Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 29

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Ep. 29

SPOILER Summary: As the company travels down a lane to the next town, Paffy is depressed that she has not yet mastered her Spirit Stone. They are spotted by a group of Ryu hunters in Solids, who demand they give up their Ryu units (the cards). Naturally, the group refuses and a fight ensues. None of the group even bother to summon their Ryu’s as they are able to easily defeat the Ryu hunters. Adeu, seeing Paffy is depressed, tries to re-assure her that things will be OK and that they’ll be able to defeat all Ryu hunters.

When they arrive in the next town, they see a bunch of children flocking to an old man who tells them a tale of the creation of Earth Tear — how the god Sodin stood for order and harmony and the god Meditto stood for violence and chaos. The two fought over the creation of the world with Sodin eventually defeating Meditto. Sodin cast down his shield and thrust his sword through it, creating Earth Tear. However, Meditto’s broken sword became the basis for the land of the Jya-ryuzoku. This was information that even Izumi was unaware of and so they decide to learn more.

Adeu proudly lets it be known that they are Ryu riders, which leads the old man to take them to his research facility. He has lots of Ryu’s in storage, which he states he has been able to repair, though their former riders are long gone. As a wizard, he wants to learn more about ancient magic and Ryu’s, so he’s eager to learn more from the group and invites them to spend the night. They accept, though Sarutobi voices his unease over the situation.

The depressed Paffy decides to get up in the middle of the night to consult the old man about her Spirit Stone. Adeu, who happened to also be up to use the bathroom, decides to accompany her. There they learn that the old man has other plans as he causes the stored Ryu’s to come to life and attack. At the same time, the Ryu hunters attack the party, but are easily defeated. Adeu informs them of Paffy’s troubles and they swarm to assist her, as she has summoned Ryu Mage Magidora. She’s still trying to use the power of the Spirit Stone, to no success. The old man reveals that his objective is to remove all Ryu’s, a gift from Sodin, from Earth tear and he wants them to battle each other in the process. He further reveals himself to be a Jya-ryuzoku mage.

The mage is able to beat the party back with the help of the controlled Ryu’s and prevents Adeu from using his Meteor Zapper attack. Adeu, through Zephyr, breaks the hold the Jya-ryuzoku has on the captured Ryu’s, putting the odds of winning in their favor. So Adeu gets Paffy to assist, even without the power of the Spirit Stone, to freeze the Jya-ryuzoku long enough for Adeu to get his attack in and slay the dragonoid. Afterward, the party talk, where Izumi assures Adeu that the captured Ryu’s, having returned to card form, are now sleeping and awaiting their new riders.

Thoughts: Shounen fare — yes. Still, I have to admit to being interested. I thought Paffy might awaken her Spirit Stone, but I guess that’ll come later.

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