as I said, she looked like she were wearing a dress for Easter). Good job, CLAMP.

The giving of the bird to Himawari-chan was sweet. As for her hairstyle change, well I suspect that’s to make sure her scars never show up.

Overall, a good chapter because of the return of Zashiki-Warashi, aided by the return of Ame-Warashi.

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