Hayate no Gotoku! 07

Hayate no Gotoku! 07

Note: It was suggested that maybe it would be better that I do the anime episode reviews more in line with how I do manga ones for reasons that I agreed with. So, here goes.


After a review of episode 6 where we are reminded of Wataru-kun and his maid Saki, Sakuya harasses Klaus (I think it was Klaus). Upon learning that Nagi and Wataru are engaged, Nagi imagines that Hayate is furious. A fight breaks out between Nagi and Wataru since it is an arranged engagement, which brings Isumi out. Turns out Wataru is in love with Isumi. Nagi is pleased when Hayate states he’d help bring Isumi and Wataru together, but when he offers to prepare Isumi a Japanese breakfast, Wataru sees him as a rival.

Hayate no Gotoku 07

Challenging Hayate, the group heads outside where Wataru has a sword. Nagi brags about Hayate’s strengths and when asked if he can handle a sword, he swings it a bit at a large boulder which causes it to crumble. Nagi wants Hayate to quickly defeat Wataru so that Isumi will go to him, but Hayate imagines a scene where he is Sesshoumaru and Wataru is Inuyasha from the anime Inuyasha and is defeated by Inuyasha. So instead he decides to let Wataru win after disarming him with two fingers, then pretending to be defeated. Hayate’s plan backfires because now Isumi is addressing him as Hayate-sama and Wataru leaves in tears.

Hayate no Gotoku 07

Having failed, Hayate decides to apologize to Wataru. He learns that Wataru lives at the Tachibana Group Shinjuku HQ building, and he wonders the best way to get there. This leads to a discussion of trains and subways, which outside of bullet trains are a complete mystery to Nagi, Isumi, and Maria-san. And so it is decided that the three of them will go on a subway ride to see Wataru, but Isumi disappears leading Nagi and Hayate on a desperate search for her, complete with a trip to an unfinished subway tunnel.

Having failed in taking the subway, Nagi gives Hayate a purse to take to Wataru, at which time he can apologize. He runs into Saki and after she does what she can to avoid being touched by Hayate, they arrive at the HQ, which turns out to be a video rental store. Hayate learns of the troubles Wataru’s family are in financially and of Wataru’s desire to not have to marry Nagi just for her money. Hayate decides to become a member of the video store only to learn that his father has registered using Hayate’s ID and racked up a ¥1,580,000 bill in late fees which now Hayate owes.

Hayate no Gotoku 07


I love this anime! Having enjoyed (most of the time) the anime Inuyasha, the parody of that anime here was a hoot to me, complete with a censored “Kaze no Kizu.” Indeed, at Wataru-kun’s video store, there’s a scene where Hayate is standing in front of Inuyasha videos. There was another parody moment for some mecha series, but I’m not well versed in much mecha. I’d guess Gundam since that’s the mecha franchise in Japan. Still, I found myself laughing and enjoying myself a lot as I watched this episode.

Even though I railed against predicting these kinds of things, I’d love for FUNimation to score this title, but I’d guess it will go to Viz seeing who produced this anime (which explains the Inuyasha jokes).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Viz does have the manga so you may be right that they’ll get the anime.

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