Negima! Vol 19 (Ch 169) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Chapter 169

There is an assault on a mage city as Nagi, Eishun, and Al rush to the scene when all of the magic attacks on said city are nullified. This means that the Imperial Princess of the Dusk is inside the city. Nagi is angry about this and the fact this city is using the princess who’s a little girl. Al cautions against judging someone’s age by their appearance as is the case with him. Some giant magical creatures are used to attack a tower where some mages and a little girl bleeding from the mouth are. One comes close to reaching the tower when Nagi attacks and kills it. The mage inside recognizes Nagi as “The Aralbra — The One With a Thousand Spells.” Nagi confirms this, calling himself the “Thousand Master.”

As the giants and their winged support approach, Nagi breaks out a small spell book and launches a devastating attack on them. He tells the mage with the little girl that his group will take care of everything, but the mage is unsure because of the large number of enemy forces. Nagi is somewhat offended by this, reminding the mage that Nagi’s the most powerful mage ever. Al jabs Nagi because its not as impressive since he has to consult a spell book (Nagi, having not completed magic school) and that Nagi won’t be able to change the world no matter how powerful he is. This too annoys Nagi.

Coming to the little girl, he asks her names as the chains holding her to the floor break. She says her name is Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia as Nagi wipes the blood from the corner of her mouth. Nagi comments that the name “Asuna” is a nice one and tells her to wait there as he, Al, and Eishun leave to wipe out the enemy forces, Nagi from the back suddenly looking like 10-year old Negi.

Asuna wakes up in her dorm room and remembers her full name. She races out of been looking for Setsuna-san on this first day of summer vacation to tell her the news, only to find her and Konoka in a magic circle being encouraged by Chamo to kiss for a pactio. Setsuna happens to notice Asuna and gets embarrassed, protesting to Asuna that this isn’t what it seems. Chamo is bummed that things stopped and Konoka wonders what Asuna wanted to tell them. Unfortunately Asuna can’t remember.

Later, Asuna ponders on the dream, wondering why she thought her real name was that long and why she would dream of Negi’s dad and Konoka’s dad. Her thoughts are interupted by Ayaka, who’s got good news for Asuna. A little later, Asuna presents a club formation application form to Negi as the other girls in his group observe. Negi is confused by this and Asuna reminds him of his comments about going to the Magic Country and possibly not returning. Chamo informs Asuna about the difficulties, which would be like sneaking into Japan during its isolation period or sneaking into a communist country. Asuna wants Negi to promise to return, but tells him that since he’s not going to stop until he finds his father, she’s going to help him. As such, this new club will be for those students who want to help Negi find his father, with Negi, as the sensei, the club adviser.

Thoughts: Wow! The early pages showing Nagi’s adventures and Asuna’s involvement made this chapter pretty incredible. As Nagi commented, her name was pretty long and based on her title, I guess she is royalty of some kind. It was kind of tough trying to figure out everything that was going on at first (who was attacking who and what) but a 2nd-time through made things clear. The comments on the possibility of Asuna being older than she appears is intriguing. Nagi’s use of the spellbook goes along with Eva’s dream-memory of Nagi. That was certainly interesting.

The groundwork is clearly being laid for the future Wales arc, but first we have the summer vacation arc to complete.

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