Ah! My Goddess Ch. 225 *SPOILERS*

Ah! My Goddess Ch. 225 *SPOILERS*

Thanks to GMT for the scans.


Ah! My Goddess Ch. 225Megumi sleeps on Keiichi’s leg as he and Belldandy sit on the porch. Keiichi thinks about how Megumi has grown up and wonders if he’s of any use. Belldandy assures him he is. Skuld decides that Megumi just needs to forget those things that caused her pain and rushes off while Belldandy tells Keiichi that they are needed for growth. Urd agrees with this to a degree but also states that such things can be chains, leading K1 to think she might do something useful.

Urd has created a pill and places it into hot water to cause Megumi to forget. Meanwhile Megumi is starting to come around and wants water. Belldandy goes to get some water and K1 asks her to make persimmon tea for Megumi’s hangover. She uses the pot of water Urd doctored to make the tea. Skuld challenges Urd as to what she did, believing Urd’s medicine would make bad memories good. Urd’s medicine did no such thing as she created Synalon Z to block synapse. Skuld reveals that this was what she actually thought Urd did.

Urd is not happy with Skuld’s smug attitude as Skuld reveals that her memory eraser is a targeted one. She calls it Kaiba Select Eraser Whitey V and it is in the shape of a dolphin (“kaiba” can mean “hippocampus” or “sea horse” in Japanese). This leads to a debate over Japanese (Kanji can be pronounced different ways or sound the same but mean something different). Urd decides to check out Skuld’s invention more and ends up turning it to max and setting it off. There is an explosion and when K1 awakens, he’s gripping Urd’s breast. However, he has no idea who she is or who he is.

Thoughts: Sadly, this story is not proving all that interesting. I didn’t want to see K1 getting sexually aroused because Megumi has breast. Ugh! The battle between Urd and Skuld — been there, done that WAY too many times. I’m not sure what to expect over K1 losing his memories but as usual, I’ll wait and see what happens.

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