Inuyasha Vol 48 (Ch 476-478) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to Freelance for the scans.

Chapter 476

As Inuyasha battles the creature from Kanna, his attacks are absorbed by the creature, which then returns the attack on Inuyasha. The group flees to a cave where Miroku erects a barrier. As they regroup, the creature uses Tessaiga’s barrier-breaking ability and enters the cave. Sango and Kagome attack but with no apparent success.

Meanwhile, Byakuya is with Kanna and notices a wound on Kanna’s neck that wasn’t there moments earlier. It is the same spot where Kagome’s arrow struck the creature. Kanna says nothing but continues directing the creature’s attacks. As the creature goes to fire Kongousouha, Inuyasha moves to attack sword-to-sword to defend the group.

Chapter 477

As the creature attacks, the spears of the Kongousouha appear to have avoided all of Inuyasha’s party. Inuyasha’s youkai self emerges, which gives him more power but also causes him to go berserk. Despite his youkai transformation, Inuyasha remains in control with Tessaiga drawing from his youkai power. He attacks but appears to cause no damage to the creature.

Meanwhile, Byakuya notes Inuyasha’s transformation and the new wound on Kanna. He figures that maybe Kanna is taking the wounds of the mirror creature. Naraku also notes Inuyasha’s transformation and the creature turns its version to Tessaiga into the dragon-scaled form to go against Inuyasha’s youketsu. Naraku is amused by the irony of Inuyasha getting slain by the very powers he’d worked so hard to obtain. Inuyasha protects himself by pressing the attack close and hits the creature with Tessaiga.

Chapter 478

Inuyasha’s attack on the mirror creature seems to have succeeded until it immediately “heals” itself. Kagome and Inuyasha both notice that Kanna is taking the damage delivered to the creature. Kagome pleads with Kagome to stop as Kanna’s life is in danger. Byakuya sarcastically remarks on Kagome’s kindness and Inuyasha adds his voice to Kagome’s. Kanna’s response is to continue the fight by having the creature launch a new attack with the power of her mirror.

The attacks succeed and with Inuyasha unable to get a counter-attack on the creature, Byakuya remarks on how the group doesn’t have to be time to be worried about Kanna. He tells Kanna that if it had been him, he would have attacked Kanna the moment he realized she was linked to the mirror creature. Kanna says nothing and continues to attack. Only Inuyasha’s youkai form and the barrier ability of Tessaiga keep him alive. Using the sword as a shield, Inuyasha reflects some of the attack back which causes Kanna more damage. Kanna presses her attack causing a crack to appear in Tessaiga but the reflected attacks back cause Kanna to start to break apart as well. Naraku remotely tells Kanna to not let up as her attack as destroying Tessaiga was the reason she was created.

Thoughts: More shounen fare but Kanna is in bad shape. At this point, I wonder if she will end up dying next considering how it appears that Takahashi-sensei may be trying to wrap things up. As for Inuyasha and his youkai form, I’d forgotten about that but nice of it to show up now, eh?

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