Ah! My Goddess Chapter 222 *SPOILERS*

Thanks to GMT for the scans.

Chapter 222

As Bell and K1 look at the picture of the young woman, Belldandy thinks she’s seen her before. K1 speculates the picture is pretty old, and the camera confirms it is from June 25, 1964. Keiichi gets frustrated with the camera since it remembers the date but not the name of the woman nor the person who originally owned it. When Skuld wonders why the camera works only part of the time, the camera responds that it was instructed to only take pictures of beautiful things. Of course this pleases Urd and Skuld since it took their picture.

Welsper shows up and states that the camera is cursed. Urd isn’t convinced, figuring the cat is lying since it wouldn’t take his picture. As such, she unleashes a bunch of abuse on Welsper, which causes Belldandy to be stunned and Urd to backtrack for Belldandy’s sake.

Bell suggests to K1 that they go to the shop where the camera was picked up. It is an antique shop who seems to know “Morisato-kun.” The proprietor of the store, a man named Susuki, is eccentric and gives a lengthy speech on antiques. Of course Belldandy is taken in by his enthusiasm even if Keiichi isn’t. When they finally get around to the camera that Tamiya and Ootaki purchased, Susuki doesn’t recognize the woman in the developed photo. His records don’t show the previous owner. Since it likely belonged to a previous president of the Photo Club, they decide to do a search of all previous club presidents. Before they can leave, Belldandy gets a dreamy look and asks to be allowed to tidy up the place. This has K1 leading her out of the store in a hurry while Susuki wishes she would have stayed and cleaned.

Somehow, K1 gets a list of presidents going back to the club’s founder. However, he doesn’t recognize any names, and neither does the camera. Belldandy wonders why Keiichi is trying so hard to find the previous owner of the camera. He explains he wants to get the camera working and give the photos to the proper owner. K1 realizes that the photographer should be reflected in the eyes of the girl in the photo and Belldandy agrees to bring him forth from those eyes.

Thoughts: This story arc isn’t doing anything for me because it is boring filler. The speech by Susuki on antiques is a real eye-roller. And personally, I could care less who owned the smegging camera. The only thing of interest to me was Welsper insisting the camera was cursed. Welsper’s demon origins would certainly make him qualified to know this.

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