Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Vol 14 (Ch 103-105) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to BWYS for the scans.

Chapter 103

Syaoran and company flee from the massive attack from creatures since as Fai acknowledges this is faster than fighting. They race to the goal of Sakura’s feather and suddenly they find themselves in Clow Country, where Syaoran and Sakura are from. Fai realizes that they are in a memory from the Book of Memories based on his magical experience. Kurogane grills Fai a bit on using his “magic” which Fai says is focus on unnecessary things. The group comes to the ruins and Sakura tells the story of Syaoran’s father and her trips to the ruins which irritated her brother. However, she cannot remember why she kept going to the ruins (Syaoran).

As they walk, Fai finds what appears to be a type of pocket watch at a bench which triggers a memory within Syaoran. He recalls Sakura bringing him food to the ruins and sitting at that bench. The watch is there and turned such a way that Sakura can claim not to know the time and stay a little longer.

Back in the present, Fai figures that the watch is there from Sakura’s memory since it made such a strong impression on her. They walk down some stairs to a large room where a wing (tsubasa) emblem is on the floor and Mokona can feel the feather’s power. It is then that the floor begins to give way.

Chapter 104

With the floor gone revealing a large, black hole, Fai asks Sakura-chan if she remembers what’s down there. She doesn’t but Mokona can feel the feather’s power from the hole. Syaoran volunteers to go down the hold and Sakura-chan wonders why he feels the need to go to such an extent to get the feather back. Even though the person that slew his mother isn’t on this world, Kurogane agrees to help Syaoran under the guise of getting them to the next world. As the two leap into the hole, Mokona encourages Sakura to be there waiting for them when they return.

Syaoran finds himself standing on ground even though he never hit the ground. He finds the Book of Memories but finds the library’s guardians waiting for him. A battle ensues and Syaoran tries to get the feather without harming the guardian. Kurogane chastises him for this since he can’t defeat the guardian with defensive moves, but it is too late as the guardian knocks Syaoran out. However, Syaoran gets up as a man possessed leading Kurogane to wonder.

Chapter 105

The seemingly possessed Syaoran attacks the guardian with no seeming regard to himself. His attacks are vicious and the giant guardian beast is utterly defeated. As Kurogane observes, Syaoran breaks the book and takes the feather. It is then that Kurogane asks who the boy really is. The illusion is broken and as it is, Syaoran returns to normal and puts the feather within Sakura-chan. Since people from the library are on their way, Mokona plans to evacuate them to the next world, but cannot activate the magic. Fai reasons that this is a defense of the library to prevent the book from being stolen.

The group takes off to attempt to get to a place where Mokona can transport them off world but another guardian is waiting for them in the library.


The possessed Syaoran is certainly very vicious and cold. Its kinda creepy and makes you wonder where CLAMP will take this. The return to the ruins via Sakura-chan’s memories is interesting since I believe that a hidden power under the ruins has been mentioned before. Other than that, there’s not a lot to mention since 104 and 105 are filled with a lot of shounen action.

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