Hayate no Gotoku 08

Hayate no Gotoku 08
Hayate the Combat Butler


Sakuya scarfs some breakfast with Nagi while giving her grief over not attending school. After she leaves, we learn that Nagi’s real reason for not going to school is to be able to spend more time with Hayate.

As Maria and Hayate sweep outside, Maria decides to probe Hayate on if he likes younger girls (Nagi) or older ones. Hayate, who likes Maria, definitely wants older girls. Their conversation is interrupted when Nagi summons Hayate to her room. There, she forces Hayate to try on a female sailor sefuku (uniform). He’s not happy about this, especially after being instructed by Klaus on being a butler and that if Hayate didn’t act like a man, he’d be fired. Nagi doesn’t care and takes pictures of the embarrassed Hayate. He’s worried about Maria-san seeing him and of course she shows up.

Things start getting worse as Maria and Nagi plot what to make Hayate wear next. He attempts to sneak out, but stepping on a game controller gives him away. The two then make him dress up as a cat girl, complete with ears, paws, a tail, and a bell. The cuteness of Hayate is almost more that Nagi and Maria can stand. However, when Tama awakens and sees Hayate this way, he goes nuts, grabbing Hayate and crashing out the window with him into the yard to apparently have his way with Hayate.

Hayate has had enough and with one move, puts Tama down. However, he then spots Klaus walking through the yard. Hayate attempts to sneak away but when he steps on a game controller, the jig is up and Klaus is in hot pursuit to catch a trespasser. Hayate is afraid to lose his job and tries to cover his face with a large bow, only to discover his mistake in that he can’t see. Ah, but there’s second sight, right? Not for Hayate as Klaus lands a special attack-kick on Hayate. Klaus goes in for the finish, but gets his first good look at the catgirl-Hayate and goes nuts and starts to do what Tama did until Nagi rescues Hayate.

Inside, Hayate changes and to his shock, sees that Isumi is still there. She apparently got lost in the mansion and will spend the night again. Hayate is worried that Isumi may have seen him in the catgirl outfit and as he goes down the hall, he hears noise coming from the billiard room. Inside, Maria is playing by herself, and so she and Hayate play. Maria decides to learn more about Hayate’s feelings and raises the stakes. If she wins, Hayate will owe ¥200-million and will have to marry Nagi. If she loses, she’ll do whatever Hayate wants.

Both are excellent players and during the match, Hayate learns of how Nagi and Isumi became best friends as children. Maria learns why Hayate doesn’t want to marry Nagi (doesn’t want to be seen as doing it for money, won’t touch a young girl, and other nice guy reasons) which impresses Maria. She purposefully loses the match, but before Hayate can get a request, a very jealous Nagi is there with Isumi behind her. Nagi soon puts Hayate in his place and after she leaves, Maria asks him his request of her. In his befuddled state, he asks that she forgive him the debt he owes on the cashmere coat that was destroyed in a previous episode.


Another pretty funny episode. Having Hayate step on the game controller in Nagi’s room as he’s trying to sneak away was expected. Having Hayate step on a game controller on the mansion grounds as he tries to sneak away from Klaus was not. There was clichéd stuff with Tama and Klaus but not in a negative way. I love how this anime doesn’t take itself seriously and will at times surprise you with the unexpected laugh.

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